Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mark Rein: Unreal Tournament III Will Not Ship With Cross-Platform Play

In a transcript of the IRC chat posted today, Rein told BeyondUnreal that synchronizing the PS3 build and PC builds of the game to allow cross-platform play would hamper the company's ability to respond quickly to issues that might crop up on the PC side (read: cheats and exploits.) His statement:

"We looked at how this would impact our ability to respond quickly to things happening at internet speed on the PC side of the equation and realized that would not be in the best interests of our very loyal PC user base because we would constantly be holding on to updates to wait until they passed cert on the console platform,"
Rein did not rule out future cross-platform UT3 compatibility, after the game stabilizes a bit and gets some early updates.

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Nomura: With PlayStation 3 Hardware "All Visions Can Come True"

Apparently, Famitsu likes to interview Tetsuya Nomura a lot. Unfortunately, he has no updates to spare on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. But he did say these:

· Nomura was never involved in the creation of any Final Fantasy title as deeply he is right now, and he likes the fact he can take Final Fantasy Versus XIII where he wants it to be.

· Nomura says the PlayStation 3 hardware plays a huge part in the development of both projects, and by using it "all visions can come true". He says that visual-wise both Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII are superior from any former title in the franchise, and they are "close to perfection".

· As in any interview, Nomura was asked about the game's exclusivity. This time he mentioned that the TGS 2007 trailers had the writing "for PlayStation 3 ONLY". He says it's an advantage for one team to concentrate on one console, even if some fans are disappointed.
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IGN: Army of Two Video Interview

If your like me and can't get enough Army of Two, you'll enjoy this video interview with the developement team curisty of IGN. Enjoy the watch.

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PlayStation Home Still Needs Producers

Straight from PS3 Fanboy.

Those that have been following the development of Home should not find it surprising that the ambitious online program was delayed to next year. Troubling signs from the beta suggested that the project simply wasn't moving as quickly as it should. Even more telling, a quick look through Gamasutra reveals that there's still a crucial job opening specifically for Home has still been unfilled.

The Home Content Producer will be responsible for:

  • Developing content strategies for Home to achieve Home business objectives.
  • Coordinate development efforts of Home content.
  • Act as a liaison between first and third party game publishers/advertisers and external developers of Home content.
It appears that this is a serious position that is crucial to the development of Home. It's interesting to note that not only is Sony concerned about getting the service out to the masses, but is focused on getting third party content (including advertising) into the platform. Qualified individuals can apply for the job here.

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Record of Agarest War Demo Coming October 4, 2007 to JP PSN

According to the official CompileHeart website, the demo for Record of Agarest war is going to be coming to the Japanese PlayStation Network on October 4, 2007:

10月4日から「PLAYSTATION Store」にて、本作の無料体験版の配信が開始されます!
That basically means what I just stated above. Enjoy the demo when it comes, if you can understand it.

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onAXIS: PlayStation Store Predictions for September 27, 2007

It's that day again, the day before we get another PlayStation Store update. Hopefully, Sony will keep with the 4-5 demo updates and we will be happy. Here are our predictions:

  • Go! Sports Ski (it's been in the e-mails a few weeks ago as coming soon)
  • Clive Barker's Jericho demo
  • Killzone 2 multiplayer beta
  • NBA 2K8 demo
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo
Videos & Trailers
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS Trailer
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS Gameplay
  • Metal Gear Online TGS Gameplay
  • TGS 2007 Videos
Thats about it, hopefully our demos will come true, but then again, we're usually bad on predictions.

TGS 2007: Time Crisis 4 Dangerous Docks Gameplay

Work your way through the maze of shipping crates, blasting any special ops that get in your way.

By the way, sorry for the small updates today so far, school has been hectic on me.

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Kingdom Hearts Three Titles In Latest Famitsu

This weeks Famitsu features the series we all know and love, Kingdom Hearts, and it's newest three titles. Here we have it summarized:

· Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
- Developed by the KH Re:CoM (PS2) team at the Osaka branch of S-E.
- 3 scenarios, 3 main characters, play in any order.
- Battle system is a mix of KH CoM (deck of abilities/skills) and KH's normal controls.
- The random elements and the timing based gameplay is Nomura's evolution of what he used in CoM and IAWW.

· Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
- Developed by h.a.n.d., the guys that made Chocobo DS.
- Multiplayer gameplay is mission based, and your friends can play as any of the XIII Org members.
- Scenario is compared to Crisis Core, in that most people will know how it ends, but not how it will flow.

· Kingdom Hearts: Coded
- Developed by the Before Crisis FFVII team.
- Disney worlds will be available as individual downloads.
- The setting involves Sora's memories being accessed, possibly through a computer. It is compared to CoM's scenario in that sense.
- Graphics are 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds to allow both high spec and low spec phones to be support.
- Planned to be released internationally, hence the focus on compatibility.

And here are the scans:

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts: Coded

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Kojima Talks Metal Gear 4 Demo & Rumble

The new Kojima Report is up, on rumble, Kojima stated:

"Ryan was asked if it's safe to say that the rumble in DualShock3 is better than the rumble in DualShock2 and he said "Absolutely". Also they only got the drivers to add rumble into the game a week before TGS. "
On the demo,
"All I can say is that as of tomorrow we're going to start working on the English demo."
Next Thursday the trailers for MGS4 and MGO should be on PSN.

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