Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crisis Core: Information and Scans

Just in, from Dengeki PS2. We have translations for new screenshots of Crisis Core and interviews with Nomura and Tabata. Check out the Crisis Core Bill Board.

Here are the scan translations:

Cloud at the Icicle Lodge
Cloud: "So... how does it feel to be a SOLDIER?"

"That person, will protect me..."
(Next to Zack. Collasped next to her is a Shinra Trooper?)

Sephiroth: "Come with me."

Shot of Zack invoking Barrier and Wall

Odin invoked with a new shot of his Zantetsuken

A new shot of Hell Fire (Ifrit)

Another shot of Yuffie's treasure hunt mission.

Zack performing the Exploding Sword and Electric Shock commands (Under the indicator reads 0 MP consumption)

A battle scene with the notice "SP 16 GET!" (SP can be given when you defeat an enemy)
From the Interviews
The Potion Concept is "Sephiroth Flavor"
Supposedly it’s more delicious than the last one.

"We ordered a fresh citrus flavor. Soon after we announced a second edition we wanted a completely different flavor, and I was really surprised by the result." (Nomura)

The greatest secret of the DMW will be revealed in the last battle (Nomura)
We'll know the true meaning of the DMW's existence.

We feel that the DMW as a system that is connected to deep emotions has an element of sadness to it.
Regarding the beta testers, we were were told that they: "Cried during the test play." (Tabata)

However, the ending isn't necessarily gloomy.
There is significance in Zack's life and existence, in the end you feel that there is a hope that is passed on into the time of FF7

I feel that CC was loaded with the message of "Make a remake, Nomura-san and Kitase-san." (Tabata)

The Ending is absolutely worth seeing.
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Metal Gear Online: More Screenshots

GamePlanets has provided us some more screenshots of the Metal Gear Online closed beta. Check them out.

[Via GamePlanets]

BioShock: PS3 Data Found in .ini File

A user on GameTrailers has posted what he found in a .ini file in the PC Demo of BioShock:

;; Console (Xbox360, PS3) specific settings

;; StreamingDynamicFloatingLimit:
;; If this is a positive number, then instead of using the fixed per-level
;; limits, the StreamingDynamic resource will use as much memory as is
;; available as long as the total memory allocated by the game is less than
;; the specified number. In other words, StreamingDynamic will grow and
;; shrink to fit to the available memory instead of being locked to a fixed
;; budget

You'll find this under Program Files/2k Game/Bioshock demo/Content/config.ini , just open the file with notepad or wordpad . Good news for PS3 Fans although most already assumed the game was coming.
Seems interesting, I would be a happy camper if this great game came to the PlayStation 3. Although there is probably a few months wait, I wouldn't mind. Thanks GTRunner2.

[Via GameTrailers Forums]

New Folklore Details

Today, we have some more interesting information about Folklore that PS3Fanboy obtained from their time at 3Rooms yesterday. Check them out, all nice and orderly:

  • 100+ monsters to catch and abilities to learn
  • The game takes advantage of the internet by allowing user created dungeons, online leaderboards and Quest Packs
  • The game includes seven different regions (read: levels): Hell Realm, Faery Realm, Warcadia, Endless Corridor, Netherworld Cave, Undersea City
  • Ellen's costumes each correspond to one of the above regions
  • You can start the game as either Ellen or Keats. You then play as that character for five chapters, before being able to switch between them at will during the final two chapters.
And if you go over to PS3Fanboy, there are new images in their Folklore Gallery. Most of these images are new monster designs and such.

[Via PS3Fanboy]

GC 2007: New MGS4 Trailer Coming

Today, Konami confirmed that the creator of Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima, will be on hand to demo the upcoming game. Thursday through Sunday and will debut a new trailer for the stealth action sequel. Kojima will also unveil new, previously undisclosed in-game themes for the PlayStation 3 title.

[Via IGN]

Big Uneral Tournament III Statue!

Over at the Midway booth at Leipzig Games Convention, there is one big Unreal Tournament III statue. Check out the gallery at Kotaku.

[View Gallery]

Sega Reveals VIKING: Battle of Asgard

The Mysterious Viking game that Sega has been working on has been revealed. The Sega company has officially announced VIKING: Battle for Asgard for the PS3 and Xbox 360 for early release 2008. It was developed by The Creative Assembly. It follows the story of 'new iconic gaming hero' Skarin, who must stop the banished Goddess Hel from using her undead army to bring about Ragnarok, because no one can think of anything else that happened in Norse mythology other than freaking Ragnarok.

"Skarin is a cutting edge hero in a fantastic re-imagining of Norse Mythology. Skarin is obviously a very dangerous man." said Gary Knight, European Marketing Director SEGA Europe. "Add in his inner conflict, a confused heritage and a growing distrust of the Gods and you have the makings of gaming's next great hero."
View the press release at the read link.

[Via Kotaku]

Play Magazine Rates Heavenly Sword 100/100

Yes, thats right. Play Magazine has given Heavenly Sword an 100/100. Although we do not have the full review, we have this snipped from MetaCritic:

What MotorStorm has become to racing and Odin Sphere to action role-playing, Heavenly Sword is now to 3D action: Perfection. [Sept 2007, p.17]
When the full review is on the site, it will be posted.

[Via MetaCritic]

Folklore Demo Available Today?

According to the UK Official PlayStation site:
Showcased at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, Folklore is the brand new mystery action-adventure game exclusive to

PLAYSTATION 3. From August 21 to August 31, 2007, visit PLAYSTATION Store with your PS3 to download an exclusive demo and experience the innovative gameplay of Folklore for yourself. Go online now with your PS3 and download the demo while you can.
I have went online and still nothing, maybe it will come later today. I'm not really excited though as I've played the demo many months ago. Give us more multiplatform demos. You have skate in your hands, give it to us.

