Monday, December 17, 2007

Firmware Update 2.10 Now Available: Go Get It!

The official Firmware Update 2.10 is now available for download on your PLAYSTATION 3. I've just installed it about a minute ago. The full change list below.

Main Features Revised in System Software Version 2.10

A voice changing feature has been added to enable changing of your voice pitch during chat. You can adjust this setting under [Settings] > [Accessory Settings] > [Voice Changer].

DivX and VC-1 (WMV) have been added as codecs that can be played under [Video.

You can now select [Type 3] under [Bitmapping] in [Settings] > [Music Settings].
Well, go get your update and throw away your converters. Crappy quality is no longer a friend of ours!

Also, I've tried out the following formats and they all work, DivX, AVI, WMV, and MPG all work. I've heard XVid works as well.

Update: I've found some hidden changes in firmware 2.10, they are minor, but add to the PLAYSTATION 3 performance.

Hidden Change #1: When you launch your browser, the background stays as your XMB background.

Hidden Change #2: Movie icon motions now work when they are categorized into folders.

Hidden Change #3: Space images were added to the music visual player.

Hidden Change #4: A commenter reports that you can now play PSone games on the PS3 HDD (and PSone games on disc) through remote play with your PSP.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Retaliation Trailer

I don't know if you've noticed, but every trailer that I see of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty gets me more excited for the title. The graphics looks stunning, and the game environments look vast. Enjoy this new Retaliation Trailer.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Be Rated M for Mature

If anybody watched the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, you may have noticed the amount of blood and gore in the trailer.

Blood had been seen in past Final Fantasy games, such as VII, where you see a tiny patch of blood on Cloud's shirt after being stabbed by Sephiroth in Advent Children, which was rated teen for "Minimal Blood".

If changes aren't made to the blood and gore we see in the trailer, then the game will end up receiving a rating of "M" for Mature. Myself would rather have it stay the way it is.

Hit the link for images showing the blood and gore.

[View: FFVXIII Blood & Gore]

Resistance: Rise of Class 2007

40 Dedicated volunteers who play Insomniac Games' Resistance: Fall of Man got together one day and decided to have some fun with the in-game snapshot feature. Say hello to the class of 2007.

Too bad Resistance doesn't feature swords, or else this would seem more genuine. But this is a great replacement for water fountains, except, if you drink it, you well... die.

The community ended the day with the tradition of the Burning Man. They must of been some dedicated PS3 Fanboys, take a look who is in the middle.

[Via ThreeSpeech]

Michael Patcher: Mass Effect's Most Likely Coming to PS3

On the latest GT Bonus Round, Michael Pachter speaks on Mass Effect. He speaks.

"Trust me, Electronic Arts, when they threw out the 300 million, that is multiplatform, that is not 360 only." Is Mass Effect 2 coming to PLAYSTATION 3? "It has to, I wouldn't be shocked if Mass Effect 1 came to PLAYSTATION 3."
Listen to the full episode of the bonus round at the link below. The above is said a little towards the end of the episode. The whole episode is actually very interesting, if you have the time, give it a watch.

[Watch: GT Bonus Round]

EGM Rumors: God of War 3 for Holidays 2008, Skies of Arcadia Ressurection

The latest Electronic Gaming Monthly provides us some new rumors, one including a possible release for God of War III.

The rumor states that the next title in the God of War series, which has already been semi-announced, is already in production by SCEA's Santa Monica Studios. The rumor states that they are working their butts off to bring it to us by the 2008 holiday season, meaning if you see it, you'll see it wrapped.

Another rumor in this month's issue says Sega is planning on bringing back the Skies of Arcadia series. Hopefully we will see it on the PLAYSTATION 3.

[Via PSX]

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII US Teaser

While the lucky gamers of Japan received their Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII titles back in September, we have to wait till March 25, 2008 until we can get our copies (unless we import). Though, to dumb down the thought of time, Square Enix has released a new US teaser trailer, showing the one and only Zack Fair. Enjoy!

Dragonball Z Burst Limit: First Official Screens

With the opening of the official Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit (Japanese) site comes two new in-game screenshots of Goku brawling it out with Freeza. The game will be appearing at the Jump Festa 2008 in Japan on December 22 and 23. We will have more information when the event brings it to us. Enjoy the screens.

[Visit: Official Site]

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Complete: CLOUD Trailer

The new trailer for the upcoming Blu-Ray edition of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. This new edition includes extra scenes, and better touch up, making it a better overall experience. Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Complete should be released sometime 2008. Enjoy the trailer.

Cloud to Return In Final Fantasy XIII?

If you saw the extended version of the new Final Fantasy XIII trailer, you may have seen this guy pop in on a motorcycle and start shooting during the last few seconds.

Games Radar has proposed a theory that this could possibly be Final Fantasy VII's cloud. Normura stated a while back that “We of course know ourselves what the fans want so we'd like to continue thinking up a variety of things” so it could be possible.

Think about it, what would Cloud look like with his hair down and a bandanna over his head? Then look at the picture. As of now, we could only speculate till the character is actually named.

[Via Games Radar]

PLAYSTATION 3 Firmware 2.01 Coming Tomorrow: Includes DivX

Sony has just announced a new update coming our way, bringing one of the things we've all been waiting for (no, not in-game XMB), DivX support! Not just that though, also WMV support, and Blu-Ray Disc 1.1 support as well! The new firmware is firmware version 2.10. The features below.

Voice Changer
- The Voice Changer feature has been added to voice / video chat. Visit the Voice Changer guide in Help & Support under PS3 at for more details.

- You can now select [Type 3] as an option under Settings > [Music Settings] > [Bitmapping]. This bitmapping process was developed specifically for the PS3TM system to enhance audio playback.

- DivX and VC-1 (WMV) have been added to the types of files that can be played. *
- Blu-ray Disc Profile 1.1 is now supported. **
- [BD Data Utility] has been added. ***

* To play VC-1 (WMV) format files, you must go to Settings > [System Settings] and set [Enable WMA Playback].
- Copyright-protected files or files that were encoded by using DivX 3.11 cannot be played. - Files that are 2GB or more cannot be played.
** You may now be able to use several additional features such as playback of two videos at the same time with Profile 1.1-compatible Blu-ray Discs. The available features vary depending on the disc.
*** The management data that is used by the Blu-ray Disc is saved.
Throw away all your quality reducing video converters, because this update hits tomorrow, December 18, 2007.

[Via NeoGAF]

Coming Next Year, Connect Your Phone to Your PLAYSTATION 3

Today's connectvity spot comes with news that you will soon be able to link your PLAYSTATION 3 to your cell phone.

According to SoftPedia, with phone linking, that means "hardcore media streaming and maybe a chance to take screenshots and capture videos from the games you play, plus some neat content management of your saves and files. We'll see this new feature being launched by April 2008, probably with the aid of a brand new firmware. I'm curios to see if the connectivity option is only available for Sony's phones, or we'll be able to hook up iPhones to our beloved consoles."

We will update you as more comes on this.

[Via SoftPedia]