Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 31 Famitsu News & Reviews: Ratchet, Dynasty Warriors, etc.

The latest reviews and information from the latest weekly Famitsu Japanese magazine are in, lets take a look see.

- NBA Live 08 - 8,8,8,8 - 32/40
- Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (Dynasty Warriors 6) - 8,9,8,8 - 33/40
- Ratchet & Clank Future - 9,9,9,9 - 36/40
Along with those reviews, we have some Lost Planet information along with Devil May Cry 4.
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3, Capcom, Q1 2008)
- includes all DLC from 360 version, plus extras in PC version

Devil May Cry 4 (PS3/360, Capcom, 1/31/2008)
- early buyers will get a special DVD (two versions - dante and nero)
- devils make an appearance (apparently): Echidna and Assault
- Assault is the devil that was in the first game, looks like a blade (?)
- Echidna is like a snake and a woman comes from its open mouth, as it spits out more it's appearance changes.
Special DVD with two versions, hmm, it will most likely contain behind the scenes and the making of's. Ebony & Ivory is what I desire.

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Mark Rein Says PS3 Unreal Tournament III Is Fantastic

Isn't it great quoting every single thing that Mark Rein says? You know why it's great? Cause' Mark Rein is a nice dude that understands gamers and actually interacts with them instead of hiding in secrecy. You can tell this by his 765 posts on the Epic Forums.

On the Epic Forums, in the "PS3 Users" topic, Mark Rein adds into the discussion by saying:

"I was playing the PS3 build for a few hours tonight and it is really, really fantastic. Amazingly smooth and solid. I think you PS3 users are in for a huge treat with UT3."
Could thing it's not coming out tomorrow, or else it would be a huge trick or treat, and that could go either way.

See what I did there? ...... Eh, nevermind.

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Night Note: Hallows Eve & A Bag of Chips

To: onAXIS Readers
From: onAXIS Administrator

Whoever said your too old to go trick or treating? My cousin is having a kid, and he still goes out to score some of that tooth rotting goodness. Whoever is going tomorrow, reply with an "I".

Last year, I went trick or treating with some friends and we rang an old man's house, and he opened the door and gave us a piece of paper that said "Bag of Chips". We thought it was pretty funny. But some old people don't know how to take or make jokes.

A new firmware for the PSP was released today, 3.72. The interesting thing about it was the global remote play included with it required firmware 2.00 for the PLAYSTATION 3, so I'm happy that it's coming soon.

Anyway, if you got your costumes and want to share pictures or just who your being for tomorrow's event, go ahead and comment it. I'm going formal for tomorrow's event, call me a Mafioso if you like, or simply Don.

Hot Stories for October 30, 2007
Call of Duty 4 Splitscreen 4-Player & More
Resistance Patch Details
HAZE Delayed 12/4/07?
Playlogic Developing New PS3 IP
Wal-Mart Selling 40GB PS3s Early
PSP 3.72 Requires PS3 2.00

Condemned 2: PLAYSTATION 3 Screenshots

Here is a nice pre-Halloween ~treat~, seven Condmned 2 images to view as you shiver in your ~seat~.

Couldn't resist. GamerSyde received a bunch of new images of the upcoming horror sequel, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, one of them is pretty disturbing, take a look below.

[Via GamerSyde]

Armored Core 4 Asian Version for $17.00

If your looking to get into some robot fighting action or just to try out a next-gen version of the game, today we got your best bet.

The Asian version of Armored Core 4 is now on sale at SuperUFO for a mere $17.00 USD.

Now, your probably thinking "why would I want the Asian version?". Well, you can play it on your PLAYSTATION 3 and there is also an English option.

Anyway, if you want to buy this title, then head over to the link below.

[Buy: Armored Core 4 Asian]

Ratchet & Clank Television Advertisment

It's great to see commercials for anticipated exclusives, because we didn't see any for games like LAIR or Folklore, and this says that Sony is stepping their game up little by little to get their word out.

This is a sixty second TV spot for Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, currently broadcasting in North America.

