Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PLAYSTATION 3 Homebrew Gets Closer With Elf2Self

Team ICE, a hacking team for the PLAYSTATION 3, have released a new tool today that may lead us one step closer to a "Hello World" on the PLAYSTATION 3.

The new tool runs through an exploit in Resistance: Fall of Man or Motorstorm. For more information on this tool, use the links below.

[ELF 2 SeLF Tool, MS and R:FOM Exploits Released] [Download]

Red Faction III Announced for the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, & PC

THQ today announced the return of Red Faction. Developed by Volition Studios, Red Faction III was announced by THQ CEO Brian Farrell in a conference call today.

Farrell promised more would come on the game within the coming weeks. He did manage to drop a bit of details today though. It will bring back the series' hook of interactive environments while using the power of the next-gen systems to bring out some "more exciting destruction technology."

Gamers can expect Red Faction III to arrive in THQ's fiscal 2009.

[Red Faction III blasts to 360, PS3, PC]

Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Could Come to the PLAYSTATION Network

Mike Wilson, the CEO of Gamecock Media, says the company depends on the developers it is currently working with to find new talents and projects.

Wilson also stated the Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball could eventually make it's way to the PLAYSTATION Network."Sony really wants this Pirates vs Ninjas game we're doing for Xbox Live and we're platform agnostic so if we're investing in a title let's give it a chance wherever there is one."

Good to see Sony getting in on it. I was personally depressed when I heard it was only for the Xbox Live Arcade. Hopefully we'll receive the title as well.

[Gamecock struts into Europe; Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball considered for PSN]

New Street Fighter IV Character Reveal on Friday

The official Japanese website for Street Fighter IV tells us that Friday in Japan time (meaning Thursday), we will get a look at a new fighter for the game.

As of now, only three characters have been revealed for the title, them being Ryu, Ken, and Crimson Viper.

Who can we look forward to for this reveal? Probably someone from Street Fighter II.

[New Street Fighter IV Character Reveal Friday]

Army of Two: Two vs. Two Trailer

I simply cannot wait for Army of Two to hit stores. I reside in New York and my cousin in Philadelphia, and we don't get to game together much, so we are picking this up first day of it's release, hoping to game together like we used too. This is what two vs. two really is.

Golden Axe: Beast Rider: New Screenshots

The official website for developer Secret Level from Sega has released some new screenshots of their upcoming Golden Axe: Beast Rider. To tell you the truth, these beasts that they are riding look like heavily modded Chocobos to me. These ancient Greece looking torments don't really appeal to me though. Enjoy!

SCEJ's First "PLAYSTATION 3 the Best" Line-Up

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is finall opening up their "PLAYSTATION 3 the Best" lineup. That means great titles at a budget.

According to the retailer, Japan goers will soon be able to pick up games like Resistance, Folksoul, and more for only 3,800 yen each. That amounts to around $35 in USD. The list of the first games to go to this collection include:

- Resistance: Fall of Man
- Folklore
- Ninja Gaiden Sigma
- Gundam: Target in Sight
- Ridge Racer 7
Stay tuned till we hear an official announcement that will hopefully include some new boxart as well.

[PS3 Games For Cheap in Japan]

Update 2/5/08: The official best of covers are now viewable as the image on the left. [PS3 the Best]

Monster Madness: Grave Danger Coming Soon

SouthPeak has today announced that their formerly titled Monster Madness: EX is coming to stores the second quarter of 2008 with a new name. That new name is Monster Madness: Grave Danger. There is also a new logo, as you can see on the left there.

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia was already released on the Xbox 360 and PC, but the PLAYSTATION 3 version includes more. The PLAYSTATION 3 version comes with ompletely reconstructed camera angles, tightened control scheme, updated graphics and expanded online multiplayer modes meaning four player online co-op mode. It also includes 15 new characters and 20 new stages. The full press release below.

‘Monster Madness: Grave Danger’ is Coming For You

Grapevine, TX – February 5, 2008 – SouthPeak Games has confirmed the final title for the next installment of the Monster Madness series – Monster Madness: Grave Danger – coming to PLAYSTATION®3. First announced in September 2007 under the working title of “Monster Madness: EX,” Grave Danger will include a number of new and improved features. Fan feedback from the original “Battle for Suburbia” has been taken to heart and every Zombie, Werewolf and Vampire has been recalled to square one.

