Sunday, April 27, 2008

We've Gone into "Grand Theft Auto IV Fever" Mode

Yes. As you can tell, the site has had a few modifications for the Grand Theft Auto IV launch. We are probably more excited than you are for this game. We've been watching gameplay non-stop since they've first started appearing (along with some episodes of Heroes with the brother, playing basketball on the side) anxiously waiting. We are not sure if we are getting a review copy or not, but either way we are going to be at our local GameStop tomorrow night at 10:00PM waiting for the 12 o' clock launch. If you want to see us, ask around to see if anybody is from onAXIS. You never know if you will find us. We will try to take pictures.

By the way, the new site is very close to launching. (*leaves with that*)

IGN: 15 New Grand Theft Auto IV Gameplay Videos

All of this Grand Theft Auto IV hype is killing me. I, just like you, want the game already. Fortunately, there is just a day left until we can go pick these bad boys up. For now, IGN will keep us occupied with 15 new Grand Theft Auto IV gameplay videos.

[IGN 15 GTA4 Gameplay Videos]

GameTrailers: Grand Theft Auto IV Review and Videos

Well, GameTrailers review for Grand Theft Auto IV is in, and it's received yet another amazing score, this one being 9.8/10. We are so proud. They've also posted up twelve new gameplay videos. We suggest watching them all in HD. Enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto IV: New X-Play Great Quality Videos

Well, the official Grand Theft Auto IV gameplay unveiling was today. So now we can see the videos crystal clear. Here we have nine of them were we see Niko show us what Grand Theft Auto IV really is. Just one more day people, get yours a midnight.

Grand Theft Auto IV: CGaming Video Review 10/10

Another video review was released today for Grand Theft Auto IV. The new video review from CGaming shows some new gameplay footage and provides some in-depth details about the game. Enjoy!

SOCOM: Confrontation Closed Beta: Get In on It

David Brothers of Slant Six Games posted today on the offiical SOCOM blog about the Closed Beta for SOCOM: Confrontation. If you want to get in, all you need to do is go here and get in on the action. It would help to take part in discussion and such on the forums as well. Head over now!

[Closed Beta? Wait!]

Street Fighter IV: One New Scan

A new scan from Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter IV has popped up on the internet. The new scans show the new versions of the characters we know as Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison. They certainly look great.


[Street Fighter IV]

Wardevil: Five New Screenshots

The official Wardevil website contains five new screenshots of Digi-Guys upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive. The first trailer of 2008 is set to be released at the end of this month, and these screens are taken right from that trailer. To see these images, head to "Images" then to "2008 Preview Gallery". Enjoy!

[Wardevil Screenshots]