Sunday, August 12, 2007

PSone Backup Running on PS3 Thanks to TIFF Exploit?

A new video has appeared on YouTube of a member who got a PSone backup to run on his PlayStation 3. Anyway, this was apparently done using the new PS3 TIFF exploit that was discovered more than a week ago by members of the PS3Hax Network website. Anyway, to me, this video looks pretty legit, but only others can tell.

[Via PS3 Hax]

Stuntman: Ignition Canned? Juiced 2 held back!

The PlayStation 3 owners are now facing yet another delay for a multiplatform game. Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, has been pushed back to October.

According to the latest release schedule published by THQ, the PlayStation 3 and PSP versions of Juiced 2 will now be shipping in October, whereas the 360, DS and PS2 versions will all still arrive on store shelves in September.

And now about Stuntman: Ignition, it seems it has been canned. It was pushed back from it's August release to a November release. But now the PlayStation 3 version is not even on the list. The Xbox 360 and PS2 versions are still on the August 31 release.

[Via PS-Gamer]

Haze vs. Halo 3 Comparison

It's time to compare screenshots for two of the best upcoming games. Thats for Haze and Halo 3. Now which one is better? Thats for you to decide, read the rest after the jump.

Here we got the Haze Character and the Halo Character shooting their ammo.

The squads of both games, ready to kill.

And here they are on the vehicles. Now, all in all, I think both the graphics for these games rock, but thats my opinion, you decide on the winner.

Haze Lets You Steal Weapons!

According to one of the tutorial images in Haze, you can steal weapons straight of the enemies hands! That is a very cool feature that should of already been implemented in games out now. Great job Haze makers!

[Via GameSpy]