Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV vs. Mafia II: Graphics

It's clear that Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be one of the most epic games of 2008. Many people are forgetting our Italian brothers over in Mafia II. I actually enjoyed the first game and am looking forward to the second, probably because I'm Italian.

PC Games have done a graphics comparison of both titles. It's clear who the winner is, but I'll let you decide.

[Grand Theft Auto IV vs. Mafia II]


incredibilistic said...

Impressive mash-up. Very nice.

They look pretty comparable. I would say that Mafia II seems to have better lighting on the actual characters but otherwise they both look great.

Beyond the graphics what makes GTA such a great franchise is all the personality they put into the game. I played that History of Liberty City game and it was a riot. I don't think ANYONE puts as much work into breathing life into a game like Rockstar.

I think about movies like the first Robocop that really brought the world to life with on-the-street news reports, wacky commercials and that really weird show where some perverted old guy hanging out with a bunch of hot blondes kept saying "I'll buy that for a dollar". That stuff is priceless.

I think the graphics in GTA will be good enough based on all the stuff they're packing into the overall experience.

Hard to imagine that by the end of next month we'll be trading in time with our family and friends to trek around Liberty City.

NyghtcrawleR said...

Mafia definitely has the smoother and better graphics hands down. But graphics dont = gameplay, so only time will tell. Pretty hard to knock gta off the pedestal its on.

skodasuck said...

By the looks of it Mafia II is looking much sharper, but I really doubt that it will actually compare to GTAIV in terms of gameplay and replayability.

Can't wait to see some more from Mafia though, I'm sure it will be pretty awesome. The last game was good but there are definitely a number of things that needed work.

Personally I am going crazy waiting for GTA to be released, can't believe it's only a month and a half away!!

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