Kim Jong Il's Reviews Call of Duty 4

It seems the Ward has been bringing up the pranks with the upcoming Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Last week, Vladimir Putin, Russian President reviewed the game.

This week, we have Kim Jong II, leader of North Korea. Watch above and listen to what the military man has to say about the first person shooter.

NCAA March Madness 08 Trailer

Is it just me, or is it weird that NCAA March Madness 08 comes out in a month that is not March? Pretty odd if you ask me.

EA has released a new trailer for the upcoming hoops title, and the only anticipation that these players need is the crowd, the band, the girls, and the hoop.

HAZE: Mantel Vehicles

Over at the HAZE IGN blog, they posted some the vehicles of MANTEL, the evil corporation in the title. To view the BoxCart, and the BigBoy, head over to the link below.

[View: MANTEL Vehicles]

Call of Duty 4: Supports 4 Player Splitscreen, & More

As you can see from these images there is a host of multiplayer options in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Pictures include the 4 player split screen mode as well as available game modes etc.

Many thanks to Adams828 from AVSForums for taking the images.

[Via AVSForums]

Bioshock Creators Working on PLAYSTATION 3 Title?

According to a JobSeeker message, 2K Boston is looking for an experienced Senior Console Programmer. In the bottom of the message it says:

"Experience with PS3 development is highly desirable".
Now could this mean they are working on a title for the PLAYSTATION 3? You be the judge of that. Follow the link to read the message.

[Via JobSeeker]

Is Capcom Picking on the PLAYSTATION 3?

Brian Ashcraft over at Kotaku posted a very good short article on how he thinks Capcom may be picking on the PLAYSTATION 3.

He starts with the whole exclusives situation. First, Capcom decided to make Devil May Cry 4 a multiplatform title, giving it releases for both the PC and Xbox 360. Then, they switch over their much anticipated Monster Hunter 3, and develop it on the Nintendo Wii instead of the PLAYSTATION 3 due to "high development costs".

Zak & Wiki came out in Japan yesterday for the Nintendo Wii. Inside the game was a survey for Capcom, which asked which genres you like and such. One of the questions asked what consoles you currently own. Here is a translated English version:

Please put a check next to the console you own:
1. PlayStation (PS one)
2. PlayStation 2
3. GameCube
4. Dreamcast
5. Xbox
6. Xbox 360
7. Gameboy Advance (SP, Micro)
8. Nintendo DS (Lite)
9. PSP
10. Other
Notice anything? The PLAYSTATION 3 is completely missing along with the Nintendo Wii. It's obvious for the Wii to be missing because if you bought Zak & Wiki, you obviously own a Wii.

Is Capcom picking on Sony's console?

[Via Kotaku]

Resistance: Fall of Man Patch Details

The latest Insomniac Mooncast reveals some new details about the upcoming patch for Resistance: Fall of Man. Here are the features:
  • Turn off 40s and Tags.
  • Private Game with Password.
  • Roundbalancing More Aggressive.
  • Rumble Ready.
  • Weapon-Balancing.
  • Decrease damage and range of shot range.
  • Increase Laark reload - decrease radius of explosion and the speed.
  • Frag grenade - less radius.
  • More damage with Hedgehog - put smaller chance of One-Hit kill.
  • Increasing the range of fire of Arc Charger + damage increased.
  • Decreasing the damage of secondary Arc Charger.
  • Clip-Fire reduced.
  • Bullseye Tag Re-fire is slower.
  • Custom Game Mode - Voicechat with EVERYONE in the game.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Elite Soldier and Assains Medal recorded in all game modes.
  • Defender Medals in CTF record in ranked too.
  • Clank Backpack.
  • Magna Boots.
  • Ratchet's Wrench.
Wow, thats one hefty update, look forward to it. It's coming soon as Insomniac states "Patch will be availabe in the "near future." That's about all we know for now".

[Via PS3Forums]

HAZE Delayed Till December 4, 2007?

Following the rumors of a HAZE delay, GameStop now lists HAZE for release as December 4, 2007.

Could one of the PLAYSTATION 3's best hitters be getting a week or two delay?

We will keep you updated.

