Saturday, August 18, 2007

PSW October Scores - Heavenly Sword & Lair both score an 8/10

The latest issue of PSW reveals long reviews for both Heavenly Sword and Lair. Here is the breakdown of it:

Heavenly Sword - 8
+ Stunning Visuals
+ Inspired use of the Sixaxis
+ Superb combat system
- Over too soon

Lair - 8
+ Always so much going on
+ Stunning attention to detail
+ Intuitive control set-up
- Not the longest of games
I'd say that those are pretty good scores, along with those reviews there were others, heres the scores:
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2) - 9
Nascar 08 (PS3) - 4
GRAW 2 (PS3) - 8
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP) - 8
Worms: Open Warfare 2 (PSP) - 8
Dead Head Fred (PSP) - 7
Thanks to PSWii60 on NeoGAF for posting these scores.

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Doupe Reviews Heavenly Sword 9/10

Website has done a review of the game Heavenly Sword for the PlayStation 3. Though the site is in a different language, it isn't hard to understand the score, 9/10. Here is their conclusion:

+ Successful combat system
+ Breathtaking locations
+ GreatMusic sounds, dubbing
+ Excellent graphic and animations
+ Epic and movie story

- Sometimes a lot of pounding into buttons
- Framedrops
- Short
- Minor bugs
Seems like a great review to me and I personally cannot wait till this game is released and put onto the shelves.

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Haze Multiplayer Beta Announced

In a recent interview that SPoNG had with Derek Littlewood, some information was revealed about a Haze Mulitplayer Beta. Here is the direct quote:

SPOnG: Any plans for a multi-player beta?

DL: We've been discussing multi-player beta, it may just end up being multi-player demo, but we are looking to do a pre-release, a playable version of the multi-player.

RY: Everyone loves to play an unfinished game. [Grins]
Couldn't get more official than that. I guess now we just wait until the Beta is released.

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