Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition AU Price & Package

It seems that Australians really have it with the pricing issues. The Grand Theft Auto IV special edition will cost AU $149.95 and the normal edition being AU $119.95, which is around USD $130-110.

About the special editions contents. The Special Edition pack will contain the game, a metal lock box and key, the Grand Theft Auto IV artwork book, a Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack CD and the limited edition black Rockstar duffle bag. Sounds good and looks good.

Remember, Rockstar is showing a new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer this Friday, December 6, 2007 titled "Move Up Ladies". We will keep you updated.

[Via IGN]

Armored Core 4 Goes Greatest Hits

Armored Core 4 will be the first title for the PLAYSTATION 3 to go the consoles "The Best Collection", which is basically greatest hits. That is the name for Japan, the US name is likely to change.

Anyway, on January 10, 2008, Armored Core 4 will go to The Best Collection on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Platinum Collection on the Xbox 360. This is only for Japan as of now, but it's likely to happen around that time or shortly after that in the US and Europe.

We will keep you updated.

[Via The Bit Bag]

Gran Turismo Prologue Coming February 19, 2008

For those racing fans waiting to get into the Gran Turismo action, then fear not, as your wait is not long.

Come February 19, 2008, the prequel to Gran Turismo 5, known as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, will be released.

You can pre-order the racing title at the link below.

[Pre-Order: GT5 Prologue]

Surfer Girl: Far Cry PS3 Nixed, Wall•E, Wolfenstein

Today's Surfer Girl update isn't so good on the PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive list. It seems that Far Cry for the PLAYSTATION 3 has been nixed in order to bring Far Cry 2 to next-gen consoles. Lets see what she gives us today.

1) Wolfenstein is coming late summer/early next fall for PS360 and PC.
2) Treyarch is currently working three titles that will see release next fall, Spider-Man: Red vs. Black "featuring an original plotline chronicling one of the comic world's greatest rivalries," Call of Duty 5 "a historical shooter that introduces many innovative ideas never-before-seen in the series that will excite fans," and James Bond 007 (working title) "an explosive action game with a strong online component that lives up to the legacy of the greatest action character of all-time" that will be the first of annual releases.
3) Plans for a PS3-exclusive Far Cry title has been trashed in favor of Far Cry 2 for next-gen consoles.
4) Heavy Iron is working on WALL•E for PSWii60, DSP and PS2.
There you have it, straight from the Surfer herself.

[Via Surfer Girl]

Grand Theft Auto IV Screenshots: Niko Has Attitude

Rockstar Games sent GTAGaming some exclusive new Grand Theft Auto IV screenshots, showing Niko's wild side and attitude. View them below, and remember, April 2008 is only four months away.

[Via GTAGaming]

College Hoops 2K8: Lock on D

2K Sports keeps adding new features to it's sports titles, and thats no different with College Hoops 2K8. This years title features new help for defense, called "Lock on D". This helps you tighten your defense, stick to your man, and make that game changing move.

Kane & Lynch Site Nixes The Stars

Yesterday, we reported about a little scandal on the official Kane & Lynch: Dead Men site. The site was stating every review gave the game five stars.

Today, if you visit the site, you'll notice the stars are gone and the game is going out starless. Something is seriously up with Eidos.

[Via Kotaku]

Yakuza: Kenzan!: 36 New Screenshots

Thanks to Ruliweb, we've obtained a horde of new Yakuza: Kenzan! screenshots (also known as Yakuza 3) from SEGA for the PLAYSTATION 3. By the looks of it, the game will be featuring some virtual lapdances. You can view the screens above and below. Enjoy.

2007 1UP Awards: Let Your Voice Be Heard

The votes for the 2007 1UP Award Nominees have gone live. You can now enter your favorite choice of Action Game, Multiplayer Game, Downloadable Game and more.

Let your voice be heard at the link below.

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