Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rock Band: Earache Thrash Pack Coming Next Thursday

Next Thursday, Rock Band is going to be giving us an earache with the new downloadable content that will be added to it's growing list. Thats right, Rock Band will be receiving the Earache Thrash Pack ($5.49), with the songs below.

- "Blinded By Fear" by At the Gates ($1.99)
- "Thrasher" by Evile ($1.99)
- "D.O.A." by The Haunted ($1.99)
Look forward to seeing these in the store during the next PlayStation Store update.

[DLC Week of 3/18]

New KILLZONE 2 Trailer Was Not Shown at Live 2008

When Three Speech posted a list of the games at the Live event at Wembley Stadium, KILLZONE 2 was one of them marked with trailer. Unfortunately, the trailer shown was an the same trailer from before.

A Sony PR spoke on this saying "SCEA very rarely brings software to someone else's event. Typically, we create an event and invite media/consumers to play the various products."

[New Killzone 2 trailer nonexistent at Live]

Grand Theft Auto IV: "Good Lord, What Are You Doing" Trailer Coming March 27, 2008

The official Grand Theft Auto IV website has updated it's update list with two upcoming updates. The first one, which is arriving March 20, 2008 is going to be an update for the music, screenshots, and downloads section. The second update, coming March 27, 2008 is an a new (and probably last) trailer titled "Good Lord, What Are You Doing?" aka "Everyone's a Rat". This will probably be a multiplayer trailer since that should be their next (official) revelation.


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Pre-Orders Reach Over a Million

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's New Zealand Marketing Manager Dave Hine and Paul Gunn, spoke with GeekPulp about the sales figures for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. They mentioned that the pre-orders for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (only in the SCEE regions) have already reached over a million. Thats just Europe people.

[GT Prologue Pre-orders Reach One Million]

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Will not Receive Demo

According to an interview with Ubisoft's Phil Therien, they will not be releasing a demo for the upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

“We took the decision to spend our time on polishing the game and the demo option was cut,” he said. “It’s really time-consuming to create a demo and we needed the dev time to finish our game.”

Ubisoft Montreal's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 should be arriving in stores at the end of this month.

[No place for "really hardcore shooters" - R6 Vegas 2 developer]

Dark Sector: Part of You Trailer

A new trailer for D3 & Digital Extremes' upcoming Dark Sector has been released today. The new trailer, titled the "Part of You" trailer, labels the main character as "it" and shows his power to destroy. Enjoy! Live: The Sony Booth

Over at the Wembley Stadium, the Live 2008 event is going on. Sony Computer Entertainment's booth has its main focus as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Games like Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds and Echochrome were also playable. Enjoy the shots. [Thanks PSLegion!] Live 2008: HAZE Never Releasing on the Xbox 360

Straight from Live inthe Wembley Stadium comes final confirmation that HAZE will always be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The complete game is playable at the event, and Kev Lochun is going to be hosting a preview event this weekend. According to Ripten, the game is looking clean and sharp, and Nectar overdose is a pleasing yet disorientating experience.

Two Ubisoft representatives were present at the game booth. When quizzed about whether the game will come to another console, the rep stated that it will never make its way onto another platform. Way to go Free Radical.

[Haze Never Coming Out on Xbox 360]

The Incredible Hulk: Seven New Screenshots

SEGA released seven more screenshots today of their upcoming game based on the upcoming movie, The Incredible Hulk. They seem to be taking movie games to a great new level as this game, and the Iron Man game, is looking nothing but promising. Enjoy!

PlayStation Home: OGC 2008 Presentation Shots

The Online Game Conference in Japan brought along a PlayStation Home presentation with it. Let me say, the Japanese version is looking much different than the US/EU version. Anyway, for now, lets enjoy the Japanese presentation shots that likely nobody here will understand. Enjoy! [Thanks Ruliweb!]