Saturday, August 11, 2007

BBC Warns: Killzone 2 "most immersive experience ever"

BBC did a recent play of Killzone 2. And right off the bat, they warn you when you:

"sit down in front of a playable level ... it is immediately clear that Killzone 2 will be one of the most cinematic and immersive games ever produced on a console."
Pretty big talk to say about a game that isn't complete yet. Not everything was so peachy keen on BBC's take though, they also stated:
"game mechanics of the level I saw are not particularly innovative,"
"Killzone 2 is an archetypal shooter - a futuristic action title that draws on the symbolism of World War II to create a sense of familiarity."
They also stated that the grenade throwing needs some work and other such things.

[Via BBC]

God of War Movie to be HD-DVD Only?

In an interview with David Jaffe, God of War Creator, he said that Universal is still working on the God of War movie. Now, according to a article, Universal aquired the rights of the movie from Sony around 2 years ago. After some research, people have not realize, if Universal is making the movie, then it's going to be HD-DVD as they only do that. Blu-Ray owners may have to pick up the DVD version or buy an HD-DVD player. Follow the source link for the video.

[Via GameTrailers]

Rumor: 2.00 Update Details

A post made over at The Video Gaming Report is about a 2.00 update for the PlayStation 3. So far, it's still a rumor. Here are the features explained:

1. v2.00 will have updated drivers for its built-in internet browser, for updated flash player functionality and other stuff related to the browser.

2. his beta/final build of v2.00 consisted of 2 different downloads - one containing Home, and one without it. this results in the Home software having it's own section in the XMB. Current Beta version are downloaded from the store and are booted from the game section of the XMB. It was mentioned though, that Home has been accessed this way since v1.54 and not to expect Home to actually be released until after v2.10 or v2.20. Kinks are being worked out involving the Home/XMB menu design/access. His group is mainly ironing out

3. Anonymous mentioned that there would be no in-game XMB access yet, although the group that he is currently operating with have actually sent this idea, as well as other ideas, to their dept heads. Aside from known bug issues, he also gets to send his higher-ups thoughts/opinions/ideas to improve software. But he hasn't heard of any response from anyone yet about this feature other than that, so far, it is not in his final build.

4. Icons for movies/games can now move while other media types are currently being accessed.

5. Security is being worked on. You can password protect individual files on your HDD including movies, photos and pictures by pressing triangle to access the options menu. he did state though that this does not appear to be anywhere finished yet, and not to expect it for the v2.00 update, but cool info none the less.
The story behind the finding of these features goes on with the posters friend who found them at a message board. I highly doubt these though, but anyways, thats why it's a rumor.

[Via The VG Report]

Sierra Entertainment Announces Prototype

Though I heard about this weeks ago, it seems it was just announced. Thank you GameInformer. Anyway, Sierra Entertainment has just announced a game coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC called Prototype. Here is PSU's breakdown of the game.
Radical Entertainment is tackling the developing side by taking you through the life of Alex Mercer and his secret battle in NYC. Through this story, influenced by conspiracy undertones, Mercer learns of a problem facing all of mankind. By utilizing his shape shift abilities he not only can mimic his surroundings, but also copy powers from anyone or anything in his path.

“Radical Entertainment set out to create the most dynamic video game character ever imagined. From free-form movement to over-the-top combat action; Prototype can climb or wall-run across any surface, jump 30 stories high, and destroy anything that crosses his path.” Are you as excited as we are?

Seems like a pretty cool game, and if you read the many pages telling you about the game in GameInformer, then you would be dazzled. Keep a look out as Prototype is coming out in 2008.

[Via PSU]

PlayStation Store: What Do You Want to See?

Well, when it comes to the PlayStation Store, us buyers have many suggestions and demands. But who doesn't like to relive their past? What games would you like to see on the PlayStation Store? Here at GameAXIS, we'd like to see:
What would you like to see? Post in the comments.