Saturday, September 22, 2007

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Making Of Part 1 & 2

The opening episode covers the game's inspiration, look, story, and gameplay. In the second episode we learn about the characters, motion capture process, and music behind the game. Enjoy.

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TGS 2007: Bumpy Trot 2 Debut Trailer

Here is the debut trailer for Bumpy Trot 2 (Steambot Chronicles 2 in the U.S.), an onAXIS exclusive (at the moment at least). Enjoy watching robots and people in a single trailer (amazing right?). The trailer is a good 3:25 long, so enjoy the watch.

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TGS 2007: Details on PlayStation Home's Dress

Dress is an expansion for the PlayStation Home service. It attempts to bridge the the gap between real life fashion designers and the digital fashions that you make use of in the virtual Home world. Sony refers to it as a "premium avatar service."

Dress uses an exclusive avatar system, presumably separate from the standard Home avatars. You can make detailed customizations to hair style, body make, and facial features. The clothes that you select are also precisely recreated down to proper patterns and cloth simulations. Sony is working with both fashion brands and cloth makers for this area of the product.

Shichisawa explained four areas of the product; these appear to be individual rooms in the Home world.

Dress Town is a virtual space where players experience the world of fashion. Sony is working with fashion brands to create digital shops, where players can experience all areas of their favorite brands through clothing, music, videos and interviews. This area of the game is meant to make you feel like you're actually moving around a shop.

Dress Studio lets you create your own fashion, selecting color, material, patterns and logos. It appears that the game will let players make their own brands. Sony is even looking into letting players send their designs away to have them transformed into real life clothing.

Dress museum is a museum of clothing history. It has some interactive elements where you gather famous scenes from movies and famous characters.

Dress park is a community space that's meant for players to communicate and exchange gifts, including clothing. Sony will hold official events and fashion shows here, giving players the chance to appear as models. Players can also organize their own shows based around their original brands. This is something that Sony hopes to actively support, Shichisawa said.

Dress will arrive in early 2008, hopefully not too far from the start of Home itself. By then, we should have a better idea of how far Sony hopes to go with its virtual fashion business.

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Ratchet & Clank Future: PSM Magazine Reviews 93/100

Ready for the first Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction review? Well here it is, ready or not, from PSM Magazine. They gave it a 93/100! Their overall statement:

Intense, beautiful, and accessible. A return to the series roots and a stellar game indeed.
Hopefully, when I get the game, I will feel the same way. Enjoy the review.

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TGS 2007: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Gets Dirty

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is heading to Blu-ray and it's going to provide much more than an HD version of the movie.

A new trailer showcased at TGS 2007 shows a few new scenes that expand upon the film's storyline. One scene took place in the alleys of Midgar as children afflicted with Geostigma appear to be melting goo. Another sequence shows Sephiroth stabbing Cloud through the chest, skewering him and swinging him like a piece of dead meat. Not only will the updated Blu-ray disc feature new scenes, but new special features that were cut from the original DVD will find their way into the collection, thanks to the spacious capacity of the HD movie format.

The fight scenes from the film have been completely re-rendered with a feature known as: dirt. The always-fashionable Cloud and company will have perfect clothes no more! They'll have to invest in even stronger hair gel to survive the battles that they face. The press release explains it best: "Clothing that gradually dirties through intense combat, faces that darken with soot from explosions, and motorbikes pockmarked with gunshots - the Complete edition brings a grittier, dirtier look to the film's nonstop action."

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TGS 2007: White Knight Story Character Creation Video

Been wondering how creative you can get with your character's features in White Knight Story? Well, this new video from the Tokyo Game Show 2007 shows you just how creative you can get. I wonder if you can make the guys hair an afro. Enjoy.

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PlayStation 3 Releases for the Week of September 24, 2007

This week is a good week for the PlayStation 3 as two anticipated titles are being released. Lets take a look at the list:

US Releases
JP Releases
Well, those are the releases, enjoy your games. Meet me online if you pick up skate.

TGS 2007: Devil May Cry 4 Showfloor Trailer HD

Here is the new Devil May Cry 4 showfloor trailer straight from the Tokyo Game Show 2007. Capcom's newest title in the series is getting me pumped, how about you?

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EA Chicago "We're Working Hard on the Next Marvel Fighting Game"

A member of NeoGAF looked through the October 2007 Wizard issue. Inside was an interview with EA Chicago that states they're currently working hard on the next-gen Marvel fighting game.

- They admitted that Nemesis' gameplay sucked.
- The new fighting game will have interactive environments like Def Jam: Icon.
- The art style comes straight from the comics.
- Each fighter will have their own very unique fighting style.
- There will be a lot of strategy involved due to the uniqueness of each fighter. They gave an example of Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut - two polar opposites.
That sounds great, and I personally cannot wait for this game as it looks very unique.

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TGS 2007: Bumpy Trot 2 Trailer Images

We have some images from the Bumpy Trot 2 (Steambot Chronicles 2 in U.S.) trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2007. It's looking very nice. There is a trailer at the link, but its really slow, I'm working on the upload to GameTrailers, so that will be posted soon.

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TGS 2007: Dark Cloud Character to Appear in White Knight Story

At the end of an interview that we did earlier today with Akihoro Hino, the President of Level-5 and Producer of White Knight Story, IGN asked him a perennially favorite fan question: will we ever see another Dark Cloud title? Hino laughed, noting that this was a subject that he'd often been asked by foreign press and while there was no current plans to work on a new title because the team was fully invested in working on White Knight Story.

