Wednesday, February 6, 2008

JP PLAYSTATION Store Update: February 7, 2008

Well, considering it's already February 8, 2008 in Japan, let's take a look at their rather early-received update.

- Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Multiplayer Demo (free)
- Patapon PSP Demo (free)
There you have it, that is there update. Let's hope this demo comes to the US PLAYSTATION Store tomorrow as well, I'd like to play in English.

[PlayStation Japan]

Interstellar Marines Is Alive and Well: GDC 2008 Showing

Another "lost" PLAYSTATION 3 game is still alive as well as Wardevil.

Interstellar Marines was thought to be an title that would rot away after it went into hiding for a while.

Today, Zero Point Software revealed that Interstellar Marines will be shown at GDC 2008 including a playable demo and new trailers highlighting the game's gameplay and features.

"Interstellar Marines has come a long way since we released our proof-of-concept trailer," said Kim Haar Jørgensen, Game Director at Zero Point. "We've invested a lot of resources in getting the GDC demo right, and it goes a long way to show how Interstellar Marines will push the FPS genre forward in terms of player immersion and campaign cooperative gameplay."

So this will be shown at GDC 2008, and we will keep you up to date when it comes around. For now, enjoy the new teaser image they've thrown at us to the left.

[Interstellar Marines still alive! New image inside]

Burnout Paradise: Experience DLC Without Paying For It

Electronic Arts confirmed today that the Burnout Paradise downloadable content will be able to be seen in an online game even if you don't have it. Unlike other games that restrict you from playing with that person if they don't have that content.

“Crucially we also didn’t want to split the playing community between those that have updated data and those that don’t. We saw this as vital in maintaining simplicity to all online users; different players having different content packages wouldn’t be able to play online with each other.”

It's good that they plan on this. We woulnd't want to not be able to play with a friend just because they have content we don't.

“It’s our intention to extend the life of Burnout with additional DLC in the near future. As mentioned, we don’t want to split the online community between those that have content and those that don’t. Our intention is to offer both free and paid for DLC in a way that enables everyone to ’see’ the content, even if they have not paid for it,” said an EA representative in an e-mailed statement.

[EA Says You’ll Experience ‘Burnout Paradise’ DLC — Even if You Don’t Buy it]

PSP Burns Michigan Child's Leg

A student of Warner Middle School in Farmington Hills, Michigan was burned by his PSP today at around 9 a.m.

The PSP overheated and caught fire, burning a hole in his pants. Luckily, the teacher was able to get the PSP away from the child.

The student was treated at the school nurse with burns to the leg. He was then taken to a local hospital.

Hope everything is arlight. Remember kids: No PSPs in school!

[Child Burned By Video Game In Pocket]

LEGO Indiana Jones: First Live Gameplay at GDC 2008

At the upcoming GDC 2008 event, LucasArts will be holding an event at their Presidio campus. They will be showing off the tech behind Star Wars: The Force Unleahsed, Fracture, and finally show some live gameplay of LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

We will keep you updated as GDC 2008 arrives.

[LEGO Indiana Jones Live Gameplay at GDC]

Lost Planet Demo Coming to Japanese PLAYSTATION Network Tomorrow

If you want to blow off some steam from Capcom's newly released Devil May Cry 4, you may want to consider checking this out.

Capcom is throwing out a demo for their upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition on the Japanese PLAYSTATION Network.

I won't be surprised if this arrives on the US & EU PLAYSTATION Network as well considering the release date for all three major region versions are from February 20-29, 2008.

[Lost Planet: images and a demonstration]

Media Molecule Knows How to Dress a Sack

Still mad we won't be playing LittleBigPlanet till September 2008? Well, Media Molecule has jumped to thet next level, real Sackboys, and they are playing in LittleRealWorld.

All we know is, we want one. You got to admit, he's cute. He comes just in time for the Chinese New Year as well. Look at his headdress.

[Sackboy. Fo' Real]

Dead Space: Electronic Arts Optimizing the Crap Out of PLAYSTATION 3 Version

Today in London, Gen Schofield of Electronic Arts stated that the Xbox 360 version of Dead Space won't be gimped because the "PS3 can't do it".

He stated that the development team for Dead Space is leading on the Xbox 360, but will switch to the PLAYSTATION 3 in a "month or two".

"Right now we're leading and building and doing everything on the 360. Pretty soon in a month or two we will switch and lead on the PS3. That is so that you're not downgrading the PS3 later. We're putting all our engineering muscle into making the PS3 great, and then we'll know that the 360 will be great."

He stressed that the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will "be the same" when they are released in late 2008.

"Sony has seen the game so they know that that's what they want out of us. But I can absolutely assure you that the PS3 and the 360 will be the same. We're not going to gimp the 360 because the PS3 can't do it. We're going to optimize the crap out of it and make the PS3 really good, sort of like Burnout."

