Friday, December 7, 2007

1UP Previews Devil May Cry 4: PLAYSTATION 3 Version Is Superior

The latest 1UP Preview for Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry 4 reveals some good information for PLAYSTATION 3 players.

In the video, they go into console comparison. Shane Bettenhausen starts speaking "Capcom brought the game in, we got to play it, both the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 versions. First thing I noticed, the PLAYSTATION 3 version is better."

Bryan Intihar chimes in on the situation "It's funny. You can tell, this game is built for the PLAYSTATION 3, but moved over to the Xbox 360. As of right now, I think the PLAYSTATION 3 version is better. I saw like screen tearing in the Xbox 360 version. Even like, when you were playing it, it felt better on the PLAYSTATION 3."

Bettenhausen comes back with a "With the triggers on the DUALSHOCK 3/SIXAXIS, it's easier to pull of the moves on the PLAYSTATION 3 versus, the Xbox 360 controller."

Watch the full preview above.

Creat Studios to Publish PLAYSTATION Network Titles

Creat Studios, developers of games like Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am and Coded Arms: Contagion announced today that they've signed an agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment to publish games for the PLAYSTATION Network.

"We are very excited to become a PlayStation Network publisher," said Vladimir Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios. "Digital distribution is a key component in our strategy of becoming a global leader in creating and providing interactive entertainment."

JoyStiq pointed out that Creat Studios is linked to the game titles N-Cube and Warbit, which were listed on the DUALSHOCK 3 compatibility list.

Creat Studios promising an upcoming sneak peak of their first PLAYSTATION Network game on their official site.

[Via 1UP]

Devil May Cry 4: Hiroyuki Kobayashi Interview

TeamXbox were able to obtain an interview with Hiroyku Kobayashi on the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 from Capcom.

He breaks down the story first off. "The first three Devil May Cry came out on PS2. The hero of the game, Dante, he fights with demons, and it involves a mix of using swords and using gunplay to create kind of a new style of action game. They were games that were very well respected in the industry."

He says that the new players will be able to play the game and enjoy it easily if they haven't played the series before. It will not effect your enjoyment of the game story.

There is also a tutorial ready in the game so you can learn how to play before you get into the Devil May Cry action.

The weapons of the previous games were mainly the sword and gun. That changes in this game, sort of. Dante will be using his twin guns, Ebony & Ivory, and the shotgun. He also has three new weapons allowing him to do martial arts moves, and even a missle launching weapon.

Enemies will have all sorts of animal style, human forms and such. Some are huge, as in, 10 meters tall, and some are small. It will be a great fighting experience.

He finishes the interview with the characters. Saying that in this game, Dante is focused, and a straight shooter, the guy going after the girl. You know how it is.

[Via TeamXbox]

Ziff Davis Speaks Leaked Street Fighter IV Pics

Here is a quick update on the whole Street Fighter IV leaked picture situation.

The leaked images (which I will not link too), are from the upcoming 13-page Electronic Gaming Monthly preview for Street Fighter IV.

The site that received these "exclusive screens" claimed that it was sent in from an anonymous source. The site was a little site, called Blogeek.

The name of the site's owner is Douglas Pereira who wrote a letter to Kotaku this morning crying for help. "Ziff Davis is going after me. They're chasing me," he wrote in terror. He was probably terrified. Or was he?

Turns out that Douglas Pereira is an Electronic Gaming Monthly Brazil freelancer. He admitted to stealing the pictures off Ziff Davis media's own servers. EGM editor-in-chief Dan Hsu had the IP log trackback.

"Guys, maybe a little journalistic investigating before you blast us? How about talking to Ziff Davis to get the "full story"? This guy did not get the information from an "anonymous source." He's a freelancer for EGM Brazil who finally admitted to them that he did not have a source, but rather, stole the information from our servers (we have IP logs for this). He used his working relationship with EGM Brazil, stole a password, and took information from our story and posted it up before we could.

If one of Kotaku's freelancers stole a password to steal a scoop, would that be cool? I'd be OK with it if, indeed, he had a source that leaked the information (I stood up for Kotaku for that very act in last year's Sony debacle). But that's not what's happened. What he did was just outright illegal, irresponsible, and is not what journalists are supposed to do.

Please, next time, before blasting us...maybe get the other side of the story?"

Looks like that matter is cleared up.

[Via Kotaku]

Sony Outlines 2008 PLAYSTATION 3 Firmware Updates

After an interview that MTV's Multiplayer Blog had with Eric Lempel, they got into discussion about PLAYSTATION 3 firmware updates.

He spoke about the constant firmware updates for little issues such as firmware 2.01 and bug fixes and how it's quite annoying. Lempel said they are trying to cut down on that as they know it can get annoying.

