Friday, February 1, 2008

Learn About Bionic Commando: Rearmed

If you want to learn about the upcoming classic Bionic Commando 2D remake, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, then this is your video. Simon Viklund, a Swedish developer for GRIN talks about the game and tells you all there is to know. Enjoy!

Burnout Paradise Online Demo Extended to February 15, 2008

What was originally supposed to go off today is extended to February 15, 2008.

Electronic Arts decided to extend the online portion of the Burnout Paradise demo on the PLAYSTATION Store.

"As you may know, Burnout Paradise is built to provide the ultimate in freedom and discovery online and offline. The demo did a terrific job of providing players a taste of that.

"Seeing how the social online multiplayer gameplay is such a huge part of Burnout Paradise, we've decided to keep the multiplayer demo functionality on for a bit longer," the spokesperson said.

You still have around two weeks if you haven't already got into the demo. I highly recommend giving it a download.

[EA extends online portion of Burnout Paradise demo]

Grand Theft Auto IV: New Chinatown Screenshot

The lucky bastards (joking) over at Planet GTA received a package from Rockstar Games today that included a brand new screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV along with some wanted ads and license plates as viral marketing. Does anybody see what seems to be a Mario spoof behind Niko at the Video Game store? Pretty funny. You can view the extras here. Enjoy!

LittleBigPlanet: New Level & Building Gameplay

Some new gameplay of Media Molecule's upcoming LittleBigPlanet just rolled in. This new video shows the sackboys going through a level, then building a tree made out of what else, wood. Enjoy!

Virtual Reality Head Tracking on the PLAYSTATION 3

If you've ever seen the famous Johnny Lee Wii head tracking hack, you'll recognize this video. This developer dreams of 4D on the PLAYSTATION 3 and displays it using the consoles PLAYSTATION Eye. It would be great for a PLAYSTATION Eye title to take advantage of this hack. Sony, hire this guy!

Slim PLAYSTATION 3 On It's Way for Fall?

At the CES 2008 show last month, T3 came across a juicy piece of gossip. It seeems that an insider has told that an all new PLAYSTATION 3 that is slimmer, lighter in weight, and sexier.

Is this beleivable? Why not, Sony has made two vesrions of a slim PS2, and has recently released the slim PSP. The PLAYSTATION 3 is bound to be slimmed any day now.

All the rumors of the 120-160GB PLAYSTATION 3 seem to fit this. There are "pictures" of the slim PLAYSTATION 3 at the link. Although these pictures are just T3's vision of the slim PLAYSTATION 3.

[New Playstation 3 this autumn?] [Thanks Kaddas!]

PlayStation Home: New Screenshots

The official Japanese website for PlayStation Home opened today in Japan, with a bunch of new pictures. There is even more at the site, these are the official ones though. These screenshots are from a new version of Home. They display Dress for Home, a place called Home Station, and also some new six story apartments. Enjoy!

Star Ocean: Second Evolution Pre-Order Comes With Star Ocean IV Preview

If your looking to get a sneak preview of the most likely PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, Star Ocean IV, then you might want to pre-order Star Ocean: Second Evolution. Anyone that pre-orders the game will get a bonus DVD that shows some new Star Ocean IV footage, which Famitsu describes as "too good to miss".

Watch out for Star Ocean: Second Evolution on April 2, 2008.

[SO: Second Evolution pre-order bonus: New Star Ocean IV footage]

Buzz! Hitting the PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP This Spring

Sony Computer Enertainment said today that they are hoping to release Buzz! Quiz TV on the PLAYSTATION 3 around the same time as the newly announced Buzz! for PSP.

Relentless Software is developing both these new Buzz! games. The PSP version comes with some cool multiplayer modes and six new round types with questions covering assorted subjects.

See these new Buzz! games hitting this Spring 2008.

[Buzz! for PS3 and PSP this spring]

Famitstu & Square Enix Discuss Final Fantasy XIII Release Date

Well, Square Enix of North America already denied the rumored 2008 release date of Final Fantasy XIII saying that they were undecided (it could still happen), but it's probably not the same for Japan.

Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, decided to call up and ask Square Enix's PR department a few questions about the matter.

Will Final Fantasy XIII be released in 2008?
All the information about that is false and Nomura/Toriyama never said the game will be released during 2008.

What caused that rumor?
The websites overseas probably mistranslated Toriyama when he said the development team is hoping to release a battle system demo in 2008, and "finally get the experience you wanted".

To conclude, what is the current status of Final Fantasy XIII, and when will we hear more information?
The PR department has stated that the progress of all Fabula Nova Crystallis games is going well, and the company always releases new information in events and through the media.

It's good to hear the development is going well. Hopefully soon, they will be able to release an official statement about the games.

[Famitsu interviews S-E PR department regarding FFXIII's rumors]