Monday, August 13, 2007

Fatal Inertia Demo Coming Tomorrow [Update]

The Fatal Inertia demo should be hitting the PlayStation Store tomorrow, or perhaps Thursday (due to scheduled updating). Once you get it, you can go on and complain how the 360 one will be better and how we got the lower end just like Madden 08. Anyways, enjoy the demo when it comes out.

[Via PS3Fanboy]

The press release was misread, The Sixth Axis contacted KOEI and they responded:

'The demo is only on Xbox Live today. The PSN one will follow when the PS3 version is ready.'
All that needs to be said. At least we know we will be getting it.

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Riddick Coming 2008

Starbreeze's Assault on Dark Athena is mostly remake of the original, Escape from Butcher Bay, with some added chapters for expanded excellence. This point is another supposed reason for the delay -- people moaned the game was simply a remake and demanded more original content. Starbreeze might be doing just that. Either way, we'll find out in 2008, when the game is released.

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PS3 Releases for the Week of August 13, 2007

The week has finally come for all you US football fans. Tomorrow is the day that Madden NFL 08 comes out for the PlayStation 3, along with a release for every other system. So lets look at the releases for this week.

US Games

EU Games
  • No Releases

Asian Games
  • No Releases

Woah, quite a week for us, not really but I'm going to be picking up a copy of Madden, how about you? On the bright side, today is my birthday.

Gran Turismo 5 Dated for Japan

Kazunori Yamauchi reckons the game will be out in Japan by Summer of 2008, around July. So unless they decide to release it at the same time for everyone else, when can North America and Europe expect the game by? I'm thinking 2009.

[Via Kotaku]

Korea's PS3 Bank Kiosk

A lot of people say East Side is the best. Maybe it's because when you go do your checking you can play some games. In related SCEK promotional news, a public demonstration of PlayStation hardware was also set up at a multiplex cinema in Mokdong, Seoul. Look below for that picture.

[Via Kotaku]

PS3 Video: Upcoming Games

A user over at GameTrailers put together a nice video of the upcoming games for the PlayStation 3. Check it out, sure gives us something to look forward too.