Monday, December 24, 2007

Going Online With Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

NeoGAF member "DJmizuhara" is one of the PLAYSTATION Network users who purchased Gran Turismo 5 Prologue off the Japanese store and downloaded the online patch.

According th him, there are only four real race events in the online mode.

- Daytona 16 players
- Suzuka 8 players
- Fuji Speedway 8 players
- Fuji Speedway 16 players
And only four time trials as well.
- Daytona
- Ziger
- Daytona
- London
You can view screenshots of the online mode at the link below.

[View: Online Screenshots]

Happy Holidays from onAXIS!

It's been a good year so far. Although we've only been up for about 6 months, we've gained a popular user base with over 50,000 hits a week and I'm proud of that, especially with me being a one man team.

Christmas is the time of giving, and readers, you certainly gave your all. I hope you and your family, whether your celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, have a happy holiday leading into a happy new year.

We hope to see more visitors come to the site as the new year comes, and for those of you already here, thank you, for making onAXIS so known over the web.

Once again, have a happy holiday. Be sure to share your receivings (presents) with us in the comments!

Call of Duty 4: Get It for $20 Off Online

If your still looking to get a game that may be a little late for a Christmas arrival, GameStop got you covered.

GameStop is selling Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for $20 off it's original $60 price tag. Thats right, you can get Call of Duty 4 off the GameStop online store for only $40.

Get it at the link below.

[Buy: Call of Duty 4]

Sales Charts For Week Ending December 22, 2007: PS3 Outsells 360

The sales charts for the week ending in December 22, 2007 have came in from Europe. Once again, the Wii dominates the charts. Other than that though, the PLAYSTATION 3 has outsold the Xbox 360 again in Europe. The numbers below.

Nintendo DS: 821,575
Nintendo Wii: 448,127
PLAYSTATION 3: 338,006
PLAYSTATION Portable: 271,056
Xbox 360: 218,636
[Via VGChartz]

Rock Band Upcoming DLC (for January 3, 2008)

Due to Sony's offices being closed down for the holidays, our next PLAYSTATION Store update will be on January 3, 2008. That means we will see our Rock Band content a week after Xbox Live does, although we were supposed to receive it at the same time. Here is the content that will be coming late.

- Attack - 30 Seconds To Mars ($1.00)
- The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars ($1.00)
- Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects ($1.00)
- Move Along - All-American Rejects ($1.00)
- Song With A Mission - The Sounds ($1.00)
Be sure to check our update post next week when we see what else is coming with the January 3, 2008 store update.

[Via Rock Band Forums]

Heavenly Sword's Nariko Earns Cover of Girls of Gaming #5

The newest issue of Play Magazine's Girls of Gaming (issue #5) features none other than Nariko from Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword.

The magazine describes Nariko as "Her Sword isn't the only thing thats heavenly". Great to see that Heavenly Sword is getting some more recognition, even if it's just drooling guys.

You can buy the digital version here, or the printer friendly version here.

[Thanks Toto-Sama!]

Grand Theft Auto IV: New Screenshots & Artwork

Looks like Rockstar wants to give us something for Christmas this year. They've tossed out a few new Grand Theft Auto IV screenshots along with a new piece of artwork. The first picture was in a magazine a while back, this is the first time it's online though in a digital format. The man in the piece of art shown below is believed to be called Faustin.

Monster Madness: EX: First PS3 Screenshots & Information

Monster Madness EX is making it's way to the PLAYSTATION 3 as a revamped version of the Xbox 360 title. This SouthPeak Interactive title that has you taking four friends through a top-down adventure filled with monsters and madness, hitting our neighborhoods 2008.

The PLAYSTATION 3 version of the game comes with some new features. One of the features is "Online Co-Op Adventure Mode" which lets you play cooperatively online and offline with up to 4 players. Another is "Character Customization" which player characters are now customizable with over 100 purchasable (in-game currency) power-up accessory items. The last two being 25 new levels and bonus content for your unlocking goodness. Enjoy the screens!

Orange Box Soundtrack: The Stocking Stuffer

In Valve's online store, they have released an official Orange Box soundtrack. In this soundtrack you'll find many of the scores you've heard throughout you Half-Life & friends experiences.

Robot to Portal's electronic score titled "Still Alive". Sneak up to someone while listening to Half-Life's haunting score. Truly a great stocking stuffer for any fan.

[Buy: The Orange Box Soundtrack]

Resistance 2 Trademarked by Sony

Well, even though we knew it was coming, this is just about all the confirmation we need because trademarks never lie. Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment America filed to trademark the name Resistance 2.

After all the news we've been hearing on Resistance 2, like what Surfer Girl has given us, it's likely it's true. An issue of PlayStaiton: The Official Magazine even said that it will take place in Iceland, about 3 months after Surfer Girl announced that.

Read the filling at the link below.

[Via Trademork]

Final Fantasy XIII & Versus XIII Artwork Released

Ruliweb has discovered some new artwork of Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII that shows some in-depth character design and sketches. The main character of Versus XIII's sword looks half chainsaw if you ask me. Enjoy!

Castlevania's Igarashi Wants More 3D Castlevania

In a recent interview with Gamasutra at the E for All Expo 2007, Koji Igarashi, who worked on the series since Symphony of the Night, wants to see the Castlevania series realized in full 3D rather than 2D.

Do you think you'll do another fully 3D Castlevania? God of War seems like the closest to a 3D Castlevania to me.

IGA: Yeah, I hate to lose, and it's very frustrating. One thing I definitely want to do is to see the franchise realized in 3D.

To take revenge?

IGA: Yeah! (laughs)
Next-gen PLAYSTATION 3 Castlevania anyone? Let us hope.

[Via Gamasutra]

HAZE UbiStore Pre-Orders: August 2008!?

In a world where the PLAYSTATION 3 sees constant delays, one game, takes it to the max. If you didn't like our findings on HAZE's possibility of being delayed till March 2008, you are going to hate this.

The official Ubisoft Store has started accepting pre-orders for HAZE today. The shipping date? August 2008. I don't know about you, but if this isn't just some error, I'm getting my pitch fork, you bring the fire.

[Via UbiStore]