Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eye of Judgment: European Unboxing

Seems that Germany got The Eye of Judgment a little earlier than they should have. SpazChicken, who already picked up the game, posted some unboxing images for us to enjoy. So now, lets do just that, enjoy.

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Bionic Commando: Six New Screens Emerge

Capcom diffuses some new screenshots from Bionic Commando, the upcoming classic action title rearmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Making an amazing leap and swinging into the next generation of gaming, Bionic Commando combines the genius of the bionic arm mechanic with the power of next generation hardware.

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Gran Turismo TV In Action

For those anticipated fans that headed over to the Japanese PLAYSTATION Store and downloaded the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo, you'll notice the GT TV Icon is active now.

The first three available videos are in standard definition. They are from Best Motoring, Autobacs Super GT, and D1 Grand Prix. Above is a quick video showing the screens and the download process.

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Official Site Opened

New screenshots, videos, info on cars and courses, TV feature, are all available through the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Official website, which has just opened. Enjoy.

[View: GT5P Official Site]

Day Note: Gran Essays Transforming

To: onAXIS Readers
From: onAXIS Administrator

Well, it may not be a good day so far for news on gaming, but it's a heck of a day for me. I have to complete an essay for my Global studies class, try out the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo, and watch for the 14th time in a row.

So, as boring as the day may seem, thank yourselves that you do not have to do an essay for the bitchiest teacher that you could ever meet, who will probably grade you badly no matter how good the essay is.

Anyway, I'll be on the network if anything.

Stories that are Actually Good for Today
Kingdom Hearts PSP, DS, Mobile: New Screens & Info
onAXIS Article: Want Content Daily?
PS3 October 21-27 Releases
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Gameplay
MGS4: E For All Gameplay

NCSoft's Future Direction: Free to Play PLAYSTATION Network Titles

Dallas Snell, NCSoft's Director of Business Development, was interviewed by Free to Play on their Dungeon Runners title. Dungeon Runners is a free to play game, and NCSoft's future direction. Snell states:

"Further to NCSoft's recently announced plans to release free to play content on the Sony network, Dallas talked about his company's goal of becoming "device agnostic" in order to break down the segregation of gamers between platforms. NCsoft plans to build their own cross-platform community service, with friends lists, inter-game messaging, and other features similar to Xbox Live. NCsoft also intends to release desktop, facebook and mobile widgets to extend gamers' experience."
Read the rest of the interview at the link below.

[Read: Dallas Snell Interview]

Kingdom Hearts Compiltaion: New Information & Screenshots

Famitsu got in contact with Testsuya Nomura about the three upcoming games for the Kingdom Hearts compilation. Though two of the games are for the Nintendo DS and Mobile Phone, I am going to keep you covered on them as well. And now, for the updates.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP)
Some important information that Nomura gave in this interview are that the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II: FM+ will play an important role in the PSP title, and that it takes place before the original Kingdom Hearts. Because of that, a new type of enemies has been created due to the fact they came before the Heartless and the Nobodies.

Nomura also gives a hint on what the new level up system is like. He first says the system will feature a new idea that one man came up with, and then Yasushi, Battle planner of FFXI, comes in and says: ".....The level up is like growing".

The developers of the game are also thinking about featuring two multiplayer modes: One will let two players compete against each other, while the other one lets you co-operate in order to achieve goals.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (Nintendo DS)
Nomura was first asked about the name of the game, and if that has any secret meaning. He replied and said that it is a code that will only be understood once we have finished the game. The game is all about the Organization XIII and their daily routine. Nomura has also explained that he chose to use a red color for 358/2 Days' logo in order to represent the sunset of Twilight Town, and he believes the game will make us a bit sad. Nomura says that Namine is not the 14th member of Organization XIII, and she will be revealed during this game. She is a key character, he adds.

This game will not fully use the controls of the DS, Nomura says. He wants people to complete the game, not just "touching their way through".

Riku and Sora will make an appearance in this game, including the famous Riku vs. Roxas scene. Nomura also says that during multiplayer mode we will be able to play using all Organization XIII's characters.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded (Mobile Phone)
Nomura compares this game to "Disneyland", where there are many attractions. He wishes to do the same, just with content added up to it. Hajime Tabata, Director of Agito XIII, then comes in and says that Nomura first began to explain the idea behind the game during midnight while he was drunk.

View screenshots and full transcripts at the link below.

[View: Screens & Transcripts]

onAXIS: Want a Constant Flow?

Thought I'd update this after realizing somethings. Look at the bottom for new content.

Do you like receiving demos every week? We all do, I mean who doesn't like free content? But, like stated in our earlier articles, why wait for one day to receive it all?

Why not give us a constant flow of demos throughout the week, including videos, wallpapers, themes, and such? With a constant flow, that doesn't make Thursday a big day that all PLAYSTATION 3 owners have to look too per week, and for the rest of the week, the store is actually visited.

