Friday, April 4, 2008

Official US Metal Gear Solid 4 Boxart

The official US boxart for Konami's upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been revealed today.

The boxart showcases Old Snake in all his glory. If anything, I have no complaints.

[Metal Gear Solid 4 Boxart]

Red Faction: Guerrilla Dev Says Potential for Better Graphics on PlayStation 3

Developer Jeff Carroll over at Volition has said at their Gamers' Day in San Francisco that their upcoming fiscal 2009 release game, Red Faction: Guerrilla, will be pushing the PlayStation 3's memory and processing power. He beleives that the PlayStation has has the potential to achieve better graphics than the Xbox 360, unlike some *cough*EA*cough* games have done.

Jeff Carroll said: "We've got the PS3 running at a similar frame rate to the 360. We're finding some of the challenges of the PS3 beneficial. We feel like we're doing rather well with the PS3."

"I think potentially you will. I think early on people are going to be struggling to figure out exactly how to make the PS3 work. But I think once they do they will see it's a very powerful system underneath. They both have their advantages. The Xbox 360 pushes polygons rather well, which for us, because everything is destructible, that means that we have a tremendous number of polygons in our game compared to regular games, we see a great benefit with the Xbox 360, but we just learn to optimise in different ways for the PS3."

Look for Red Faction: Guerrilla in THQ's fiscal 2009.

[Potential for better graphics on PS3 than 360, says dev]

Naruto: PS3 Project Named, Cover Art Concepts

Namco Bandai games seems to have finally named the upcoming Naruto: PS3 Project. They are calling it Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. They show us six new cover arts they are considering for the game. We put up the one that we loved the most, which you can see on the left, while you can view the others at the link.

[Concept Art for NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Storm!]

ESRB Rates R-Types for PSone Classic Release

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated the PSone Classic, R-Types an E for Everyone, for a PlayStation Store re-release. Hopefully, this will arrive along with the new Store and many other PSone Classics.


Samus Aran Joins Unreal Tournament III

In a world where other console's video game characters come to another, Samus Aran from the Metroid series has joined the team of Unreal Tournament III in a new character modification. Samus comes loaded with an alternate armor set, maskless face, and a Gun-Arm. Get Samus at the link below.

[Character - Samus Aran]

Russian Grand Theft Auto IV Pre-Orders Get Niko Bellic's Fleeca Bank Card

Those lucky Russians who pre-order Grand Theft Auto IV will receive a special Fleeca bank card with Niko Bellic's name on it. The card contains his serial number, name, member since, and valid through numbers. We want one!

[Official FLEECA bank card from Russian pre-order]

Burnout Paradise: New Locations Reveal

Criterion Games revealed what the upcoming location for Burnout Paradise will look like. Its still a work in progress, but they have a gameplay video at the link along with one screenshot. It's looking like paradise.

[The Other Side of the Bridge]

Sony Shutting Down Online Server for Some PS2 and PSP Games

Sony Computer Entertainment of America announced today that many PS2 and a few PSP games will be having their online servers shut down. The games announced will go offline on June 30, 2008. The list can be seen below.

PS2 Games

  • Amplitude
  • Destruction Derby Arenas
  • Everybody’s Golf
  • EyeToy Chat
  • F1 ‘04
  • Jak X
  • Lemmings PS2
  • My Street
  • Syphon Filter Omega Strain
  • This is Football 2004
  • This is Football 2005
  • Twisted Metal: Black Online

PSP Games

  • Lemmings
  • World Tour Soccer 2
[Sony Shutting Down Online Servers For Many PS2, PSP Games]

European Metal Gear Solid 4 Boxart Revealed?

According to foreign gaming site, Play3, Konami has today released the official European packshot for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Whether it is fake or not, it still looks great. The game is hitting worldwide on June 12, 2008. We will label it "Sneak Out Day".

[Metal Gear Solid 4 - official Packshot]

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit: Japanese Gameplay

Some new Japanese gameplay of Namco Bandai and Atari's upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit has surfaced today. The new gameplay tours you through some dialogue, the character select screen, and some fighting. Enjoy!

Project Origin: Six New Abomination Screenshots

Warner Brothers Interactive and Monolith Productions released six new Abomination screenshots from their upcoming FEAR sequel, Project Origin. Warning, the last two pictures aren't for the easily scared. Enjoy!