Friday, September 14, 2007

Bumpy Trot PSP Screens & Website

With all the excitement of Bumpy Trot for the PlayStation 3, this kind of slipped by us. Bumpy Trot Vehicle Battle Tournament was announced for the PSP, and it came with lot’s of screens to look at.

The “Junk Battle Action Game”, as per described by the publisher, will pit player against the best “Trot Vehicles” (or Trotmobiles) pilots from all over the world in a tournament. Player can customize his/her Trot Vehicle parts, namely the body, arm and leg, to suit the purpose of a particular battle. Aside from battling other Trot Vehicles in the tournament, players can earn rewards by taking on various tasks from the town people and upgrade or buy vehicle parts from the shops as well. One last feature mentioned is the 4-player communication play via the Ad Hoc mode. The game is set for release sometime next year.

[View Bumpy Trot PSP]
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onAXIS: Donation Button

If you've noticed, we added a donation button for PayPal over to the right. We do this because we don't want to stay at a tiny hosted blog. We want to move on to bigger and better things.

Here at onAXIS, we strive to keep you updated on the latest PlayStation 3 news. Hopefully soon, we would like to move over to a hosted site, with a customized news script, vBulletin forums, and more. But we currently don't have the financial in order to do that. With your help, we soon may.

So if you want to help us out, donate any amount you can, and hopefully, we will have the onAXIS Network up and running.

Heavenly Sword: God of War II Easter Egg In-Game

If you've played Heavenly Sword, you might have seen this and payed no regards or missed it. If you look at the picture above, this is found during Kai's mission in the armory. Look at the picture below.

It seems that Ninja Theory was showing some love towards their inspiration by displaying his gear. Thanks XxBigP123xX.

[Via PS3Forums]

Ratchet & Clank Future Demo Available at GameStop

The demo for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is available at GameStop on Blu-Ray disc. If you want it, it's simple, just drop off $5 towards a pre-order of the game, and you receive your demo.

I called up my friend Ryan at my local GameStop to confirm it's true. They got them in today and have plenty. Want one? Visit your local GameStop then.

Square Enix to Have Closed Theater at TGS 2007

Straight from Kotaku.

Final Fantasy XIII is a long way off. We're placing bets on a 2009 release in Japan.Those of us attending Tokyo Game Show this year won't see much of it, that is, unless we wait in painfully long lines to watch the game's trailers. Square-Enix announced today via its official TGS 2007 web site that it would be showing trailers for Dragon Quest IX, Last Remnant, Final Fantasy XI, Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII in two theaters. For fans of the Squenix brand of software, seeing the last two will require marathon style queues. They're only being shown in the company's Closed Mega Theater. So bring your copies of Crisis Core, kids. You're going to need something to keep you quietly occupied in line for a couple hours.

[Via Kotaku]

Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream Released

One of the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII albums is out.

It features 45 tracks from a multitude of remixers that are involved within the site have all poured their hard work into a project that has lasted for over a year and a half since January 2006. I can safely say that you can expect some of the best with these tunes as OCRemix's projects are nigh on perfection, from Chrono Symphonic to even Street Fighter's Blood on the Asphalt.

[Download Voices of the Lifestream]

Everyday Shooter: New PSN Trailer

Still a great PC game, and now going to be a great PlayStation Network game. Enjoy the trailer.

[Via GameTrailers]

onAXIS: Desired TGS 07 Announcement Poll

A new poll has gone up for our site. This is the second poll we are having with the first one receiving over 400 votes, impressive for a new site. This new poll is about your desired announcement for the Tokyo Game Show 2007. Here are the choices:

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Firmware 2.00 Features
  • Kingdom Hearts III Announcment
  • NCSoft MMO Lineup
  • PlayStation Store Redesign
  • SIXAXIS with Rumble
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Nex-Gen II
Make your vote on the right of our site. Thanks, and happy voting.

TGS 2007: SEGA Sony Consoles Line-Up

Thanks to the official Tokyo Game Show site from SEGA, we have the line-up for Sony consoles for the show.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
[Via SEGA TGS 2007]

Ratchet & Clank Future Weapon Upgrades

The weapon upgrade system featured in the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction takes the customizing features of Ratchet & Clank: Deadlocked, streamlines them and makes them more accessible.

Just like previous Ratchet games, your weapons will automatically upgrade over time through experience points. However, those that want greater customization of their weapons can head to a weapons counter and access this upgrade grid (pictured, above).

Upgrades, such as more ammo, bigger effects, increased damage, and more can be added to the weapons. In fact, some upgrades are unique to each particular weapon. In order to use the system, players will follow a branching path on the grid. Choosing one upgrade will unlock the ability to get another. It's very similar to the Final Fantasy XII system.

[Via PS3Fanboy]

Heavenly Sword Downloadable Content Coming.. If It Sells

During a presentation and Q&A at last night's Warhawk tournament at 3Rooms, Tameem Antoniades (co-founder of Ninja Theory) was asked what his response was to the criticism that Heavenly Sword was too short. He replied that Ninja Theory are definitely interested in extending the experience via downloadable content, only if the game sells well.

Don't be alarmed there. Game companies want money, and if you give them money, they will give you back in return, whether it's downloadable content, or anything else. Now there is not a doubt that this Goddess of War won't sell well. With good reviews all around, you can probably expect to see Heavenly Sword DLC sooner or later.

[Via PS3Fanboy]

TGS 2007: Eternal Sonata Officially Official

Sure there have already been news posts confirming Eternal Sonata from Famitsu, but we never heard it from the big guns behind the operation.

IGN received a comment directly from its parent company across the Pacific. That confirmation came today. Eternal Sonata will be appearing at Bandai Namco's Tokyo Game Show booth next week, the company announced today through its Tokyo Game Show special site. The game will be shown in video-only form. A Japanese release is planned for some time in 2008.

Other PlayStation 3 games planned for the show include playable Time Crisis 4 and video trailers for Nobi Nobi Boy and Soul Calibur 4.

[Via IGN]

TGS 07: DMC4 Playable, Three Big Announcements from Capcom

GamePlayer is reporting that Capcom is planning to make three huge announcements at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show of 2007 this September 20th to the 23rd. No further details were brought along with that sadly.

If you go over by the Capcom booth, its been announced that Devil May Cry 4 will be playable for gamers to give a test run.

[Via GamePlayer]

Dark Sector: New Trailer Shows People Want Him Erased

We haven't heard from good ol' Dark Sector in a while. Now we have this 31 second trailer. The trailer basically shows some guy warning the anti-hero that people want him erased. At the end of the trailer, the main character gets some Venom-like mask covering his head, which we don't get to see.

[Via GameSpot]

SCEE Working on Bad EU PlayStation Store Updates

Over at a Warhawk Tournament that ThreeSpeech organized, at the 3Rooms, Sony Europe PR team spoke to attendees regarding the small amount of EU PSN releases. The main problem was that Japan and America are receiving decent content regularly because each territory only has a single language. Europe, on the other hand, has 21 languages and each piece of content has to be localised for all of them. They recognise this is an issue and are working on a fix.

"Will you be able to see improvements in the next week, or the week after? Probably not, but do expect to see things get better in the near future."
Thats good to hear for everybody in Europe. At least now we know that they are working on the issue.

[Via PS3Fanboy]

TGS 2007: Yakuza 3 Trailer

GameBrink has the trailer for the upcoming Yakuza 3 in Japan. View the trailer at the link.

Yakuza 3 is an epic game by SEGA producer producer Toshihiro Nagoshi, this is the third edition in the franchise known outside of Japan as Yakuza.

[View Yakuza 3 Trailer]