If you check the stores on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, it's going to be the exact same as it was on Thursday. That makes the store boring.

We need constant updates, something daily going on. Thursdays should not be an official update day. Why put us on a schedule? Nobody likes being on one.

Get more into it as well. I think PLAYSTATION 3 owners deserve to get the demos and content Xbox 360 owners receive. If you look at multiplatform demos, Xbox 360 has them all, and PLAYSTATION 3 has a small portion. Sony needs to get in touch with these third parties and pursue them to make demos for the PLAYSTATION Network as well.

We like to expand on our topics, and this issue was brought up in the "Thoughts on the Network" article, expect to see more expanding.

Update: October 21, 2007

If anybody ever visits the Japanese PLAYSTATION Store or visit the Japanese PLAYSTATION Store site, then you'll notice that their updates aren't so weekly. If you look at their updates, they've received content on the 20th, 18th, 17th, 15th, and 11th. Between those two periods, we've only received two updates.

Silent Hill 5: E for All 07 Interview HD

Silent Hill 5's Akira Yamaoka talks about the music of the Silent Hill franchise and how it brings a unique experience to the gamer at this years E For All 2007.

PLAYSTATION 3 Releases for October 21, 2007

A big week in releases for the PLAYSTATION 3. We have many anticipated games being releases coming. That includes Ratchet & Clank, Eye of Judgment, and more. Here are the releases.

And if your in EU and are trying to snag Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 early, is shipping earlier than it's release, meaning it's shipping now. So head to Play and get it.

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Stroll Back: The History of Street Fighter

It seems that we are all getting ready for Street Fighter IV, so lets take an 8 minute look in the past first. Lets look at the history between Street Fighter, and the announcement of Street Fighter IV. *hands popcorn*

Midnight Club: Los Angeles: Two Shaky Cam Videos

YouTube user Raabaabaa has uploaded some videos of Midnight Club: Los Angeles being played on a PLAYSTATION 3 console. The videos are token with a camera so your going to see quite a few shakes. The game is looking great so far though. RockStar is rolling this baby out Q1 2008.

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Demo: Multivew with G25

YouTube user RocketPunch12210 posted a multiview video of him playing the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo. It shows him on the wheel, the pedals, and inside the car. Check out just how fluid this game is.

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WHAM Gaming: "Haze Demo A Mess"

WHAM Gaming did a preview on HAZE, and claimed the demo is a mess. The write:

The year is 2048. The United Nations is no more and in its place stands Mantel Global Industries, a private military corporation.

In order to make its soldiers stronger and more deadly, Mantel has begun administering a bio-medical substance called NECTAR.

You control proud soldier Shane Carpenter who comes to realize that Mantel is not the most ethical of all cold-hearted multination corporations focused on global domination, and NECTAR may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I know – I’m as shocked as you are.

It seems NECTAR is being used to control soldiers and shield them from the world’s horrifying reality. As a result you switch sides and must battle wave after wave of jacked up super warriors.

Asininely left-wing, derivative dystopian storyline aside, trailer footage showed Haze as the PS3’s answer to Halo – offering similar style combat and multiplayer, but with a trippy twist.

Unfortunately, the demo I played was a complete mess.

For starters, the game waited until I was already knee-deep in combat to stop gameplay and show a tutorial on the many uses of NECTAR. This is akin to teaching an aspiring boxer how to punch only after the opening bell.

Truth be told though, the NECTAR didn’t seem to do much but create colour streaks across the screen. Enemies were easy to dispatch and the whole experience wasn’t very satisfying.

I’m sure later on NECTAR has more of a significant effect on the gameplay, but in the demo it didn’t seem too useful.

Also, I didn’t get a chance to check out the game’s multiplayer, which will accommodate as many as 24 players. So there’s still a chance this can give Halo a run for its money, but it’s got a lot of catching up to do.

Since Haze attempts to give us a horrifying vision of the future, I’ve decided to render my verdict with the help of my trusty magic eight ball.

Verdict: Outlook not so good

Hopefully it's just the demo, and the game fixes the stated problems.

[Via WHAM Gaming]

Reminder: Lost Planet: Mega Man & Frank West Playable

According to The Magic Box, the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will feature Mega Man, Frank West, & Joe as playable characters, as it will have all the add-ons of the PC and Xbox 360 version:
"Capcom confirmed that the PS3 version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will have 3 new playable characters from the PC version, including Joe (NEVEC soldier), Rockman (Mega Man) and Frank West (photojournalist from Dead Rising)."
Want some screenshots? We have some from Destructoid's post way back when they were first introduced to the PC. Expect revamped graphics.

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E For All 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Gameplay Demo

E For All 2007 wasn't a total dud for it's opening year. The show featured some highly anticipated games such as Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Brothers, but the one that the people here probably care most about, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The above is some gameplay of the English demo that was at the Konami booth at the show floor.