Monday, December 10, 2007

Battlefield: Bad Company Haggard Trailer

Meet George Haggard, a man that blows stuff up in Digital Illusions' and Electronic Arts' upcoming next-gen title, Battlefield: Bad Company. Enjoy the destruction!

Afrika Gets Music Composer

For those of you thinking that Sony Computer Entertainment's upcoming wildlife game, Afrika, was gone, then fear not!

Thanks to 1UP, we've confirmed that Wataru Hokoyama, a Los Angeles-based composer who hasn't worked in the video game universe before, has recently hired a 104-piece orchestra to start laying down the symphonies to accompany Afrika.

Hopefully, it's not just a picture shooter, and more adventure is involved.

[Via 1UP]

Eternal Sonata: Japanese PLAYSTATION 3 Trailer

Eternal Sonata is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 for all of those who don't know by now. The PLAYSTATION 3 version will feature new playable characters as well as even more new events. Enjoy the Japanese trailer!

Original Warhawk Coming to the PLAYSTATION Network?

A new ESRB rating went up today for Incognito Entertainment's Warhawk. I know what your thinking "Warhawk? Thats already been released!".

Well, this Warhawk is for the PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP. Could this mean this upcoming Thursday could grace us with the PSone Classic we knew and loved?

We'll see when the time comes.

[Via ESRB]

January 2008 EGM Reveals Street Fighter 4 Info

The latest EGM Monthly reveals some new information about Street Fighter IV, along with a few rumors. The rumors in the latest issue are below.

- Bizzare is working on a new James Bond game.
- EA Chicago was working on a Guitar Hero inspired action game before their let down.
- An exclusive Front Mission is going to the Xbox 360, but an exclusive Square Enix sequel is making it's way to the PLAYSTATION 3.
- Need for Speed is going to fluctuate between realistic and arcade styles.
- THG is is making an action game based on the Warhammer toy line.
- Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers "appears to be in trouble".
The magazine then goes to reveal it's information about Capcom's upcoming and highly anticipated Street Fighter IV.
- Yoshinori Ono is producing. He produced Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III.
- He wants it to be the second coming of Street Fighter II.
- Online fighting is planned with potential for microtransactions such as new characters and stages.
- Gameplay staying at 2D, with 3D elements.
- The game runs at 60 frames per second.
- The camera doesn't budge.
- They are trying to put in as many Street Fighter II characters as possible.
- The game takes place after Street Fighter II Turbo and before Street Fighter III.
- The controls are traditional.
- The game is more agressive based on attacking and defending.
- The producer hasn't decided on the game platforms or if there is going to be an arcade version. The one tested was running on a PC.
- Ono suggests Capcom could make a PS2 or Nintendo DS version if "they deem the market suitable".
- Ono does not want to make it exclusive. He wants it on as many platforms as possible.
The magazine also reveals some information on the upcoming LEGO Batman: The Video Game.
- A ton of Batman's enemies escape from Arkham.
- You can play through the entire story as villains such as Catwoman, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Penguin.
They also revealed that Tecmo Bowl is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 with a Summer 2008 release.

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Heavenly Sword Creators Working on Exciting New Title

Ninja Theory, the people that brought you PLAYSTATION 3's Heavenly Sword, are currently stirring up an exciting new project.

The developers posted a message on the Ninja Theory forums saying they are moving on with their next project. Unfortunately, they cannot say much about it at the moment, but they say they are working on something "pretty amazing".

We currently don't know what game they are working on, but it could most likely be a Heavenly Sword sequel, since they mentioned it was going to be a three game trilogy.

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2 Days to Vegas Coming Christmas 2008

The official project page for upcoming action game, 2 Days to Vegas, was updated recently with a new date for the games release.

The Steel Monkeys project page now states the game's release as Christmas 2008.

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Assassin's Creed Gets Patched

If your playing Assassin's Creed you can go ahead and turn on your system, because you will probably see an update. Over the weekend, it appears that Ubisoft silently released a 1.10 patch for the game

Let's hope this patch clears the problems.

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Unreal Tournament III for PLAYSTATION 3 Ships Today

Midway has announced today that the highly anticipated shooter for the PLAYSTATION 3, Unreal Tournament III, has shipped to retailers. It should be available in stores tomorrow.

"We are thrilled to put Unreal Tournament III in gamers' hands before the holidays," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games. "The game plays so amazingly, and I think this is the pick-up-and-play shooter people have been waiting for on PLAYSTATION 3. In addition, Unreal Tournament III is the first game ever to allow truly robust user-created content - we call them 'mods' (as in 'modifications') - on any console platform, and we can't wait to see what the mod community creates for this game. User-created content has always been the remarkable backbone component of the Unreal Tournament series, and we think PLAYSTATION 3 system users are in for a huge treat when the mods start to appear."

Let's just hope the treats come soon, right Mark? Pick up your copy tomorrow.

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2K Sports Dodges PLAYSTATION 3 for Boxing Title

2K Sports has today announced their upcoming boxing game titled Prize Fighter. The game is going to come out for the Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS, but dodges the PLAYSTATION 3.

The game is coming out April 2008.

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Devil May Cry 4: Plant Boss Battle Video

Here is a new video of Devil May Cry 4, coming out next year from Capcom, showing Dante kick some plant ass.

Square Enix Updates Jump Festa 2008 Site: Includes Mega Theater List

Square Enix have updated their Jump Festa 2008 mini-site by adding two more pages. One page confirming the trailers that will be shown in the Open and Closed Mega Theater.

Open Mega Theater
- Star Ocean: First Departure
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Country of Promise

Closed Mega Theater
- Fabula Nova Crystallis (New trailers)
- Dissidia: Final Fantasy (New trailer)
- Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (New trailer)
- Kingdom Hearts: Coded (New trailer)
- Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (New trailer)
The second page contains photos and the reward system for anybody who visits the Mega Theater. They can exchange their random photo they will receive for points.

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