Sunday, November 11, 2007

Toy Home: Japan Gameplay Videos

Toy Home is Game Republic's latest title, which is coming soon to the US as a PLAYSTATION Network downloadable. Over in Japan, it's already available for download, but we will be receiving it sometime this month. All in all, it looks like a title for the zany and fun type, or possibly kids as well. Enjoy the videos.

Borderlands: GFW Interview

Borderlands is a science fiction first person shooter from the minds of Gearbox Software. Games for Windows recently sat down with Randy Pitchford, a developer of the title for some questions.

First off, the ammunition system of the game will be handled by matter, since it takes place in a science fiction world. You can jam particles together and make something; the trick is knowing what order to jam those particles in. You have this thing called a storage deck, which defines how much stuff you can carry.You can generate ammunition for your weapon, and even the weapons themselves can generate ammunition.

The world of Borderlands is a crafted world, and the things in the world are procedurally generated.

Learn more at the link below.

[Via GFW]

Call of Duty 4: Epilogue Mission Gameplay

This new video shows gameplay of the Epilogue mission in Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. If your wondering where the Epilogue mission is, you have to finish the game and wait after the credits.

K-Mart: 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 for $320, 80GB for $399

Are you a PLAYSTATION 3 fan, but still do not own the console? Well, this week is the week to buy one, because thanks to a new K-Mart coupon (image on the right, print for use), you can now buy the PLAYSTATION 3 for a very low price. With this coupon, the cost is reduced to:

  • 40GB - $319
  • 80GB - $399
And if you own a PLAYSTATION 3 and would like to get another system to show off your skill:
XBOX 360
  • Premium - $279
  • Elite - $359
You only have till November 17, 2007 to jump at this offer, so if your going to think about it, think fast.

[Via NeoGAF]

Rumor: Bioshock Coming to PLAYSTATION 3 In 2008

Okay, this is classified as a rumor, considering the site has no background and it's a blog.

It's coming to the console has been suspected enough as it is, but today it's confirmed. 2K Boston supposedly let news slip out today that it's underwater Rapture title, Bioshock, is indeed coming to the PLAYSTATION 3.

According to the supposed slip, the game will be arriving in Spring 2008 (March, April, or May). A 2K Boston insider supposedly stated the project was always slated for a PLAYSTATION 3 release, but they needed the timed exclusivity to expire.

No word yet if anything extra will be included in the supposed PLAYSTATION 3 version.

[Via Megascorcher]

Surfer Girl: Everquest, Sony XNA, The Pacific

Surfer Girl, she just keeps things coming. Lets see what she has for us today:

I) Jade Empire II is a mix between steampunk and Chinese mythology
II) Everquest is coming to PS3
III) Big Huge Games Wii title is God the Game
IV) Night Driver, Canyon Bomber, and Crystal Castles are coming back as downloadable titles
V) In the next year, Sony will announce and make available its answer to XNA and WiiWare.

1) The game counterpart of the 2009 Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg HBO miniseries The Pacific (the follow-up to 2001's Band of Brothers) is being developed by Delirious Games, who has not even announced a game prior to landing this license and I had never heard until yesterday, for PC/PS3/360. It is a third-person shooter with "innovative features."
2) थे लेवेल्स इन ********** **, इन आर्डर व्हिच थे ओक्कुर, अरे: आइसलैंड (फेअतुरेस मच बॉस बत्तले), उ.एस. शोरेलिने*, उ.एस. देफेंसेस* (बॉस बत्तले इन व्हिच यू देफेंद बिग बेर्त्हस), सं फ्रांसिस्को (तकेस प्लेस अत अ कॉलेज, बॉस बत्तले अगेंस्ट अ लॉट ऑफ़ तितंस), रेद्वूड्स* (बॉस बत्तले अगेंस्ट अ बुंच ऑफ़ स्ताल्केर्स), लॉगिंग कैंप*, फर्म्तोवं उ.एस.अ., बद्लान्ड्स* (बॉस बत्तले अगेंस्ट अ बुंच ऑफ़ गोलिअथ्स), चिकागो* (बॉस बत्तले अगेंस्ट अ लेविअथान), लुइसियाना ऎंड मेक्सिको* (चिमेरण फ्लीट कवर थे युकातन). थे लास्ट लीन इन थे गेम इस "ओह, सहित..." अस्तेरिस्क्स इन्दिकाते मुल्तिप्लायेर मप्स।
Yeah, we have no idea what the stuff written in Hindi says, once we find out, we will let you know.

[Via Surfer Girl]

Maxi Consolas Reviews Uncharted a 9 out of 10!

The time has finally come, before you know it reviews for Naughty Dog's upcoming Uncharted: Drake's Fortune are going to start rolling in like mad men. Portuguese magazine, Maxi Consolas, is one of the first rollers.

