Saturday, October 27, 2007

Night Note: Slow Day, Enchanted Thoughts

To: onAXIS Readers
From: onAXIS Administrator

Wow, some Saturday today was. You'd figure we'd be loaded with news, but look at that, 9 articles. Hopefully we'll have more gaming news come tomorrow.

I've been noticing a pattern lately, whenever there is around 20-25 articles a day on the site, the level of subscribers to the site goes up, but whenever there is a low amount like 10-15 articles a day, the level of subscribers drops. It's as if we are getting less reliable by the day.

Wake up, it's not our fault there isn't that much news on that day. If there was more, trust me, we'd give it to you. So don't drop us just because you don't see much news for that day.

I've been thinking about getting Enchanted Arms recently. I'm not one to follow much of the big critic reviews. I've been in the RPG mood recently and I figured it's only $20.00 at GameStop, so I will be picking it up soon.

We are still trying to think of a name for the new site, so if you want to send in your thoughts, read this. Every name is appreciated and considered.

Stories for October 27, 2007
Find the Ratchet Golden Bolts
First Nobi Nobi Gameplay
Dead Space Trailer
Resistance Tournament

Tori Emaki Video Review from GeekPulp

A video review of the upcoming PLAYSTATION Network title that incorporates the PLAYSTATION Eye to control a flock of birds. It looks like it will not be a system seller but might make for a nice mind dump.

[Watch: Video Review]

Call of Duty 4 Released Already In Best Buy?

Call of Duty 4 isn’t meant to become available for another nine long days. But who’s to stop the most hardcore of fans from getting their hands on the final version of the game prematurely?

Cruising through countless pages of video bonanza on YouTube today resulted in a startling discovery – a Best Buy retail store in Denver, Colorado has got four copies of Call of Duty 4 ready for sale.

Ratchet & Clank: Bolts Guide

GamesRadar has made a guide for you to collect all 32 golden bolts. They write:

After months of anticipation, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction has finally hit the PS3, and it's... easy. Almost too easy. Even by the standards of the series. But as seasoned Ratchet fans know, playing a Ratchet game is about much more than just blasting your way straight through its storylin, and this shooty-jumpy powerhouse is no exception.

Ratchet & Clank Future is packed to the gills with hidden nooks, crannies and incentives to explore them, not the leaset of which are the Gold Bolts. There are 32 of these huge, glittering prizes scattered throughout the game's 18 levels; some are easy to find, and others stay maddeningly hidden even after you get the "Treasure Mapper" device near the end of the game. Whichever ones you're having trouble with, though, we're here to help - just click the tab at left with the name of the level you'd like to focus on, and our videos will show you exactly where to go to claim your prize.

What do you get for collecting them all? Bragging rights, a special Skill Point and access to seven new skins for Ratchet, which we've imaged above.

[Read: Bolts Guide]

Nobi Nobi Boy: First In-Game Video

We reported yesterday that new stuff on Nobi Nobi Boy was coming today, and here it is.

Keita Takahashi was at the GameCity 2007 in Nottingham today with a playable prototype of the game, with just an empty background and no "back story". Still, quite a concept! Many thanks to Jonsend for the video.

HOME: The Complete Tour

We've seen Home video tours over and over again, but this one is a bit longer and shows a little more than the other videos do. Give it a watch.

[Via MHXP]

The TimeShift Chronicles

If your trying to know everything there is to know about TimeShift, these are the videos to watch. They talk about the story of TimeShift, the multiplayer, the setting, the time, etc. Give it a watch, you won't be sorry.

Dead Space First Trailer

If you guys missed it last night on Game Head, then of course GameTrailers will have it for you. Dead Space is EA's upcoming alien horror game, and the trailer looks really interesting. I might pick this up come it's release.

SKATE: No DLC Content Coming

EA is known for tossing out a bunch of downloadable content for all it's games, especially on Xbox Live. It seems with SKATE though, thats not the situation.

"[We're] not planning any new content for Skate 1 ... We didn't want to go back and ask [people] for more money to get more shoes and shirts," said EA Black Box Executive Producer Scott Blackwood in an Afterthoughts interview featured in latest issue of EGM. "That's not how we wanted to enter this market."

Blackwood also touched upon the lack of female characters. "We really wanted women to be in there and have all sorts of cool stuff to wear and hairstyles," he said. "You have to choose between watering the whole thing down and making it just really mediocre for everybody, or do you focus? We decided to focus. I will say, however, that was the hardest decision on this project. But we are going to make it up to you. When we do it -- and we will -- it's going to be done very well."

[Via 1UP]

Rise With Resistance Last Hope Tournament

GameSpot is having a new Resistance: Fall of Man Tournament. And this one is big, consisting of 128 teams, with 10 players on each team.

Top prize for this huge tournament includes each member of the winning team receiving a limited edition Star Wars Battlefront® Entertainment pack that includes a PSP® unit with Star Wars artwork and a copy of Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron™. The first place winners also receive a $100 gift certificate to, an annual GameSpot Total Access subscription, and an Official Resistance: Fall of Man Jacket.

So if you want to get in, and rise your fallen man, do it now.

[Enter: Resistance Tournament]