Friday, August 17, 2007

Metal Gear Online Download Images

Well, sadly I did not get in the Metal Gear Online Beta, but heres some download screenshots we can weep over. View the rest of the images at the read link.

[Via Empas]

DiRT PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison

Side by side graphics comparison of Colin McRae: DiRT on the PS3 and Colin McRae: DiRT on the Xbox 360. It's nice that it runs better, and the lighting, in some ways, look better, but it's definitely a downgrade, despite waiting all this time. At least based on the demos. 360 ones are on the left, PS3 on the right. View the comparisons at the link.

[Via GamePlanets]

Bandai Namco "Not Aware" of PS3 Eternal Sonata

According to game site Siliconera, the controller and the graphics made bringing Eternal Sonata to the Xbox 360 a no-brainer. But what about a PlayStation 3 version? Publisher Bandai Namco told Siliconera that it was "not aware" of a PS3 version at the moment. How could it not be aware of that? It's friggin' Bandai Namco! The Japanese box for Eternal Sonata (AKA Trusty Bell) doesn't have an "ONLY ON XBOX 360" stamp on it. Thus, the game should be treated as such.

[Via Kotaku]

PlayStation 3 harder to develop for? Nonsense, says GRAW team

The team responsible for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, has told GamesIndustry that developing games for the PlayStation 3 is no harder than developing games for the Xbox 360.

"It's wrong to say it's harder to code on the PlayStation 3, it's just something that needs to be learnt,"
"It's not harder to develop on the PS3 than it is on the 360, it's just a different console. Developers might says it's harder because it just takes time to understand the technology, we're still early in the lifecycle."
Thats well put, and basically the whole jist of it. For the whole article, read the link below.

[Via GamesIndustry]

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Sells 500,000

Today, Tecmo announced that their hit game, Ninja Gaiden Sigma has shipped 500,000 copies worldwide. Thats really good for two months in Japan and around one month every were else. Good Job Tecmo.

[Via Siliconera]