The title’s developer, Psyonix Studios, has taken the series back to the drawing board and analyzed every aspect of the game to revamp and fully realize the core fast paced monster blasting action for its foray onto the PS3. Improvements from the original Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia include, completely reconstructed camera angles, tightened control scheme, updated graphics and expanded online multiplayer modes. One of the biggest requests from fans the first time around was an online cooperative story mode. Monster Madness: Grave Danger includes four player online co-op, but the terror doesn’t end there! Expect over 15 new character costumes and over 20 new “Challenge” mini-games to bolster the already rich gameplay experience.

Monster Madness: Grave Danger is expected to hit store shelves in Q2 2008.

Devil May Cry 4 & Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition Now Shipping

Thats right folks, if you head down to your local game stores right now (not sure about GameStop), you can pick up your copy of Capcom's newly released Devil May Cry 4 or Eat Sleep Play's newly released Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition.

If I manage to conjure up some cash, I'll probably pick up Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition since it's only going for $19.99. For those of you picking up Devil May Cry 4, it's going for $59.99.

Wardevil Is Alive: New Look, First Image

Yes readers, Wardevil is not dead. Today, Digi-Guys revealed a new image of their upcoming title, revealing a new look.

Since it was last shown, Digi-Guys has been quiet on this exciting title. Now, the character's helmetless head and long hair has been replaced. He now has an awesome looking helmet and a long-ass spear.

The game is using the RTE1080 game engine allowing for 1080p resolution at 60fps. The developers over at Digi-Guys hope to create a visual style better than the look of the pre-renderd FMV videos.

When we hear more on Digi-Guy's great looking game, we will let you know.

[Wardevil gets a new look! First image inside]

Update: Seems that the first image is actually in game.

"The image is all game material/assets and is part of our final graphical push to get the game looking as close to high-end cinema quality as we can... whilst still running in 1080P (with Dof & Motionblur)." - Digi-Guys Representative

EA Developer: PLAYSTATION Network Has "all the capabilities"

Matt Turner, assistant producer of EA Montreal's upcoming Army of Two, says that he fully support the PLAYSTATION Network. He did, however, admit that he experienced quite a pain with the young network.

Many people refer to Xbox Live as the superior online service due to it's in game friends list access, universal game invites, integrated profiles, and such. Turner says, however, that PSN "has all the capabilities".

"There are extra challenges [with PSN] just because the PS3 is newer to our team so we've had to work through some growing pains, getting used to a whole new system of development," Turner told us.

"But it has all of the capabilities, it's just that at the moment we have more experience on the Xbox."

He says that such as Burnout Paradise, you will be able to send game invites, access your friends list, in Army of Two.

"We have friends lists accessible during the game, you can send invites and your friends can join you - it's as easy as doing it on Xbox Live," he promises.

The PLAYSTATION Network will eventually catch up. With in-game XMB sooner than ever (they said 2008 for sure), universal game invites hopefully on the way as well, and the anticipated PLAYSTATION Home, it can only get better.

[EA dev: PSN has "all the capabilities"]

Konami Announces Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection

Well, Konami has finally announced it. Today, they announced that the complete Metal Gear Solid box set for the PS2 titled Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection is on it's way. The box set will include Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence along with the directors cut for part 2 and 3.

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today confirmed speculation that Metal Gear Solid ®: the Essential Collection is currently planned for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Now Metal Gear Solid fans have the final chance to fully immerse themselves in the Metal Gear Solid universe before the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

"Since its inception, the Metal Gear Solid franchise has been one of the most successful game series in the history of video games, receiving worldwide recognition and praise," said Anthony Crouts, Vice President of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. "Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection represents a great value for gamers, bringing together three must-have classic titles which pioneered the stealth action genre."

Metal Gear Solid: the Essential Collection includes the original Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation game console, the director's cut of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 in a commemorative package with artwork by renowned Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa.

Metal Gear Solid: the Essential Collection is rated M for Mature by the ESRB and sells for a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information visit the website at www.konami.com.