The reviewed the game stating it's the "treasure wanted by many PLAYSTATION 3 users". Lets take a look at their breakdown:
Graphics: 9.5
Gameplay: 9.0
Sound: 9.0
Longevity: 7.5
Overall: 9.0
If you ask me, if scores keep coming in the nine-ten area, then we will be seeing a bright future for Naughty Dog's title.

[Via GT Forums]

Ratchet Sees Colors In Japan

Seems that playing Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction on a Japanese PLAYSTATION 3 has his wardrobe and facial hair changing colors in some sort of haze.

If your PLAYSTATION 3 console is Japanese, your going to play a Ratchet with green pants, big black Scorcese eyebrows and a little bit more techno/electronic music with the Groovitron. So now we can do the robot!

[Via GameBrink]

PS3 Theme of The Week: Okami Theme

I might start doing this every week, we will see how it turns out. M0dus of NeoGAF has recently made a few PLAYSTATION 3 themes, but his recent work stands out like a rapper in a rock band. This theme would be his Okami theme.

The theme, pictured above, features the great artwork and detailed style featured in Capcom's Okami title. A sure theme for fans of the title. You can download it at the link below.

[Download: Okami Theme]

DUALSHOCK 3: Player Impressions

Member AceKyoto of the Official PLAYSTATION Boards managed to get his hands on an impored DUALSHOCK 3 controller. He was polite enough to share his impressions, along with bragging rights.

The controller is a lot heavier and feels more solid, and doesn't feel like it breaks by dropping it on the floor lie the SIXAXIS does. The L2 and R2 buttons are a bit harder to push in than before, making them a bit sharper.

The rumble feels good on the controller, probably no different then the rumble you feel on the PS2. The rumble is backwards compatible as the user tested it with God of War and Gran Turismo 4, and it did work.

He concludes it with saying that the controller is much better than the original SIXAXIS controller, the buttons have a slightly heavier clicking sensation, and the analogs sticks and the shoulder buttons have more weight to them as well.

[Via Official PLAYSTATION Boards]

FIFA 08 Team Online Play Now Available

Electronic Arts has announced the release of the Online Team Play update for FIFA 08 that will allow two teams of 10 people each, to play online with anybody else in the world. NBA Live 08 will receive a similar update later this month.

If you would like to get some team play online, just run the game, update with the 20MB patch, and you should be set.

[Via PS3Addict]

PLAYSTATION 3 Releaeses for the Week of November 11, 2007

Another big week in video game releases for the PLAYSTATION 3 as we see a few much anticipated titles such as Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Lets take a look:

I don't know about you, but I'll be picking up Assassin's Creed & Kane & Lynch. Not much to import on this week's releases, considering we already have both the games released/being released.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Dust Does NOT Void PLAYSTATION 3 Warranty

In a post yesterday, a PLAYSTATION 3 owner called up Sony's Customer Service to replace his PLAYSTATION 3 to find out dust voided the PLAYSTATION 3 warranty. Well, it seems that is not true. A reader of Consumerist gave Sony a call:
Ive: I'm calling just to pretty much clarify the PS3's warranty, if there's any clause in the warranty that makes it so that if the PS3 is too dusty that the warranty is void.

CSR: No.

Ive: No?

CSR: No. The only way that it, um, voided is if it was neglected, um, abused, dropped or anything like, modificated like if you opened it up, modification, if you didn't have your receipt, um, any power failures like mother nature or anything like that then that actually does void the warranty. Other than that any defective PS3s or anything like that is still, um, still under the warranty.

He was even able to get an audio of the conversation:

Looks like that fixes that whole situation.

[Via Consumerist]