While the first few lines of this post seemed like an insult, it seems that they are taking the right path. I hope to see one hell of a game.

[EA won't "gimp" 360 Dead Space despite tough PS3 dev]

Duke Nukem Forever Confirmed for 2008 & Coming to Consoles

3D Realms, developer of the legendary Duke Nukem Forever, said that the highly anticipated former PC exclusive will be completed in late 2008. The game will also probably be coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

"We haven't formally announced any platforms for DNF," wrote 3D Realms President Scott Miller in an e-mail exchange. "But, of course hitting the big three makes the most sense (PC, PS3, 360)."

Lets just hope they are for real this time and we see it in 2008 rather than 2012.

['Duke Nukem Forever' release possible in 2008, coming to home consoles]

Update: The guys over at Joystiq were able to contact 3D Realms. They aren't so sure the statements that were made. Scott Miller says pretty clearly: "The release date is still 'when it's done,' and will be until the appropriate moment. Platforms have not been finalized or announced."

SCEA: "No Plans" for Silver PLAYSTATION 3 in the US

Of course, every time Japan gets something new, we need to ask "what about us?" Well, after that it's time to go to the source of our location.

Sony Computer Entertainment America stated that they "have no plans for a silver PS3 in North America at this time". So there we have it. This probably means we will get it a few months to a year after Japan.

[Silver PS3 For US? SCEA Have "No Plans"]

Devil May Cry 4 Is In The House: Slam Dunk!

I come home today to bring a smile on my face. Today, we received Devil May Cry 4 in the mail from Capcom. Along with it came a little Tome of Knowledge and an Art Book.

We'll have a review up for you guys when we are done the play through. We plan to get started a bit later today.

Good looks to Capcom!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Possible If Development Schedule Opens

This months issue of the PlayStation: The Official Magazine features an interview with direction of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Hajime Tabata.

One of the questions asked to him was about the possibilities of a Final Fantasy VII remake.

"The possiblity for a remake may become greater if, for instance, the schedules of the original members of the Final Fantasy VII development team, such as Kitase and Nomura, open up"
Who knows, maybe after Fabula Nova Crystallis is done with, they will get to work.

[FFVII Remake Possible If Development Schedules Open Up]

Street Fighter IV: Chun-Li, Blanka, Guile, E. Honda Revealed

I guess we didn't have to wait until Friday after all. The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed a few new characters that are coming to Street Fighter IV. Those characters are Guile, E. Honda, Chun-Li, Zangief, Blanka. Yeah, Chun-Li does look a bit fat, but what are you gonna do? Enjoy the scans!

[Famitsu Reveal Guile, E.Honda & ChunLi In SF IV]

1000th Famitsu Special: Fabula Nova Crystallis Interview

We will be straight with you here. We have no idea what these scans say. What we think we know, according to a title translation from the original news story, is that it's an interview with Nomura regarding Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XII, Agito XIII, and some other Square Enix games, and that it's the 1000th Famitsu issue special. We merly posted this in case anybody can help us out.

Update: Ok, we have a minor translation. The magazine is interviewing Testuya Nomura to celebrate their 1000th issue. Some of the details below.
- While designing Final Fantasy VII, they were indecisive about how spiky to make Cloud's hair.
- Since people are more used to the beautiful CGs of FF characters, Nomura prefers his own artworks to not be shown out in the open too often and thinks that the Final Fantasy illustrations done by Yoshiyuki Amano are what people prefer to see.
- Normally draws with just a mechanical pencil, then scans and digitally colours his artworks.
- Buys games based on Famitsu reviews.
- Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII: Has muscular legs, she isn't sweet, strict to herself and to others, and doesn't like whiners. She is quite like a military soldier.
- Final Fantasy XIII scenario writer, Motomu Toriyama wanted her to be more muscular and macho, but Nomura thought people wouldn't be fond of her as a main character if he designed her that way.
- Aya (Aya Brea from PE3) is a bid more rounded than Lightning.
- Versus XIII heroes' clothes will probably be revised.
- Versus XIII main character is unlike Cloud nor Squall as people are expecting. Everyone's impression on him will greatly change once they hear him speak. Many people may not like him.
- His name will be related to weather just like Lightning, but personally Nomura has gotten bored of this naming tradition.
- The next time they reveal new Versus XIII info, they will reveal the main character's name.
- Agito XIII characters are being called after their weapons between the development staff members, like how the boy with the cards is known as "Card-kun". The girl with glasses is being called "Class President" just because of her image, though.
- Final Fantasy XIII scenario writer, Motomu Toriyama wanted her to be more muscular and macho, but Nomura thought people wouldn't be fond of her as a main character if he designed her that way.
- Versus XIII main character is unlike Cloud nor Squall as people are expecting. Everyone's impression on him will greatly change once they hear him speak. Many people may not like him.
The scans can be seen below. [PS3Forums]

[파이널판타지 노무라 오빠 인터뷰 스캔샷]