Thursday, April 17, 2008

Custom Soundtracks Coming to Burnout Paradise

Once again Sony Computer Entertainment, game developers shouldn't have to be doing this *cough* in-game xmb *cough*. Criterion Games have officially announced today that they are bringing custom soundtracks to the PlayStation 3 version of Burnout Paradise. That means if you don't like a song in the game, go ahead and put on your own. Yay.

[Custom Soundtracks On PS3]


Anonymous said...

Developers shouldn't be using the interface Sony Computer Entertainment created for this purpose? Yeah, make sense next time.

JeffreySiniCal said...

I think he means universal.

Anonymous said...

oh give me a break. how about being a little more optimistic next time. instead of *whine* COME ON SONY WHAT'S WRONG *whine*, you could be going thank you criterion for taking the initiative. why would you even want access to music in-game. the only thing you need is messaging, but you could even get by that.

anonymous 1 is right. make sense next time...

sony's working on it and will get it to us. you were complaining about the store and got that wish. you think they don't know what ppl want?

incredibilistic said...

I'm sure they know what people want but it's just kind of a pain for another developer to pass up a feature that Sony should've made available a long, long, long time ago.

However, it's great that developers are taking the lead role but, again, it shouldn't be up to them to figure it out.

What this suggests is that Sony isn't really listening when you don't have features like this across the board (of course for games that allow it).

I've said it before but it seems strange that Sony would create this really deep system only to leave all these holes in it. No new picture slide-shows, no new visual players, very few Sony made (or third-party made) themes. It could be argued that these features are pretty insignificant but it's not like PS3 owners were clamoring for these features. Sony put them in there and they seem to be a huge afterthought at this point.

Granted they have enough to focus on as it is but it's things like custom soundtracks and in-game XMB that continue to be talked about but it's been 17 months and we still don't have them.

Anonymous said...

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