Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get Unreal Tournament III Mods Easy: UT3Mod

If you've been modding your PLAYSTATION 3 with Unreal Tournament III mods (that haven't crashed your game) and want an easier way to do it, then we have a solution.

A new site opened called UT3Mod which allows you to easily transfer mods from your PLAYSTATION 3's internet browser over to a memory stick, never having to insert it in your computer (only once).

To do this, make a folder in the root of a memory stick, USB drive, or something the PLAYSTATION 3 can read titled "PS3\SAVEDATA\BLUS30086-MODIMPORT". From there, visit UT3Mod and download the mod of your choice, saving it to that directory. Boom, go in your game and import the mod.


Echochrome: Nine New Screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment released some new screenshots of their upcoming downloadable puzzle game, Echochrome. This mind boggling puzzle game uses angles in order to find your way through the level. Echochrome will be available on the PLAYSTATION Network sometime 2008 it seems. Enjoy the screens!

Street Fighter IV: 2 New Gameplay Videos

Capcom & 1UP together released two new gameplay trailers of their upcoming fighter, Street Fighter IV. The newly released trailers show the Dragon Punch and Hadoken moves that the game is so famous for. Enjoy!

Even Ratchet & Clank Have Mishaps

Today has been low on news, odd considering it's a Friday. So to get you not so gloomy, Project Mod Gaming made a video showing the corky mishaps of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. It's a pretty funny watch, and there really isn't anything else to do right now, is there?