However, he did mention that a familiar Dark Cloud character would be included in the game. He wasn't willing to divulge whether it was Toran, Yuris, Maximillian, or another one of the known characters, but he guaranteed that fans of the older title would enjoy the role that they played in the game. IGN will have an interview with Akihoro Hino next week, so we will give you the update when it comes.

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TGS 2007: Devil May Cry 4 Dante vs. Nero Gameplay

Here is the battle between Nero vs. Dante, the full battle from the Tokyo Game Show 2007. Enjoy the watch.

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TGS 2007: Metal Gear Online Full Match Gameplay

Here we have a full Metal Gear Online match broken down into three parts. Enjoy the watch.

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Keiji Inafune: "I Do Really Want to do Dead Rising 2"

Outside the Tokyo Game Show, Kotaku found Keiji Inafune, creators of games like Megaman and Dead Rising. They had a quick chat.

Ashcraft: So Dead Rising 2 won't be announced next year?
Inafune: Yeah. The original team has been split up and is working on different projects.
Ashcraft: And you are probably busy with your executive role at Capcom?
Inafune: I do really want to do Dead Rising 2. It's just still hard to get games for the Western market approved.
Ashcraft: But Dead Rising was a big hit abroad.
Inafune: It wasn't a big hit here in Japan.
Ashcraft: Why is it hard to still get Western geared games approved in Japan?
Inafune: You live here. You know how it is. That's why getting games for the Western market is still a challenge. So we need people like [Osaka-based Capcom producer] Ben Judd to bridge the gap between Japan and abroad. It's really hard for people like Ben, I'm sure.

Microsoft Japan boss Takahashi Sensui walks by, says a brief "hello." Sensui notices me, smiles and tells Inafune, "Watch out for this guy." Inafune laughs.

Ashcraft: Capcom has been cranking about a lot new IPs like Dead Rising, though — not just relying on sequels.
Inafune: And there are a lot more new titles coming. A lot more.
So it looks like Inafune really want to make a Dead Rising 2. It probably won't be shown at TGS as it's not even approved, but hopefully with time it will come.

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Saints Row 2: Premier Images

We have the premier images for Saints Row 2. And they are looking pretty slick. I wonder what your gonna do in a head to head to head cop situation like the image below. Enjoy.

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TGS 2007: Project Origin Premier Trailer

The sequel to F.E.A.R., Project Origin, has just had it's first trailer go live today. Enjoy the watch. Don't get scared.

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Saints Row 2 Official Site Goes Live

The official site for Saints Row 2 has gone live. Currently there is nothing on it except this teaser logo and one screenshot in the screens section, sadly.

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Burnout Paradise: Rumble, Easy Drive, and PlayStation Eye

The newest Press release for EA's Burnout Paradise shows some new features to the game, including rumble, easy drive and the PlayStation Eye. Read below.


Paradise City awaits. Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today revealed the unique feature set that will define Burnout™ Paradise – the next-generation of Burnout. With true open world freedom, seamless ‘EasyDrive’ online multiplayer, four unique single-player events, and hundreds of online Freeburn challenges, Burnout Paradise thrusts gamers into an incredibly vivid HD world that pushes the limits of the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360™ videogame system. The white knuckle action explodes as players pull up at any stoplight and spin their wheels to jumpstart the action.

Spectacular bone-crushing crashes and an unparalleled sense of speed will always be a hallmark of Burnout games but Burnout Paradise ups the ante with an all new game design that expands the experience into a deeper, ever more immersive driving dream. Some of the key features that set Burnout Paradise apart include:

• True Open World Freedom – The entire city will be available from the outset, giving players the freedom to explore this immersive world known as Paradise City. Experience open world driving Burnout style as the action begins with you, but it doesn’t have to end.
• EasyDrive Online Social Gaming – See your friends online with the EasyDrive Friends List and connect with them instantly without having to wait or exit your game. Burnout Paradise is revolutionizing the way players jump on and offline, making it as simple and quick as possible.
• Single-player Events – Choose from Race, Marked Man, Road Rage, and Stunt by pulling up to the numerous stoplights in the game to initiate the event. The action isn’t forced any longer, as players have the freedom to start and even end a challenge at their leisure.

“This is the true beginning of next generation racing. On PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360, we are delivering a game that brings brilliant graphics into HD at 60 frames per second. Burnout Paradise does something that no other Burnout game has ever done – it gives the player full control on how to play the game,” said Alex Ward, Creative Director at EA Criterion Studios. “At Criterion, we have a long history of delivering stand-out software on the PlayStation consoles. The entire team is Fired Up about the opportunity to carry that heritage into the PLAYSTATION 3 generation.”

Burnout Paradise will have you feeling every bump, crash, scrape, and collision using Sony’s new DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller with rumble feature for the PLAYSTATION 3 . The EasyDrive online Friends List keeps the action flowing on the PLAYSTATION 3, as players get into a challenge with three easy taps of a button. Once the competition heats up, players can grab snapshots as they rip through opponents and collect candid Mugshots of friends and foes alike using the PLAYSTATION Eye. The Xbox 360 version of the game features Mugshots using Xbox LIVE® Vision.

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