Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Split Screen Co-Op Comming to Unreal Tournament III?

In a new FAQ posted on the official Unreal Tournament III forums, they answer a few questions of the users. One regards split-screen co-op.

Q: I want splitscreen!
A: We're aware that some of our customers wanted splitscreen for the PS3 version of UT3. We hear you and will evaluate the feature for possible future updates to UT3.
So fear not my friends who would like your screens split. Hopefully Epic is at work on this as we speak.

[Via Epic Games]

Unreal Tournament III Fragging Fun Gameplay

GameTrailers has posted up a bunch of new Unreal Tournament III gameplay. Enjoy the fragging fun. See you online.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Now Live on the Japan PLAYSTATION Store

Well, for those of you that have Japanese Yen ready, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is now available for download on the PLAYSTATION Store.

The game is also available in Japan via Blu-Ray Disc. The PLAYSTATION Store download is 4,500 yen, which is approximately $40 US dollars. Expect to see that price upon the US release.

[Via Ruliweb]

Unreal Tournament III: Launch Glitches

Well, not every game is released without a few glitches, no? Unreal Tournament III comes with a few glitches as well. Let's take a look.

Mark Rein on voice chat problems:

"I had similar problems with voice chat today as well. I heard someone talking in one game but a friend and I tried to chat and we couldn't hear each other. I've passed it along to the dev team to look into. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Mark Rein on finding lag-free, low-ping, games:

"I've had some amazing online games today on the PS3. When you get the server browser up you want to scroll to the servers with the lowest ping (number in the far right hand column). [...] They are listed in reverse order (doh!)"

Josh Adams on mods:

"Hmm, sorry about the dead page. I'll get that looked into.

However, the PS3 mod tools aren't quite ready yet. We are working through some final legal/release issues.

When it's ready, you will need to download the latest PC patch and another PS3 Mod Tools "patch" that adds the full PS3 mod support to the PC version.

You will have to cook your mods for the PS3 specifically. You will also need removable media (memory card, USB drive, etc) to transfer the mod from your PC to your PS3. We will have the tools ready ASAP!!"

These glitches aren't much of a big deal, and should be fixed soon. Thats what happens when the game was supposed to come out in early 2008.

[Via Gaming Bits]

Armored Core: For Answer: First Information & Seven Scans

It's Famitsu day today. Time to hear about a game we never heard of before! This week, there is some information on From Software's upcoming game for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360, Armored Core: For Answer.

The game is going to feature an online co-op mode and, for the first time, playable mechs that are fully transformable! The game is set for release in Japan March 2008, with no word on a US release.

Portal: PLAYSTATION 3 vs. Xbox 360

The Orange Box for the PLAYSTATION 3 releases today, so whats great to see is some comparisons. All I really noticed about Portal, which they say is near identical to the Xbox 360 counter-part, is that the loading times suck compared to the other version. Blame EA for that.

Europe: Hell's Highway PS3 Delayed, EndWar Dated

Ubisoft has announce today that the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway will be released on the system in March 2008, a month after the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Ubisoft also took the liberty to announce that Tom Clancy's Endwar will be arriving March 2008 as well.

[Via VGamer]

Nyko PLAYSTATION 3 Controller Charge Base

Looking for a new charging dock for your PLAYSTATION 3 controllers? Well, Nyko has you covered.

Nyko is releasing the Charge Base 2 for the PLAYSTATION 3 controllers. It features a compact design along with other features.

- Rapidy Charges 2 PLAYSTATION 3 Controllres.
- Store and charge your controllers in one place.
- Includes 2 USB charge adaptors for quick use.
- Powered by standard wall plug, no USB required.
- Compact design.
- Controllers will always be charged.
This should be hitting stores soon.

Tekken 6: Kuma Vs Kazuya Gameplay

A new great quality video of Tekken 6 has been released. It showcases a battle between characters Kuma and Kazuya. Enjoy.

[Via Challenger]

Final Fantasy Versus & XIII Trailers on DVD Now

According to people who got the book "CLOUD" early, the Final Fantasy XIII trailer is the old one that has the blonde man showed up for a split second and no footage of the new girl at all.

As for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it's the extended trailer with the added battle scenes but none of the new characters showed up, not even the robed person. But apparently there some new minor changes to the trailer, like a TV in the main character's car and no radio news this time.


Fake: Star Ocean 4 Multiplatform, Bomberman PSN

A post we had yesterday may have got many people sad due to the fact that it stated Star Ocean IV was heading to the Xbox 360 as well. Fear not, as we update you today telling you that this information is fake. That also means there is probably no Bomberman heading to the PLAYSTATION Network as well.

The story was apparently a joke amongst GAFfers. Real Famitsu news is expected to be out later tonight. We will keep you updated.

[Via AdvancedMN]

PSP 3.80 Update Details Released

Thanks to Engadget, we have details on the upcoming PLAYSTATION Portable firmware 3.80. The new firmware is arriving on December 18th, 2007 and sports some great new features.

- Streaming Internet Radio player.
- Video scene search.
- RSS now supports OPML and pictures.
- PSP-2000 owners with 1Seg tuners can use an EPG to schedule Japanese mobile television recordings.
- PlayStation Spot now available at BB Mobile Point (Japan only).
I look forward to the radio for a Holiday station this year.

[Via Engadget]