[Via GameStop]

40GB PLAYSTATION 3 Runs Cooler Than Others

Sony has revealed that the new 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 (coming Nov. 2) features less power consumption than the already released. Sony has stuck the 65mn version of the cell in the new SKU reducing power usage to 135 watts instead of the average 200 watts.

To state it in simpler terms, the console runs quieter. In my opinion I don't mind my console, I never really hear it with the TV on anyway.

[Via Engadget]

Playlogic Developing New IP for PLAYSTATION 3

Playlogic, a Netherlands based game company, have told MCV Magazine, that they have a new IP in the works for the PLAYSTATION 3.

The game is still in early stages, but Playlogic is confident that it will be a great addition to the console. Playlogic are known for games like Obscure 2 and Xyanide Resurrection for the PS2.

More information on this new IP as it comes in.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Alabama Wal-Mart Already Selling 40GB PS3s

A Wal-Mart in Birmingham, Alabama is already stacking green off of the new 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 model bundled with Spider-Man 3 on Blu-Ray.

If your in the location, call up your Wal-Mart and see if the 40GBs are in stock. Maybe they won't tell you on the phone, who knows, you could be a Sony represenative, hehe.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

PSP System Firmware Update 3.72, Requires 2.00

Today, October 30, 2007, a new PLAYSTATION Portable firmware update was made available, and there is one interesting little detail noticed in here, which we bolded below in the features.


  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles have been expanded.
  • Support has been added for [Remote Start]* of the PS3 system under [Remote Play].
    • To use this feature, the PS3 system software must be version 2.00 or later. For detailed information about [Remote Start], visit the PS3 Help & Support section at eu.playstation.com and select Connecting to other devices in the General Guides area.
Yeah, those are all the features, you shouldn't expect much for a 3.72 PSP update. But hey, this means 2.00 is coming soon, right? Or else no point of the update.

[Via PS UK]

Game Informer Shows New FFXIII Screenshots

Game Informer has posted five new screenshots of Square Enix's upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, Final Fantasy XIII. We've posted them above and below, enjoy.

[Via Game Informer]

Thesis Teaser Trailer

Here is the teaser trailer for Thesis, a fantasy-conspiracy adventure game from new developer Track7Games. Whats odd though is this is a new video and the game was canceled. Hmm.

[Via IGN]

Backbreaker: Two New Screenshots

IGN has released two new screenshots of Natural Motion's upcoming football game, Backbreaker.

Backbreaker is the first football game with truly interactive tackles. By utilizing the motion synthesis engine, euphoria, players will never make the same tackle twice, giving them an intensely unique experience every time they play the game.

[Via IGN]

Metal Gear Solid 4 OPM December Scans

The latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK features a 9 page feature on Kojima Productions' upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Theres an in-depth character description, and even more. Page 6 even features the cool little monkey.

The writer of Metal Gear Solid 4 describes the demo stage he played and the new features of MGS4 he used. The article also shows the cast:

  • The Rat Patrol
    • Ed
    • Jonathan
    • Johnny Sasaki
    • Meryl Silverburgh
  • Rex, Otacon aka Hal Emmerich
  • Haven Trooper
  • Raiden
  • Sunny
  • Colonel Roy Campbell
  • Vamp
  • Dr. Naomi Hunter
  • Liquid Ocelot
  • Drebin
  • Little Gray
  • The Mechs
    • Metal Gear Ray
    • Metal Gear Rex
    • Metal Gear Gekko
  • The Beauty and the Beast Unit
    • Screaming Mantis
    • Laughing Octopus
    • Raging Raven
    • Crying Wolf
Some of the weapons:
  • M4SOPMOD Carbine (cut off)
  • Sleep Gas Mine
  • M14EBR Sniper Rifle
  • M64E Heavy Machine Gun
  • Springfield Operator Hand Gun
  • Stun Knife
  • Javeline Missile
At the end, the article states: "Roll on next March." Enjoy.

[Via 360Indians]

Uncharted: First Ten Minutes

If your getting ready for Naughty Dog's upcoming Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, then heres a great video to watch. Enjoy the first ten minutes of the game.