Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WipeOut HD Demo Ready for Leipzig GC

A demo for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Network game, WipeOut HD, will be available at the Leipzig Games Convention. , WipeOut HD promises hi-def visuals and familiar WipeOut tracks for the PlayStation 3. It will be out before the end of the year, and hopefully Sony will give us a demo for this, as they should with all downloadable PlayStation Network games.

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Metal Gear Online: First Footage Release

Yes, it is finally here. The first footage of Metal Gear Online. And here we have the video straight from GameTrailers. The gameplay is looking pretty good and I personally cannot wait to get the game. Good looks Kojima.

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'Gamercard' Spotted in UT3 Demo

At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, during a playable demo of Unreal Tournament III, Games Digest noticed a very interesting option in the menu. There was an option for a 'Gamercard' and it may very well be the PlayStation 3's answer to the Xbox 360's Gamertag system.

When asking Epic's Mark Rein, he stated “Oops, you shouldn’t have seen that”. No picture was token due to it not being allowed, even so, Mark Rein covered the projector too fast to even take one. Only other information is it is activated with the triangle button. Hopefully this isn't just for Unreal Tournament III and it's a future system of the PlayStation Network.

For further evidence on how this may be a new PlayStation Network feature is the PlayStation Home player options:

Enjoy the picture. Thanks Eric2929.

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Unreal Tournament III Collector's Edition

Just like any of the big comings of the year, Unreal Tournament III will a Collector's Edition. The Unreal Tournament III will come in a special tin box and include an art book, a bonus DVD with the behind the scenes/making of-content. And to top that off, the best part of the tin contents, the great shooter game.

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PlayStation.Blog: Sony Can More Than Handle AI

A commenter on the PlayStation.Blog asked Sony if they can comment on the situation that Ubisoft said that the Xbox 360 handles AI better than the PlayStation 3. The Sony represenative responded to that by saying:

"PS3 can more than handle AI, as you will see with Heavenly Sword, which has hundreds of on-screen enemies with different AI routines at one time thanks to the power of CELL." - responded Dave Karraker Sr. Director of Corporate Communications.
Seems like a good answer to me. Nice to see that Sony responds to people who diss them.

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PlayStation.Blog: Warhawk FAQ

Dylan Jobe of the PlayStation.Blog posted a nice little Warhawk FAQ for us answer some of the questions we've been asking. He addresses things such as online split-screen, multiple log-ins, top one hundred beta users, server hosting, amount of players on the maps. It is a very well put together FAQ, give it a read.

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Postal III Knows What Your Priest Did Last Summer

The official website for Postal III has gone live. And some people think it is quite offensive, according to this disclaimer on the bottom of the site:

POSTAL III is not intended for Politicians, your mom, your little sister, or the priest molesting her. It is a game about free will. Violence begets violence and the choice is yours.
Cool right? Some think not, I really don't care though. The game will feature the Postal Dude exploring fictionally scenic Catharsis, AZ, interacting with evil nuns and the Taliban as he follows one of three paths: The Good, The Bad, and Insane. The game also promises cameos from real life 'stars' from film and music personalities to Playboy Playmates. So far for me the only really enticing information here is that the game will feature a weapon called the Chain Scythe. Mmmm, Chain Scythe.

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Assassin's Creed Limited Edition Revealed!

The box and what not for the limited edition version of Assassin's Creed was released today. It looks very nice to tell the truth. This limited edition versions comes with Altair figurine, Penny Arcade comics, strategy guide, and a Bonus DVD loaded with videos, interviews, trailers, and some short films.

And Ubisoft kept it nice for the buyer of the game, because it only costs $10.00 more than the original edition, which is $59.99. So I'd say thats a pretty good deal.

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PS3 Gamers Get The Bad Madden

Above screen looks good, right? To bad we get the stupid version of Madden right? Sometimes things just tick me off. The Xbox 360 version of Madden 08 runs at 60 frames per second, while the PlayStation 3 version of Madden 08 runs at 30 frames per second. EA Sports could of easily made it run at 60 frames per second. Now I didn't pick up a copy, but just finished playing my cousins copy he picked up around an hour ago.

Now, the graphics, compared to images I've seen of the Xbox 360 version, are bad. And the graphics make the gameplay worse, with a little bit of buggyness in it, it's sad to see. I don't know what happened with EA Games, they used to make good games. Whats going on now EA?

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