[Via PlayStation UK]

Haze Co-Op Interview

IGN has posted a new interview today with David Doak for the Haze Co-Op feature.

"In Haze, we wanted to do, something of a strategic experience"
Watch the interview at the read link.

[View Video Interview @ IGN]

Mafia 2: First Screenshots

2K Games will publish Mafia 2, a sequel to the original Mafia title (that sold more than two million copies worldwide no less) that helped popularize the gangster genre.

Featuring a deep mobster-driven narrative and both behind-the-wheel and on-foot action, Mafia 2 "is the sequel fans have been clamoring for" says 2K. CVG bloody hopes so.

[View Screenshots]

WET: New Title from Sierra

At the Leipzig Games Convention, Sierra announced a new title. That title is called WET, IGN describes it as:

What's better than a kick-ass, take-numbers action hero, who is as comfortable with a pair of pistols as they are with a samurai sword? After witnessing a hands-off unveiling of Sierra's newest star, the answer is simple. Give the action hero the looks of Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman combined, and set it all in a Tarantino-esque mixture of Hong Kong and Mexican action.
Seems pretty into it, for screenshots, hit the read link.

[Via IGN]

The Simpsons Game: Boxart Revealed

Straight from EA Games, here are the boxarts for The Simpsons Game for the PlayStation family:

Here is the PlayStation 2 version:

And finally, the PlayStation Portable version:

[Via PSU]

Metal Gear Online: 8 New Screenshots

Thanks to GamePlanets, we have more screenshots from the closed beta of Metal Gear Online. How many in total? Eight great ones. It shows the characters, aiming, sneaking up, many things. This game is currently beta testing only in Japan. To view the large images, click the screenshot on the right for the larger version to appear.

[Via GamePlanets]

Folding@home for PS3 to Update to Version 1.2

Yup, thats right, the version 1.2 Update for Folding@home is now available, and here are it's features:

1. Support for Remote Play for PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
2. Visibility of Donor Locations on the Globe
3. Support for Additional Protein Simulations
4. Advanced Participation Mode
5. Screensaver Mode
6. Link to Project Description

For the descriptions of these features, follow the read link.

[Via PSU]

PS3 Fanboy Interviews PSN Producer Rusty Buchert

PS3Fanboy interviews the man responsible for choosing games on the PlayStation Store. They ask him many questions. They don't however ask him about why we never receive any multiplatform demos, and when we do, why we always have to get them second. But read the interview at the link.

[Read Interview]

Skate Demo Coming to PSN Soon

The XBOX Live demo just went up. As for us PlayStation 3 owners, our demo will be arriving sometime soon as folks at EA have said that it's been completed, sent out and is now in Sony's hands.

[Via JoyStiq]

GameCrazy Deal of the Day: PS3 for $350

GameCrazy has gone crazy with this deal. You want a PlayStation 3? Well come and get one for $350 bucks. This is what you need to do:
1) Give up your Slim Playstation 2 as well as an original Xbox or original Playstation 2.
2) Game Crazy is giving buyers an additional $50 towards a new PS3 or 360 if they trade in a PS2 or Xbox.
3) The credit you get for trading in an original PS2 or original Xbox is $40. You get $60 for a slim PS2.
4) So if you trade in a slim PS2 you get $60 plus an additional $50 towards a new PS3 or 360. That's $110 dollars off, making the price $390 and $240 for a PS3 and 360 respectively.

Boom! Then pay the $350 and walk home with a brand new PlayStation 3. It is still unconfirmed if this actually works yet though.

[Via Gamer.Blorge]

Folklore to come with six DL packs for free?

For those waiting for the much anticipated PlayStation 3 title, Folklore, we have some good news from the developers themselves. That news is? Downloadable content, lots of it, with more goodies, and best part, it might all be free.

One of the designers, Yoshiki Okamato, wrote in the Sony PR space that there will be six download packs available all in all. Each pack comes in with four new quest, a new costume and a new monster.

PS3Fanboy reported what they have spotted to be the downloadable packs already put on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Best part, they are all free and only 24MB.

[Via QJ.NET]
[Buy: Folklore]

BladeStorm Bundle Invading Japan

August 30th is the date of the arrival of the anticipated PlayStation 3 titled, Bladestorm, in Japan. So to celebrate, they are releasing a BladeStorm bundle, or collector's edition or whatever you want to call it. The Bladestorm premium box contains a calendar, a CD with ten songs, a hardbound first battle guide and the game for 9.980 yen ($86).

[Via Siliconera]

PSM Scores Warhawk 6.5/10 [Update | 1:45 AM]

"A third-person shooter that never quite gets off the ground". In the latest issue of PSM, they review the much anticipated game, Warhawk. Their final score? It's a 6.5/10. The scan we have states that the title was much anticipated, but ever since E3 2006, the game has gone through many changes. Those are changes such as the game going multi-player only. "Now, we've finally spent hours with the full version, we can tell you certainly and most definitely that this is very.... mediocre". Those are straight from the mouth of PSM magazine. We are going to have to wait for more reviews and the actual full game. So far we have two reviews, one being from PSM with a 6.5/10 and one being from NextGenIreland with a 9.6/10,who knows if that is a real review though. Well, with wait comes answers, right? So I guess that is what we will have to do.

[Via GameTrailers Forums]

[Update | 1:45 AM]

Heres an interesting tidbit:

PSM: Independent PlayStation Magazine, Future US Inc.’s leading publication devoted to coverage of Sony’s console, has appointed Rob Smith as Editor In Chief. Prior to his position as Associate Publisher for both magazines, Smith contributed as Associate Publisher of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) and before that, as Editor In Chief of the publication.
A biased review? Who really knows.

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