Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cloverfield Coming to Blu-Ray June 3, 2008

Cloverfield was originally planned for a DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray release, but we know that HD-DVD is long gone now. So we are now expecting the Blu-Ray disc, and are receiving the first details today.

The Blu-Ray release of Cloverfield will include full 1080p video as well as Dolby TrueHD audio. A new Blu-Ray only feature called "Special Investigation Mode" will be present as well. No details on that, however. The list of other features below.

  • Special Investigation Mode (Blu-ray exclusive)
  • Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
  • Document 01.18.08: The Making of Cloverfield featurette
  • Cloverfield Visual Effects featurette
  • I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge! fearurette
  • Clover Fun featurette
  • 4 Additional Scenes
  • 2 Alternate Endings w/optional commentary
  • 14 Easter Eggs
[Cloverfield Blu-ray Gets Detailed]

Super Stardust HD Getting Trophies, More

Housemarque have just completed their upcoming Super Stardust HD expansion pack. The "Solo Pack" will lead into the "Team Pack", including "a split screen Versus Match and Co-Op, ship editor, a true 5.1 orchestral soundtrack, and trophies."

They even say that they are looking into more. "We have been experimenting with a game mode we call "Twin gun" mode (not disclosing specifics at the moment, maybe you can guess?) and how to make music generated levels, etc." Makes me think a bit of Everyday Shooter. You never know.

[The Most Graphically Impressive PlayStation 3 Game, Explained And Expanded] [PS3Fanboy]

Grand Theft Auto IV Makes Comedy Central's The Daily Show

The latest episode of The Daily Show on Comedy Central features none other than Grand Theft Auto IV. Jon is one funny guy, thanking us for watching when we could be playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Oh yeah Jon? What if I was doing both? Exactly. Enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Back Online

If you didn't know, Grand Theft Auto IV on the PlayStation 3 has been having some online issues. We are happy to say the game is back online and can now be played in multiplayer matches. What are you waiting for, get off onAXIS and go play on of the fourteen multiplayer modes. Yes, fourteen.

Although I got to say, now that I'm finally online I am a bit disappointed with the character creation. There is so little choice (roughly 4 choice to select for each piece of body wear and face). I'm not that far in, but do you unlock more for your online character as you progress through the game?

Dark Void: First Screenshots

Tiscali Games has the first screenshots for Capcom's Dark Void. The site describes the game as a Sci-Fi game involving a jetpack and has something to do with UFO's. Thats really all we can get, our Google translations aren't working. View the screenshots at the link.

[Dark Void Screenshots]

Metal Gear Online: Sneaking Mission Snake Gameplay

Some new gameplay from the recently added Sneaking Mission from the Metal Gear Online beta has been surfaced on the internet. The gameplay shows "The Legendary Hero" aka Snake doing his thing. Enjoy!

echochrome Hitting US PlayStation Network Tomorrow

Kumi Yuasa, Associate Producer of echochrome, has updated us today on the PlayStation.Blog telling us that we will receive the mind-boggling puzzle game on Thusday May 1, 2008. Expect it tomorrow.

[echochrome arrives tomorrow!]

Canadian PlayStation Store Pricing Fixed

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that it will be adjusting the prices of downloadable content on the PlayStation Store for Canada during tomorrow's weekly update. Canadian residents have been getting angry at Sony due to being overprices, and Sony is finally addressing it.

"We are continually looking for ways to enhance the player experience on the PLAYSTATION®Network, and downloadable content through the PLAYSTATION Store is just one of our areas of focus," said Grace Chen, Senior Manager for the PLAYSTATION Store. “We anticipate that this price adjustment will meet the expectations of our Canadian consumers and provide them with a better PLAYSTATION Network experience."

Great to see they are finally addressing this situation. Canada must be happy.

Battle Fantasia Demo on Japanese PlayStation Network

If you head over to the Japanese PlayStation Network, you'll find a new demo on the PlayStation Store. The demo is of Arc System Works' Battle Fantasia. It's a new fighter, so I'd recommend you give it a try.

[Thanks Jimmy!]

Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within: First 2008 Trailer

Digi-Guys have released the first 2008 trailer for Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game is looking amazing and only makes us want more (show us gameplay!). Enjoy!

The Grand Theft Auto IV Niko Bellic Munny

Winston Acosta, who has done many other fantastic Munny designs before, comes back today with a Munny of Niko Bellic, from the recently released Grand Theft Auto IV. Mr. Bellic comes with his gun and cell-phone, just like in the game, and all we know is we want one. Too bad we cannot get one though.

[Custom Delights: Niko Munny from Grand Theft Auto IV by Scave]

New Site May Most Likely Launch This Weekend, Second Thoughts on Name

(to the left: More teasers!) We are probably finally opening the new site this weekend. We are almost fresh out of space on Blogger with 12MB remaining, so don't expect too many screenshot posts until the new site opens.

We are still having second thoughts on the new name we chose however. We admire site names such as Kotaku, JoyStiq, and Ripten. They are all original names that sound well. The name we chose (which we cannot reveal) is a name like that, but we are not sure whether it is the right name for the new site. So go on, toss your best original names at us, and if all go's bad, then we might have to make up a word (or you can do that for us).