Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GC 2007: Unreal Tournament III Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1 HD

Watch this video, your eyes will bleed tears of joys. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay looks awesome. You need to see for yourself. Watch it full-size at the links below.

[View HD Version]
[View SD Version]

Two More Warhawk Reviews: IGN & GamePro

Reviews seem to be pouring in for Warhawk since it's release. Now, we have two more, one from IGN and another from GamePro, the ratings are below:

IGN: 8.8/10
GamePro: 4/5 (8/10)
Read the full reviews at the read links provided below.

[Read IGN Review]
[Read GamePro Review]

PES 08 on PS3 is More Fluid & Ahead of 360 Version

GameSpy writes in their latest article:

"After playing at least a round on each console, once to a crushing defeat, then a tie on 360, and finally a victory on the PS3, we can confidently say that it feels pretty similar to last year's game on 360, and oddly, it feels a little more fluid on the PS3."
Seems like the first game I've seen with the PlayStation 3 as the lead platform. Hopefully more will come in the future.

[Via GameSpy]

HD Killzone 2 Mini-Gun Mini-Boss Battle Cam Gameplay

Heres a new video from GameTrailers showing a min-gun mini-boss battle in Guerrilla Games' upcoming Killzone 2.

[Via GameTrailers]

NBA 2K8: Both PS3 & 360 Versions Locked at 60 FPS

According to GameSpy, both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 NBA 2K8 versions will be locked at 60 frames per second. Heres the quote:

The beginning of our brief presentation showed off some of the new features you can expect. For the simulation aspects, it's all about upping the physical game on defense and focusing on one-on-one encounters. Of course, it's still about the five-on-five action, the skeletal structure of any good basketball game, but the team really wants to look at increasing the tension on D and at the post. As with many sports games this year, regardless of publisher, you'll see an increase in animations, as many developers should hopefully hit a stride after two next-gen titles and some successes and failures under many of their belts. For 2K8, expect to see more movements in terms of pivots, foot planting, and of course, everyone's favorite, dunks. Plus, you'll be getting 60 frames per second locked in for PS3 and 360.
Read the full article at the read link.

[Via GameSpy]

IGN: Stuntman: Ignition Scores 6.5/10 Passable

Woah. This is a sad day for me, personally looking forward to Stuntman: Ignition. Today, IGN has done it's review, and they gave it a 6.5/10, passable. They claim the gameplay is:

Far too reliant on trial and error. Having to restart a few times is acceptable, but when retries climb into the dozens, the game grows beyond frustrating.
Hit the read link for the full review.

[Via IGN]

Heavenly Sword & Warhawk: 2 More Reviews

We have two more reviews in, one for Heavenly Sword, and another for Warhawk, here are their scores:

Warhawk - 8.7/10 (Ripten)
Heavenly Sword - 8/10 (GameDaily)
Hit the read links for the full reviews.

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[Read Heavenly Sword Review]

NCSoft: 4 Titles Initially Planned for PlayStation 3

Geoff Heath, NCSoft Europe's big boss talked to GamesIndustry.Biz about the deal that Sony announced at this years E3 2007. Everybody's been wondering what or how many titles they are actually planning on the PlayStation 3. Well, there are 4 titles planned. Here is a list of important points:

  • The deal has been in the works for a long time -- NCSoft has been seeking someone with the right technology and support to get into the console business. Plus, NCSoft likes how the PlayStation Store works.
  • Since NCSoft has a ton of games, they initially need to dilute their options down to about four to stick on the PS3. We think they'll expand on their biggest titles, like Guild Wars.
  • New titles that are created will be exclusive to the PS3 and only the PS3. Although, Heath admits, a PC version of whatever the title is will probably exist. There are no plans to bring any games to other consoles.
Me, personally, am hoping they make a modern day type MMO like Megami Tensei Online: IMAGINE or Persona 3. Or at least port of Aion from the PC to the PlayStation 3.

[Via PS3Fanboy]

Amazon: PS3 & 8 Blu-ray Movies for $475

We have an amazing deal going on at Amazon. Follow the steps below. This really makes you mad if you got the PlayStation 3 during launch like I did. All we got was Talladega Knights and we had to pay $600.

  • Add the 60GB PS3 to your amazon.com shopping cart.
  • Choose three Blu-ray movies from this list and add them to the cart.
  • Right before checkout, you'll see the discount applied (see picture, right).
Then, you'll get a rebate form for five more Blu-ray movies. Even if you don't want to be part of a next-gen movie format war, this is still one of the cheapest ways we've seen to get a PS3 -- the free movies are a nice added bonus.

Heavenly Sword Incredible 1000 Man Fight

A new Heavenly Sword video from GameSpot. It's actually quite amazing, 1000 enemies are on screen, and I'm guessing you need to kill them all. Anyway, enjoy.

[Via GameSpot]

Disgaea 3 Site Opens 9/21/07 & New Scans

The official site for Disgaea 3 has gone live today. But no content will be on the site until September 21, 2007. But for now, enjoy these scans.

[View Disgaea 3 JP]
[Via PS3Forums]

Warhawk on PlayStation Network Now!

Yes people, the wait is over, Warhawk is finally hear (unless your picking it up on Blu-Ray disc tomorrow). The game is $39.99 and is 798MB in size. Heres the description on the PlayStation Store:

In Warhawk™, experience the next generation of online multi-player warfare. Take flight, roll out or double-time into battle with unprecedented multi-modal gameplay providing players freedom of combat. Log on and compete in various modes with up to 32 online players. Keep your head on a swivel as you take fire from all directions in the most frenetic battlefield on any console.

- Enlist to the PLAYSTATION®Network and battle online with players across the globe.

- Play offline via split-screen or LAN setup for intense in-home battles.

- Customize your online experience with character/vehicle skins, gameplay modes, sortable stats and community/clan features.
All the people who waited for Warhawk, go get the download now, as for me, I'm getting it on Blu-Ray disc (easier for me). Enjoy, hope the downloads don't go slow.

[Via PlayStation Store]