Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rumor: Final Fantasy Melody XIII Coming for PlayStation 3?

A new rumor has surfaced on foreign site, RuliWeb. When translated, it says:

"This [keym] it comes out with PS3 and, the rumor is going round. It goes to battle to TGS it says that 2007. (Only reference do as it is.)"
Pretty much states there is a rumor going around that this game is to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show. It could be a fake, or a site that knows it's stuff. But seriously, how many Final Fantasy XIII's do we need?

[Via RuliWeb]

Tekken 6's Bob In Action

If you remember him when we first posted about him, now you can watch him and all his blubbery glory. Jiggle jiggly jiggle!

[View Tekken 6's Bob In Action]

Unreal Tournament III Map Named, Omicron Dawn

Epic Games appealed to the community for a great name for a CTF map. From sixty names the developer team picked their top five:

CTF-Icarus (been used before, but such a good fit)
Finally they have chosen CTF-OmicronDawn, the name that were suggested by keyrat, who will be listed in the Unreal Tournament 3 credits.

The first three images below are from CTF-OmicronDawn, the fourth image is a concept art featuring DM-Sanctuary.

[Via Epic Games]

TGS 07: Floor Plans Revealed

The official floor plans for the Tokyo Game Show 2007 have been revealed today. It's gonna be a big week, September 20-23. Hopefully some big announcements will be made.

[Via TGS 07 Site]

Collin McRae, DiRT Creator, Dies

Collin McRaue was feared dead today in a helicopter crash.

An AS350 Squirrel helicopter registered to McRae crashed 1 mile north of Lanark, Scotland on 15 September 2007, which is close to the McRae family home. McRae is known to be a keen helicopter pilot, and it is believed that he and his 5 year old son were killed in the crash. [6] Strathclyde police confirmed there were no survivors in the crash, but said the fatalities will not be immediately formally identified.

May he rest in peace.

[Via Daily Mail]

Day Note: Rockin' the Ratchet Demo

To: onAXIS Readers
From: onAXIS Administrator

Hey, another day note coming for you. Trying to get more into the habit of doing this, so get used to it. =]

Anyway, today was cool, played some pool, and chilled out. I went to my local GameStop today. I know a guy who works there, so he dropped me the demo for Ratchet & Clank, and it's very great. I don't want to ruin it for you because tomorrow I will be posting impressions on it.

I was thinking about buying High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition, not sure if it's good though, on the fact that there are no reviews out yet. If you guys can drop me a tip on it's value, go ahead, it'd be appreciated.

Guess thats it. Enjoy your Saturday.

Hot Stories for September 15, 2007
1UP Yours September 14, 2007 Confirms Dual Shock 3?
Square Enix: "We hope to meet Final Fantasy VII Again!"
Sony & Their Lost Exclusives

1UP Yours September 14, 2007 Confirms Dual Shock 3?

In the latest 1UP Yours podcast, around the 1:15:35 time minute, they say:

"So were gonna see Dual Shock 3. Yeah? Is that confirmed, or is that? Yeah, yeah it's confirmed, Dual Shock 3 will be at TGS."
There you have it. Along in that podcast, they have a few TGS 07 games also, not exactly confirmed though:
(PS3) (RPG) Eternal Sonata (Trustybell) with 2 extra characters.
(PS3) (RPG) Steambot Chronicles 2
(PS3) (RPG) Persona 4
(PS3) (Flight Sim) Ace Combat 6
(PS3) (RPG) White Knight Story will be playable!
(PS3) (RPG) Star Ocean 4
(PS3) (Action Adventure RPG) Yakuza 3

(PSP) (RPG) Steambot Chronicles: Vehicle Battle Tournament
(PSP) (Action RPG) Kingdom Hearts Spin off! More Kingdom Hearts to be announced for other platforms.
(PSP) (Golf) Hot Shots Golf 2
(PSP) (Wierd) Patapon (LocoRoco fans may love it)
Some of those sound weird, like we knew another Persona may be coming, but how would 1UP know, like confirmingly? Also a PSP Kingdom Hearts spin-off? I guess we will need to see at TGS 07!

[Via GT Forums]

NBA 08 Features: Conquest & Carnival Mode

We have two features for NBA 08 today for your showing. They are displayed in the PSP version trailers. The one up top is Conquest Mode. Recruit a team of all-star players and take the country by storm!

