Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Bourne Conspiracy: X-PLAY New Details and Gameplay Video

On a new episode of G4TV's X-PLAY, they got to interview Rory Mcguire, the lead game designer for The Bourne Conspiracy. In the watch, we see some new gameplay video for the title, along with some new details.

PLAYSTATION 3 In-Game XMB Are Fake, Says Sony

The recently "leaked" in-game XMB images for the PLAYSTATION 3 appear to be fake, according to Sony Computer Entertainment.

Yeup. It was just some jerk trying to mess with our heads because he, along with everyone else, knows that all we want is our in-game XMB.

"The XMB images are fake," Sony told CVG, adding: "There are no firmware updates planned for January."

I guess for now, we just need to cross our fingers and keep hoping it will still arrive soon.

[Via CVG]

PEGI Rates Klonoa for PSP and PLAYSTATION 3

The PEGI (Pan-European Game Information), which is like the United States' ESRB, has listed a new game they rated for the PSP and PLAYSTATION 3.

This new game is a PSone Classic we know as Klonoa: Door to Phantomile from Namco Bandai. Of course this means this 3+ Rated title will be hitting the PLAYSTATION Store, in Europe at least.

We will inform you upon it's arrival.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

MicroCenter Dates Grand Theft Auto IV

MicroCenter, a National electronics chain, has releasd a sales circular today with Grand Theft Auto IV at the bottom of the page with a stamped logo. After the logo, the words "March 08" appear. GameDaily got in touch with Rockstar to see if they can get any sort of confirmation.

A Rockstar Games representative on Tuesday replied by reiterating that Grand Theft Auto IV "is going to come out during our second financial quarter of 08."
Well, seems that we will still have to sit and speculate. Darn you Rockstar, just tell us, and we will be happy.

[Via Kotaku]

The Difference Shows: PLAYSTATION 3 In RGB Full

If you guys own a PLAYSTATION 3 and don't know about the RGB and Super White settings, let us inform you.

Head over to your settings menu. When your there, head to the display options and switch on the RGB from limited to full, and go to the Super White option, and switch it on.

Immediately, you'll notice a difference in your games as many said before, but what kind of difference?

Well if you take a look at the image (to the left), you will notice the difference quite well. [Thanks to CrazzyMan @ GT Forums]

2K Boston Refuses to Announce PLAYSTATION 3 Game, Rule out Bioshock

2K Boston seems to not want to rule out the possibility of it's Xbox 360 exclusive title, Bioshock, coming to the PLAYSTATION 3.

Earlier this week, we found out that 2K Boston was look for programmers with Unreal Engine 3 and PLAYSTATION 3 experience on it's official site.

Of course, we are all going to point to Bioshock considering it's developed on the Unreal Engine 3. But then again many games are developed on this engine.

A spokesperson for 2K Boston stepped in and said The spokesperson added: "As usual in these matters we don't comment on Internet rumour and speculation."

They just don't seem to want to rule out the possibility of the game on the PLAYSTATION 3. Perhaps it is coming.

[Via Video Gamer]

NBA Ballers: The Chosen One: Four New Screenshots

Midway Games has released four new images of their upcoming next-gen iteration of NBA Ballers. This new title is called NBA Ballers: The Chosen one, and will feature gameplay unseen in earlier titles. The screens feature cover player Dwight Howard. Enjoy the screenshots!

More Resistance 2 Details Emerge

Three Speech, Sony's semi-official blog site, revealed some new details about the newly unveiled Resistance 2.

The game's fighting action will take place in the United States, with the beginning and end levels being the only ones in different countries.

Those gigantic 60-player online battles will be squad-based, and have you choose your role from one of three classes: a hardy soldier with heavy weaponry, a special ops type for ranged attacks like sniping and a medic.

Resistance 2 will matchmake you with others of your skill too, meaning you won't get killed as fast as you do in the first game.

New enemies will also be featured such as the Chameleon and Stalker baddies with a cloaking ability.

Insomniac has also taken feedback from the first game to improve long checkpoints and the health system, as well as using more of the PLAYSTATION 3's power to get in a greater number of enemies on screen and boost their intelligence to Key Stage 2.

The biggest new additions are a separate eight-player co-operative campaign (or two-player in local mode), and the enormous online battles.

[Via Three Speech] [Credits to EuroGamer]