Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Metal Gear Online Beta Sign-Up Guide!

Well, if your mad that you cannot get in the Beta to Metal Gear Online, be mad no more. Right here is a guide to sign-up for the online beta. Follow the steps and be in heaven, first go here:

I signed up, took while though, had to figure out how to make a Konami ID, Google Translate everything, you know the story. But in the end, I was able to sign-up for the Beta. Me having a Japanese PSN account helped too, you need one. I hope I get in, if I do, I'll videotape my gameplay for you guys.

Here is the guide posted below:

1) Make a Japanese PSN Account
2) Make a Konami ID: (left button always)

  • Field One: ID Field (lowercase only, at least 8 letters)
  • Field Two & Three: Password + Confirmation
  • Field Four: Secret Question Selection (select any)
  • Field Five: Secret Question Answer: (any Japanese letters)
  • Field Six & Seven: E-Mail + Confirmation
  • Field Eight & Nine: Surname + First Name (this is tricky, I had to try a bunch of different names, use Google Translate to translate an American name and use it for both fields)
  • Field Ten: Male or Female
  • Field Eleven: Birth Date
  • Field Twelve: Postal Code (use Google to find one)
3) Go here:
  • Field One: Konami ID User Name
  • Field Two: Konami ID Password
  • Field Three: PlayStation Network ID
4) Answer the survey after you enter using Google Translate:
5) Click the left button to confirm everything.