The one below is Carnival mode, were they feature carnival goodies like Pinball, Hot Shot, Block a Shot, and more. Enjoy the videos.

[Via GameTrailers]

Time Crisis 4: Free Movement

If you've ever played Time Crisis 3 or such at the arcades, you'd know you move on a pre-determined path, no free movement. Well in Time Crisis 4 that changes. The two videos we have are called "Fighting Atop the Dam" and "Gunplay in the Halls". Happy viewing.

[Via Gamers-Creed]

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men "The Escape" Trailer

A new trailer for Kane and Lynch: Dead Men,by the name of "The Escape", has arrived. Take a look below. The game is set to release come November 13, 2007.

[Via GameTrailers]

PlayStation 3's 10 Most Anticipated Games Montage

A user on GameTrailers shares his view on the top 10 most anticipated PlayStation 3 games. They include Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Call of Duty 4, and more.

[Via GT Forums]

Square Enix: "We hope to meet Final Fantasy VII Again!"

You'd think Square Enix would get tired of toying with us and announce the damn thing already. Here is another hint at a Final Fantasy VII remake. It's inside Crisis Core's limited edition bundle, there is a mini-book that features images from Final Fantasy VII's technical demo and the following text:

"We hope to meet Final Fantasy VII AGAIN!"
I think this year is the winner, can anybody say "major announcement at the Tokyo Game Show of 2007".

[Via Forever-Fantasy]

PS3 Fanboy: Interview with Uncharted's Elena Fischer

Elena Fischer is lead designer of the upcoming PlayStation 3 adventure game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. PS3Fanboy and her sat down to talk about her upcoming game. Inspired by the old Indiana Jones of yore, she wants to bring much more than "Tomb Raider with a guy." Read the interview at the link.

[Read Uncharted Interview]

Crisis Core: Sephiroth and Genesis Locked in Battle

A sparring match between Sephiroth and the two other SOLDIERs, Angeal and Genesis quickly turns into something more heated. Genesis goes after Sephiroth with a will, probably spurred on by a personal agenda. Meanwhile, the current owner of the Buster Sword, Angeal, tries to break it up.

[Via YouTube]

Sony & Their Lost Exclusives

The guys over at PSU posted an article on the PlayStation 3, and it's lost exclusives, and it's gained exclusives. They basically explain how Sony could of kept them. Lets look at the list of lost exclusives.

- Assassin's Creed (According to Newsweek, Sony played the waiting game and lost because Microsoft jumped in and offered generous terms for Assassins Creed to be multiplatform)
- Bladestorm: Hundred Years War
- Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom states they want to share the love on all systems... but games like Dead Rising clearly show they are willing to do exclusives)
- Dynasty Warriors 6
- Fatal Inertia
- Mercenaries 2 World in Flames (Publisher EA made the choice to move the game to multiplatform)
- The Wall (Little is known about the title but in a recent interview Play Ten revealed that The Wall will now be coming to the Xbox 360)
- Unreal Tournament 3 (Once only announced as a PS3 and PC title, Epic switched and now has Xbox 360 as a listed platform for 08)
- Virtua Tennis 3
- Virtua Fighter 5 (fans were asking for a 360 version, and developers really wanted to make it, so they gave in)
The next list are titles that could have been released on the same date if Sony would of pushed out their development kit faster and offered up some cash.
- Bioshock (We've been hearing that Bioshock may be hitting the PS3 this next spring)
- Medal of Honor Airborne (Out now on Xbox 360 but pushed back till November for PS3)
- The Elder Scrolls Oblivion (PS3 version a year later)
- F.E.A.R. (Delayed on PS3)
- Stranglehold (Delayed on PS3)
- Two Worlds (Two Worlds The Temptation is due out sometime next year, Top Ware is currently working on a concept piece for SCEA to approve)
- GRAW 2
- Rainbow Six Vegas
- Monster Madness: The EX
- DiRT
- Fight Night Round 3
The list could keep going. But as you, me, and the PSU reporter can see is that Sony has missed out and cost the PlayStation 3 owners time, waiting for months while XBox 360 users are already enjoying the games. All the PSU reporter has to say is WTF Sony? And you can count my questioning in on that too.

[Via PSU]