He asks about in-game XMB, Lemepl laughs and says "We hear We hear you. We hear everyone. Yeah. There’s some challenges, but we definitely hear you.…."

Lempel says that we are going to see a few more firmware updates this year that will have some cool new features that we will hopefully enjoy.

He ends it by speaking about the server speed and how it's speeding up. Firmware Updates download faster and you no longer need to connect your controller to install it. Little things like that make the update a lot faster. Sony is going to continue to make it easier and faster as the year of 2008 moves on.

[Via MTV Multiplayer Blog]

Oh Em Gee: Guncon 3 To Be Available Seperatly

According to a post the other day, there currently are no extra Guncon 3's for Time Crisis 4 available in stores to have some two player fun with.

So if your gun breaks, or if you want to play with your friend, then what are you going to do? Well Ripten called up Namco Bandai to find out the story.

"We do not sell replacement Guncon 3's. If the Guncon 3 is defective, then we can provide an RMA exchange where we’ll inspect and repair or replace your Guncon 3."

What about split-screen multiplayer?

You can play the split-screen with one Guncon 3 and a controller. If you wish to play two players using two Guncon 3s then you will need another copy of Time Crisis 4.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

But wait! Look! The Guncon 3 will be available online on December 20, 2007 thanks to Ripten's Brian spotting it on PlayAsia. So calm down, and pre-order your guns. When the family comes over for Christmas, you show them how to play.

[Via Ripten]

NFL Tour Teaser

EA Sports' upcoming football game NFL Tour is taking over the NFL Street series. Will it succeed? Watch the video and you tell us.

Call of Duty 5 Goes Old School: World War II

Those of you who enjoyed Call of Duty 4's modern warfare, then you'll be disappointed to hear this.

Treyarch, the developers who are taking Call of Duty 5 into it's hands, seem to be bringing the series back to the World War II fashion. This is according to a job advertisement posted on the Treyarch website.

The job ad is for a level builder. The ad states you need “working experience with First-Person Shooter or Third-Person Shooter genres”, does go on to add, “if you’re a fan of World War 2 shooters, then even better!”.

As of now, it's kind of obvious considering Call of Duty is the only FPS they've worked on. We can only hope it's an ad for another title.

[Via GamerTM]

Turok: Lead Level Designer Interview

The lead designer of TouchStone's upcoming game, Turok speaks on animation, AI, and his favorite levels. Enjoy.

Devil May Cry 4: Massive Overload of Gameplay

You know, all these new Devil May Cry 4 screenshots and images are great, but (looks at Capcom) why did you have to release it all on the same day? You have me posting like a maniac here. Anyway, check out Dante & Nero kicking some ass.

Devil May Cry 4: New Weapon & Enemy Screenshots

Capcom has released new screenshots of Devil May Cry 4 along with their demo announcement.

The images shows off Dante's new weapon, dubbed "Lucifer," which fires a number of mystical swords that pierce enemies and explode when Dante throws a red rose (which you can see clenched between his teeth in several shots). They also revealed images of newcomer Nero battling against a mysterious new enemy dubbed "One Winged Dark Knight."

Unreal Tournament III: PC vs. PLAYSTATION 3

This is the first time I could remember posting a PLAYSTATION 3 vs. PC comparison. 1UP previewed Unreal Tournament III and compares the PLAYSTATION 3 and PC versions of the FPS.

Confirmed: Final Fantasy Versus and XIII Trailers on CLOUD

Remember the rumor about the new trailers for Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII shown at TGS 2007 where to be on the upcoming CLOUD DVD? Thanks to a Japanese website, we've confirmed it's true.

The contents of the special DVD have been posted on the website, and take a look for yourself.

1. FINAL FANTASY XIII (PS Premier用 Trailer)
2. FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII (PS Premier用 Trailer)

So be sure to import your CLOUD DVD.

[Via Forever Fantasy]

Confirmed: Devil May Cry 4 Demo Coming 2008

Capcom has confirmed today that a Devil May Cry 4 demo will be available for download on the PLAYSTATION Network and Xbox Live Marketplace come early 2008. Hexus was able to obtain what would be in the demo.

he demo consists of a sampling of sections from the full game, chosen to showcase Devil May Cry 4’s varied locales and allows gamers to familiarize themselves with Nero’s unique abilities. Players will receive instruction on the various new actions that the Devil Bringer bestows, such as the ability to slam creatures to the ground, cover great distances in a single bound or even grab enemies while on the ground or in the air and pull them towards Nero to continue the attack combo. The Exceed system allows Nero to “rev up” his sword as if it were a motorcycle throttle and unleash devastating attacks. Players will need to master all these techniques before the end of demo showdown with the mighty Berial.

[Via Hexus]

Grand Theft Auto IV: New Trailer Images

Rockstar has released a new batch of Grand Theft Auto IV images from yesterday's trailer. Enjoy.