Surfer Girl: Twisted Metal, Heavy Rain, Street Fighter IV, More

Surfer Girl, we still have no idea who she is, and how she is getting her information, but we still report it, for some strange reason. Here is her latest:
1) The Jet Moto series is alive in the same way a rock is. Twisted Metal has a future on that new console that ends with a 3.
2) An Animal Crossing MMO would not see release outside of Japan, NoA and NoE are obstinate in only wanting limited online functionality in the title.
3) F-Zero is coming to Wii and possibly, but probably not, being developed by Monster Games (according to someone with a rather legimate email address).
4) A new Skies of Arcadia for the Wii seems to be a yes.
5) No Wave Race, Luigi's Mansion's 2, Excitebike (it's called Nitrobike) or 1080 for Wii. Punch-Out for Wii, if it has gone beyond the prototype that was made last year, is a remake of the original NES title.
6) KHIII, if it is coming out. is definitely coming to the Wii, they need the game's demographics (which lean a bit younger than your average SquareEnix fanboy) to purchase the title. [Seems Only Like a Prediction]
7) Sega does not want to bring back Shenmue. If I wanted to see the story conclude, I wouldn't be pushing for a game that probably is not going to happen, I'd be pushing for a graphic novel version (which is far more feasible than another extremely expensive game that would probably not break even).
8) Microsoft is not dropping Rare.
9) Heavy Rain an "adventure game" that features a number of things I've never seen before in a game and it has been in production for at least two years by now..
10) No Wario World sequel.
11) The next KOTOR is being worked on at BioWare, pre-production and some early production has been done internally at LucasArts, though.
12) Nintendo is most likely co-publishing Itadaki Street DS here stateside and the game is almost certainly to get a new name (and I have been told it was Nintendo's idea to release the game outside of Japan). If the game does well, Itadaki Street PSP may be released stateside. It's a Wonderful World is coming stateside next year as well.
13) Next year, I'm looking forward to Brutal Legend, Blocks, LMNO, Alive, Hail to the Chimp, Alan Wake, Prince of Persia, Heavy Rain, fl0wer, Getaway, Duke Nukem Forever (not that I cared for the previous games, but you have to wonder what was done with ten years of development), Max Payne 3, thatgamecompany's third PS3 game, The Outsider, Lego Batman, Pain, No More Heroes, Mushroom Men, Spore, as well as I few others I have forgotten.
14) Capcom character could happen in SSBB (I'd say Mega Man, who has his own Wii-exclusive coming next year), but a Square character seems highly unlikely.
15) Ghostbusters game is coming 2009, likely not being developed by ZootFly, and is coming to PS360 and possibly Wii.
16) Street Fighter IV is 2d/3d/cell-shaded on the PS360.
17) A new PSP is three or four years away
18) Beyond Good & Evil 2 is coming is PS360Wii.
19) Activision has a title that supports the Wii Zapper coming in the near future.
20) Factor 5 would like to develop for Wii, but there are not any concrete plans for a title.
Max Payne 3? Twisted Metal for the PLAYSTATION 3? Beyond Good & Evil 2? Sounds like it's gonna be a good year.

[Via Surfer Girl]

Inside the G.A.P: Future Update Requests

Tipster MACaronits sent me an e-mail today informing me about a post within the G.A.P. about future PLAYSTATION 3 update requests. It's well put together and it deserves a good reading. He tells me that most of the 60 something comments were positive and only a tiny few were from "fanboys". Anyway, for the post:
As Sony said they love listening to feedback, I see no reason to not post this. This is what the users really want in the next updates:

1) In-Game XMB, allowing us to do the below and much more.
1a) Play Custom Soundtrack for games.
1b) Access Friends List, Game Invites, Messages
1c) Under [Photo], they can add [Take Snapshot]
1d) Under [Video], they can add [Record Gameplay].
1e) View your active downloads, pause, and resume them.
1f) So many possibilities with in-game XMB.

2) Game Invites, allowing us to send eachother game invites cross game.
2a) Implement This Feature

3) Profile 2.0, meaning, we want things like Entitlements, Gamertags, things to display who we actually are. Our profiles suck so far. It shows our languages and an about me that nobody ever fills out.


5) Remove friends, put it under PLAYSTATION Network.
5a) Allow us to change the icon for the PLAYSTATION Network, right now, it doesn't seem like you can.
5b) Add Entitlements, IM, and Game Invites under PLAYSTATION Network.

6) Password protect user accounts.

7) Add video support for WMV and AVI type files.

8.) Replace the PLAYSTATION Store with a new built in program that is not a web page. Like that, when you have to add new stuff, you just drop it in and it will organize and categorize itself.
8b) Give us a constant flow of updates for the PLAYSTATION Store, meaning daily videos, content. Basically, make us on par with Xbox Live.
8c) For every downloadable game, include a demo. Don't put it under the Demos section. Make it so when you click the game it will show the demo and full game.
8d) ORGANIZATION! Make it so you can go to like Game Demos -> New Additions, Genres, Featured, All Demos (alphabetical). Same with add on content. Instead of having it all layed out like that, go to Games -> Downloadable Content -> Game Name -> Select Content.
8e) I've recently noticed you delete old game videos. Don't do that, keeping it will an archive.

9) Let us set our own PLAYSTATION Network images, or add a batch every week based on the newest released games and even Sony movies.

A lot of people say these things are going to come with HOME, but do you really want to go into HOME everytime you want to invite someone to a game or do something listed above?

HOME is a great feature, but it may not be someone's thing, and they prefer it the nice 2D style.
Thank You.
Tell us what you think. I myself think it's a great list of features which will hopefully come within updates and the PLAYSTATION 3 has the power to do all of this.

[Thanks MAC!]