Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prince of Persia IV EDGE Scans

The latest issue of EDGE Magazine features seven page preview on Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming Prince of Persia game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and DS. The new preview shows some of the team along with artwork and a few screenshots.

View the scans at the link.

[Prince of Persia IV Scans]

Mafia II: One New Screenshot

Here is one new screenshot of Mafia II from the Mafia II Community website. The new screenshot shows some indoor gunfighting action, with Vito in a warehouse somewhere in empire city. Enjoy!

[Mafia II Community]

PlayStation 3 Titles for a Bargain over at Amazon

Well, if you guys are tired of playing Grand Theft Auto IV (we hope not) and want to play something new for the next few days, then you may want to check out Amazon for some titles you may have missed in the past at a bargain price. We added our own opinion of whether or not it is worth it next to the game and price.

Check out the games over at the Amazon links. Thanks to Blaiyan of GameTrailers Forums for compiling this list.

Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer: Zombies!?

Apparently, somebody from the GameTrailers forums playing Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer has turned into a zombie wearing nothing but yellow underwear with the Rockstar logo on it.

A few gamers have seen zombies in online play, but nobody has transformed into one yet. Some people are saying that getting killed by a Rockstar employee, killing a Rockstar employee, or getting the highest ranking does this to you.

The game's official strategy guide says "If you see unclothed characters, look out! Only players who have reached the max ranking of 10 and a few other "special" people get the honor of shooting in their skivvies." This player, however, says he is only at Level 2.

[GTA online...Zombie in yellow underpants] [Kotaku]

Persona 4 Gets Official Japanese Boxart

Japan's upcoming Persona 4 has finally gotten itself some official boxart. The game is set to be released in Japan on July 10, 2008, meaning the US and EU releases will probably come later after that.

If you ask me the new boxart looks much better than the Persona 3 boxart, and it really draws me in to check the game out. Enjoy!

[Amazon JP]

HAZE Demo to Feature Opening Level

Derek Littlewood, creative head for HAZE at Free Radical, said that the game's demo, coming to the PlayStation Network on May 6, 2008, will feature the game's opening level.

“It’s the first mission in the game,” said Littlewood. “You take on the role of Shane Carpenter as a Mantel trooper as he’s scrambled into a jungle battlezone to secure the site of a crashed Mantel plane carrying a shipment of nectar.

“And you can assume by default that I’ll say it’s great,” he added.

Lets take his word for that.

[Demo to feature opening level, says Haze creative lead]

Metal Gear Solid 4: Who is that man with the eye patch?

Hey, look at this. In the lab for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, this picture shows gamers gaming. Wait, take a look at that third computer screen, who is that man with the eye patch? Could it be? Is it Big Boss?


[360Indians Post #3299]