Rainbows Six Vegas 2: New Information

The latest issue of GamePro features some new information on Ubisoft' upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Some of this new information includes being able to spring, your shields being destructible, and more. Take a look at the list below.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Gameplay Additions

- A new Sprint button. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a slower, more tactical game than its peers, but the new Sprint button (handily placed on the left bumper) makes the game feel slightly quicker than before. You can only sprint for several seconds... but that's often enough to escape a grenade's explosive radius.

- Bullet penetration. High-powered rounds can now penetrate walls and doors, meaning that where you take cover is a vital decision. Pro-tip: don't hide behind wood!

- Destructible cover. Bullets and explosives can gouge chunks out of certain barriers and walls, rendering them unsafe or outright unusable.

- 11 new weapons. In addition to the weapons returning from Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 adds 11 new weapons. Highlights include the L96 Artic Warfare sniper rifle, the AKS-74U rifle, the AUG Para SMG, and the VZ83 Skorpion (last seen in Call of Duty 4), the Mossberg 500 assault shotgun, and the FN FNC assault rifle. Another standout is the infamous SR-25 SD sniper rifle, used to devastating effect in the SOCOM games.

- Faster firing rate for all handguns, which increases the stopping power of all handguns across the board. There's also a new handgun: the Walther P99 pistol, which features a hammerless design for reduced trigger strain.

- One persistent player for online and offline play. In Vegas 2, you have one customized character that applies to all play modes, both online and offline. This means that your accomplishments in the single-player story will impact your multiplayer character, and vice-versa.

- New way to unlock weapons and gear. Rather than unlocking guns and gear in a linear fashion, by hitting certain level requirements, you can choose which guns to unlock by tailoring your play style. There are three branches - Assault, Close Quarters, and Marksmanship -- and you can combine them all or focus on one or two at a time. The advantage with Vegas 2's new "ACES" system is flexibility: if you want to unlock sniper rifles, you could choose to focus on the Marksmanship branch by nailing plenty of headshots. If you're a submachine gun guy, then focus on using flashbangs and close-range tactics.

- But XP isn't going away, either. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 doesn't tie weapon unlocks to generic experience points, rather to specialized ACES points. But XP is here to stay: it still decides your character's online rank, armor options, and other visual customizations.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Single-Player Enhancements

- New two-player, online cooperative play. Rainbow Six Vegas 2's upgraded co-op mode follows the full single-player campaign, and also supports drop-in, drop-out play. This means that a player can enter or exit the game at any point without affecting his partner. The online co-op campaign is identical to the single-player counterpart, cinemas and all.

- A new lead character for the single-player campaign. Logan is MIA; Bishop takes his place. A talented rookie, Bishop has been thrust into a leadership role for the first time in his career. For online co-op play, the second player controls Knight, a new character.

- Enhanced AI and better-equipped enemies. Enemies can now wield ballistic shields and other specialized gear, making teamwork and pincer strategies more important. You'll also encounter "elite" terrorists who are as well-equipped as team Rainbow.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Multiplayer Enhancements

- New multiplayer mode: Team Leader. The goal is simple: kill off the enemy leader and mop up his underlings, or safely escort your team's leader to an extraction point. The catch is that the team leader acts as a mobile respawn point for his team.

- New multiplayer mode: Total Conquest. Similar to the Domination modes found in Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4. The winning team must successfully capture and hold all three satellite dishes for 30 straight seconds to win the round. The ticking time limit ensures plenty of action late in the match, as both teams scramble to lock up all three satellites.

- Much faster loading times and better graphics for online play. Ubisoft Montreal has listened to fan feedback, smoothing the presentation of Vegas 2's online mode. The results are dramatically speedier loading times, graphics that look nearly identical to those of the single-player mode, and the ability to swap teams even when the server is full.
[New Info. on Rainbow Six Vegas 2]

Japan Receiving New Satan Silver PLAYSTATION 3 Bundle

Yes, that is right, Japan gets yet another new color for their PLAYSTATION 3 line-up. This new 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 bundle comes bundled with Yakuza: Kenzan! (Yakuza 3) and retailes for ¥47,040 (US $441).

The bunlde will only be available for a limited time however. It is a must have for Yakuza fans.

[New Satin Silver PS3 Bundled Up]