Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bourne Conspiracy: Perfect Weapon Trailer

I'm telling you, High Moon's The Bourne Conspiracy is looking to be one of the best movie games to date next to The Godfather. The cover system, the shooting, and the action, all look really interactive, and I can't wait to give this game a try. Get a hint at the mechanics of the game in this new trailer. Enjoy!

GameStop Lets You Have HAZE for a Week for Free (Sort Of)

It seems GameStop & EBGames are having a promotional offer for Ubisoft's upcoming HAZE. Pre-purchase the game upon it's release, and return it within a week after buying it and you'll get full credit back, meaning you can buy another game if you like.

You really need to look at it this way. This offer is pretty stupid. It's like renting a game for $60, but we all know thats what things like GameFly, Hollywood Video, and Blockbuster are for.

[EBGames: Get Haze for free!]

Alpha Protocol Revealed in Latest Game Informer

The latest issue of GameInformer revealed the Obsidian RPG Project, which is now called Alpha Protocol. The game is an Action RPG heading to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in Spring 2009.

The magazine states its "a modern day espionage focused action/RPG that takes you on a suspenseful ride in the vein of James Bond, Jack Bauer, and Jason Bourne. Take a wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn agent up through the ranks to become a bona-fide super spy."

Now for the list of details.

-Main character is Michael Thorton, a fully trained but inexperienced young operative who has the world turned upside down when a mission goes wrong.

- The title "Alpha Protocol" is a phrase that is used when operatives go underground to work off the grid. Usually reserved for senior agents.

- Battle system is similar to Mass Effect but have more in common with Uncharted. It revolves around real time combat with an emphasis on gun play and high tech gadgets.

- Third person perspective, action orientated gameplay.

- Close quarters combat can be a last resort or primary method of fighting depending on how you spend skill points you have earned.

- Skill system is based most closely on Fallout. It's classless, you have 10 skills and 10 ranks in each skill. Skills don't simply improve things like accuracy, they improve the way your character will perceive situations.

- The game will suit all play styles from the run and gunner to the stealth assassin.

- Extremely in depth dialog system that is a mix of Mass Effect and Indigo Prophecy. Once conversations happen, that's it, no revisiting the NPC to try to talk again and again. System is named the Dialog Stance System. You dictate your characters tone in a conversation by pressing a corresponding face button. Options can be cool and suave others can be brash/impatient.

- You can have multiple active missions in different countries and travel freely between them.

- Lots of girls and romance subplots. You'll meet tons of different girls on missions and yes you can bag them all.

- Current control scheme for selecting powers and weapons is similar to Bioshock.
[Game Informer April Issue - Alpha Protocol Cover Story (Obsidian's New Action RPG)]

Valve Fans Start PlayStation 3 Petition

Some dedicated Valve and PlayStation 3 fans started a petition over at petition online asking Valve to support the PlayStation 3. As you know, Valve only develops on the Xbox 360 and PC, and if anything, has EA UK port a game to the PlayStation 3.

Currently, they have Left 4 Dead coming for the Xbox 360 and PC, along with a new Counter Strike game. It would be nice to see them on the console as well.

[Petition] [Petition PS3-Valve ! Sign please]

Viking: Battle for Asgard Introduction Trailer

SEGA released a new trailer for Viking: Battle of Asgard today showing the introduction cinematic. It mostly consists of artwork put into a story-like style and ends off showing the actual game. Enjoy!

Rumor: Is This the New PlayStation Store Design?

Our answer, no it is not. A rumor started after an anonymous tipster sent this into Kotaku. We are posting this to tell you that it is not the real revamp. Like a commenter said, the Photoshopper put a user-made HAZE theme on the bottom row. That means, this probably isn't true. There is another custom made theme up top as well.

[Is This The New PlayStation Store?]

Motorstorm 2 to Feature Monster Trucks, Loads of Water

Looks like that BBC reporter wasn't lying. In the latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, they show a short preview of Motorstorm 2. The sequel is going out of the desert and into the ocean. They say that the trailer for Motorstorm 2 should have been shown by the time we read this. Since it's not officially on stands, thats Wednesday. They do state however the trailer is all CG, but gives you an idea of what to expect.

The editors of the magazine claim they've seen some of the stuff Evolution's been working on and it's amazing. They tell us that the game will feature an upped online mode, monster trucks, along with bikes, ATVs, and big rigs. They say expect this title to have downloadable content as well. They say they expect it to be released this Christmas.

[Motorstorm 2 to have monster trucks, plus more water]

Grand Theft Auto IV Seen Around Town

Some new murals for Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV has been seen painted around New York City. They are very well done and are worth checking out. See all of them at the link. Enjoy!

["Seen around town", Has anyone seen these?]

Speed Racer's Mach 5 Featured in Gran Turismo 5?

While reading through the magazine, Destructoid bloggre Klytus found an article on the Mach 5 (haha!) of Speed Racer fame in the latest Road n' Track magazine. Part of the article reads:

Special thanks to Warner Bros. Studios for supplying the car; Yokohama Tire Co. for their support arranging the photo shoot; Willow Run Airport for renting us a hangar, and Polyphony Digital Inc. for creating a virtual simulation of the Mach 5 that we used for our performance tests.

Polyphony Digital is the same company that develops Gran Turismo. Could this mean we will be seeing the Mach 5 in the full Gran Turismo 5? Let's hope so.

[Rumor: Mach 5 in Gran Turismo 5?]

PlayStation 3 Official Headset Revealed

Well, Sony Computer Entertainment are finally doing it, they are releasing an official PlayStation 3 headset. Thanks to Akayuki, we have the first information on this. Lets take a look.

PlayStation 3 BlueTooth Headset


- Provides High-fidelity audio input to PS3.
- Supports “voice command” in certain PS3 games.
- Easy pairing through USB connection with PS3.
- Comes with docking station for easy charging.
- Compatible with cellphones.


Consumers who want to communicate while in-game.


Standalone – $49.99 MSRP; SOCOM: Confrontation bundle - $59.99 MSRP

So, it looks like SOCOM: Confrontation will be arriving on blu-ray as well. Good to hear, can't wait for the headset to arrive.

[PS3 BT Headset & PSP GPS Unit Details]

Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto MMO "Highly Doable"

Imagine playing an online game full of mad car jacking and shooting, that would be Grand Theft Auto my friends. Rockstar boss Sam Houser says that a Grand Theft Auto IV MMO "is very, very doable and is a very, very compelling proposition." He mentions that a subscription console-based MMO is "the Holy Grail". Rockstar sounds like they really want to do it. Perhaps we will see one in the future?

[GTA IV MMO Is "Very, Very Doable"]