Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now Playing on Gran Turismo TV

Japanese players have received a game before us as they usually do, that game is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Above is a video of their newly received content on the GT.TV feature of the title. Enjoy!

Teen Opens PLAYSTATION 3, Finds Phone Book Instead

The Holidays have just passed and many of us has received a PLAYSTATION 3 for the big present of the day. The same happened with 13 year old Brandon Burns. He received a PLAYSTATION 3 like many of us, but when he opened it up, instead of finding his console, he found a phone book sealed inside.

He laughed when it happened, but his parents were not happy, considering they bought the $500 80GB version of the console. According to a spokesperson for the store involved, the matter has since been resolved.

Imagine that.

[Via MyFox]

Portal Gets Rebuilt Lego Style

We all knew Portal was going to be a great game, but I don't think we've ever though it would get this much reception. Whether it was cake jokes, to companion cubes, to now Legos.

The crafty Lego makers over at Brickshelf constructed this concoction. Lego Portal. It doesn't get any better.... or does it.

[Via Brickshelf]

PLAYSTATION Network Cards Already For Sale

Give us a hint if any of you have spotted the PLAYSTATION Network cards in stores yet. Kotaku member Aerofox has. He's found them already for sale in stores on the US Army base in Aberdeen, Maryland.

So much for early 2008. But I wouldn't be complaining. I'm going to head down to the store later today and see if I can find me one.

[Via Kotaku]

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: New Famitsu Scan

Issue #995 of Famitsu features a new scan of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. In this scan, you'll see screenshots of Ven, Cinderella and Maleficent. Terra's command gauge will have a Fatal Mode which he can use to eliminate enemies with powerful moves. The multiplayer concept is gone. According to the scans Terra is a powerful warrior, and Ven has excellent agility.

[Via Forever Fantasy]

Dissidia: Final Fantasy: 3 New Scans

This week's issue #995 of Famitsu, the best gaming magazine in Japan, features some new scans of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. In these new scans, you'll see new characters such as Final Fantasy VIII's Squall. Now all we need is to get Final Fantasy VII's Cloud in the game.

[Via Forever Fantasy]