Monday, August 20, 2007

Sony's Folklore Jumps From PS3 to PSP

Yeah, you read right. Sony is working on the PSP edition of Folklore, Sony confirmed to Kiziko that it is already in the making in Japan.
"Yes he is," Sony's Bill Ritch told Kikizo at an event in London on Monday. "We've got a PSP version [of Folklore] and Kouji Okada is working on that."
Kouji Okada is know for his work on the Shin Megami Tensai series. This game is sure to be good.

[Via Kiziko]

Eye of Judgement will Retail for $60 w/ PlayStation Eye

Seeing how advanced the PlayStation Eye is, most people think it would cost double your dimes. Fear not, because the upcoming Eye of Judgement, which includes the camera peripheral, is listed for the same price as a regular PS3 retail game: only $60. A steal price.

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Leipzig PlayStation Store Update Coming

This Wednesday, the PlayStation Stores will be receiving an update because of Sony's Leipzig conference. The EU Store is receiving the demo for Folklore for sure. Though most of us played this months back. The rest of the update will most likely be trailers that we can see online anyway.

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Prototype: First Trailer Revealed

Well, Radical Entertainment has released the first trailer of their upcoming game, Prototype. This game is looking great and so is the trailer. The game is set for a 2008 release for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

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NGI Heavenly Sword Review: "Near Perfect" 9.7/10

Well here comes NextGenIreland with another PlayStation 3 review. The other day, they gave us the 9.6/10 Warhawk review, and today, they give us the 9.7/10 Heavenly Sword review. I think they are going up with the decimals. Here is their scores:

Graphics 9.9
Audio 10.0
Gameplay 9.7
Replayabilty 9.5

[Via NextGenIreland]

Metal Gear Online: Details and Screenshots

Well, you all know how I did not get into the Beta, but we have here someone who did. His name is Autumn Thread from the NeoGAF forums. And he is nice enough to give us some details and screenshots. Enjoy.

  • The combat is really f**king cool, there's different lobbies, each named after an MGS character ; Snake, Otacon, Liquid etc (yeah, 95% of the people are in Snake lobby).
  • It's rather annoying to change to first person mode (L1+triangle) especially when you're fighting people. The box has made a return! It's pretty funny that I managed to kill quite from a cardboard box that totally didn't fit in with the environment.
  • There are only two maps in the beta. One looks like the arctic and the other is something like the middle east that we see in the trailers and gameplay footage.
  • Voice chat is supported as well as typing. To bring up chat window is left or right on the d-pad.
  • To change to the position on your back once laying down is triangle, tapping triangle and holding the joystick in whatever direction will allow you to roll in that said direction.
  • Grendaes are cool, so are stun knifes.
  • No slow down, solid frame rate.
  • The camera control can be customised in the options menu, at first it was a pain. You can invert etc and if you so wish, have it player controlled entirely.
  • Difficulty wise, it's not hard to get the hang of at all. It took a bit of 'mashing' to find out how to roll onto the back of your character
  • The visuals are 'nice' but they seem to be a bit unpolished right now. I can't imagine MGO seeing the same presentation as MGS4 (I guess due to the restrictions that come with an online game?) but yeah, still very very nice. The character models are very detailed too.
  • There are stat rankings I think (I haven't really looked too much into it but looking at a screenshot I took, i see alot of 0000's next to alot of the players names followed by emblems). More interesting is the way you can customise how your character performs. Think of it something like the talent system in World of Warcraft I guess, you can alter how fast you run, skill with certain weapons and whatnot.
  • Some interesting things happened in a match I hosted. For one, I saw the power of the claymore first hand, people go flying, whilst burning. It's a really nice looking explosion.
  • This isn't something related to the game mechanics or whatever but some crazy ass player joined my game and actually killed people by sneaking up on them, strangling them until they were blacked out (you have an oxygen metre under the health bar) and then would proceed to head shot them. Crazy.

Reading this just gets me more excited for the game and I can't wait. He was also kind enough to post up the controls:

PlayStation Buttons

X - Crouch > Crawl Positions (while running: diving roll)
O - Reload Ammo
Triangle - Standing: Salute (spreads this aura thing around to local team-mates, it’s like a blue mesh so you can see them behind walls etc) crouching: point emote (?)
Square - Toggle Autoaim


Left & Right: Toggle Display of Chat Window

Control Sticks

Left - Move Character, Right - Move Camera

R3 - toggle over shoulder view in aim mode from left to right.

Shoulder Buttons

R1 - Fire
R2 - Secondary Fire while in aim or toggle weapon menu
L1 - Aim
L2 - Toggle Item Mini Menu

Anyway, here are the screenshots:

[View the rest of the Screenshots at Gamers-Creed]

PlayStation Eye Game: Trials of Topoq Revealed in London

While PS3Fanboy was at Sony's 3Rooms Brand in London, they noticed a new game attached to a PlayStation Eye. It is called Trials of Topoq. Here is how PS3Fanboy described the game:

The game requires you to move the ball around the different layers of each castle, breaking open cages as you go. Each level has a different task, including getting to the end within a time limit and breaking a certain amount of cages before reaching the finish line. Crossbows can be found around the levels which, when the ball is rolled into it, will shoot you to a hidden area of the level.

The ball is not moved via the analogue stick, nor the SIXAXIS. Instead, the floor of the castle shows an image of what the PlayStation Eye can see. By moving your arms (or any other part of you, really) you affect the height of the floor temporarily. The idea is to create slopes to guide the ball around and collect the items (or "smash the cages" as the game calls it) whilst making yourself look like a prat in the process.
Seems like a promising new PlayStation 3 game. We can only wait till the future for more screenshots.

[Via PS3Fanboy]