Friday, January 18, 2008

Gallian Chronicles: PLAYSTATION Network Trailer

Valkyrie of the Battlefield (as it is named in Japan). The artistic design in this Sega developed title actually looks incredibly well done. Enjoy the trailer!

Iron Man: Six New Images Released

SEGA Europe has released six new images of the upcoming Iron Man game, based on the movie inspired off of the comics. Enjoy the screenshots!

Army of Two: Two Man Trailer

The great part of the title of EA's upcoming Army of Two is the part that says "Two". The game is a multiplayer cooperative play game. Meaning, you and your friend play the whole thing together in order to get the real feel of the game. Going aggro together and winning together is what the game is about. Enjoy the trailer!

Tiberium: Debut Trailer

The debut trailer for Tiberium was just released by EA Games today. The trailer sports some fine graphics as well as characters, but it doesn't really appeal my taste. If anything, I'd rather pick up Section 8.

Rumor: Frontlines: Fuel of War Cancelled for PLAYSTATION 3?

A number of people at the Xbox Forums (warning, fanboy attack) and Kaos Studio forums are saying that their local EB/GameStop has removed Frontlines: Fuel of War as a title for the PLAYSTATION 3.

Apparently, they received an e-mail stating the PLAYSTATION 3 version was canceled. More supporting evidence is now when you search for Frontlines on the GameStop website, they only list the PC and Xbox 360 version.

Let's hope this rumor in some way is some major mishap. I was really looking forward to the title. When we hear official word, we will let you know.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed: Twenty New Screenshots & Two Artworks Released

Capcom has released some screenshots of their upcoming remake of their 20 year old game, Bionic Commando. The remake, titled Bionic Commando: Rearmed, is remade with 3D sidescrolling graphics, and comes packed with new features using your bionic arm. Enjoy the screenshots!

Capcom Says "No" To Downloadable Devil May Cry 4 Content

Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi has recently explained to gaming site, TVG, that there are no plans to add downloadable content to their upcoming Devil May Cry 4.

Many thought before that the PLAYSTATION 3 version would support downloadable content thanks to Famitsu magazine, but sadly, we were mistaken.

[Via TVG]

PLAYSTATION 3's PlayTV In Action

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe has released a new video today displaying their upcoming TiVo like accessory for the PLAYSTATION 3. PlayTV allows you to view, record, and save TV programs with the touch of a button and no subscription fee. Currently, this is only coming to Europe. Hopefully though, it will reach our shores. Enjoy!

GameStop Makes Serial Number Mistake, Won't Return Defective PS3

A Consumerist reader named Ben was trying to exchange his defective PLAYSTATION 3 at his local GameStop, but apparently, they are refusing to repair it. The case is due to his serial number on the receipt not matching the one on the PLAYSTATION 3.

It seems that the employee who rang up his PLAYSTATION 3 entered the SKU onto the receipt instead of the actual serial number.

Ben's story starts at GameStop, where he purchased his 80GB PLAYSTATION 3 to find that the video and audio signals were not functioning as it should. He goes to the store to bring it in for exchange under warranty where an employee tells him they cannot accept it due to the serial number on the receipt not matching the one on the PLAYSTATION 3. They told him they were going to investigate, and two weeks have passed since then.

Poor Ben tried to call Sony but they wouldn't help at all either, telling them the same thing as GameStop did. The GameStop district manager also made the decision not to help this poor fellow as well.

Take this as advice, when you leave a story, check to see if the serial number on your receipt matches the one on your item you purchased. Hopefully, Ben can get a chargeback from his credit card company.

[GameStop Will Not Accept Defective PS3 Exchange Because Of Serial Number Mistake]