Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crimecraft Coming to Consoles and PC in 2009

Vogster Entertainment has announced today their new MMO in development entitled Crimecraft. The game will be powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 and will only cost to buy the game, no monthly fee.

The game will be “an innovative massively multiplayer online game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3… set in a modern world. Players will take part in the political, economical and social life of a big city. They will run businesses, engage in commerce, and suffer the consequences of confrontations with criminal groups and shadowy law enforcement figures. Powerful AI will support the constantly changing atmosphere of the streets and enable players to feel the live pulse of the Megapolis.”

Game producer Arseniy Nazarenko stated “It is going to shake the global video game industry with its innovative features and characters actions”.

The game is to feature the below.
  • Ownership of real-estate and cars.
  • Possibility to run shops, warehouses, banks, productions.
  • Fight over territories and clan wars.
  • Combat system unique for MMO.
  • Developed social system. Possibility to solve conflicts without a single shot.
  • A possibility to choose law-obeying, criminal or financial professions and changing of those throughout the game.
View the first three screenshots above and below.


PlayStation Store Revamp: Our Verdict

We figured you'd want to hear it since we were one of the major noises asking for a new PlayStation Store. Anyway, the new store is great, there is just two minor complaints that I'll have to make.

1. Slow Thumbnail Loading - this will be fixed in the coming days, so I wouldn't worry much, but it wasn't a fun first experience.

2. No Text Browsing - how much easier would it be to find content if you could switch to text instead of image browsing? There should be an option.
That is really about it. Other than that, we are completely fine with the new store. There is an error however in the Crash Bandicoot 2 PSone Classic. It shows images for a different game under it's preview.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Three New JeuxVideo Scans

The latest issue of French gaming magazine, JeuxVideo contains three new screenshots of Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV. The game is still looking fantastic, and we are still counting down the ever so long days.

[New screenshots from JeuxVideo magazine]

*Sigh* Grand Theft Auto IV 360-Only Advert In The UK

In the United Kingdom, Rockstar Games is airing an advertisement for Grand Theft Auto IV advertising the game as Xbox 360 only with no mention of the PlayStation 3 version at all. Lets hope that when advertising in the States begin, "Things Will be Different".

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Dated for Consoles: May 30, 2008

Activision has announced today that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will be hitting retail stores on May 30, 2008. The game has been out on the PC for some time now, scoring an 84/100 on Metacritic. We expect the same good for the PlayStation 3 version.

[Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PS3/Xbox 360 hitting retail on May 30th, 2008]

Burnout Paradise: Three New Game Modes Revealed Coming Soon

Criterion Games will be expanding Burnout Paradise as the months go on, even after it has been out so long. They are going to release three new game modes soon.

Jino Talens from EA notes that "this is just the start – we aim to bring you many new Freeburn game modes covering different themes and play styles. Over the next 12 months, we're going to transform the Burnout Paradise you know and love into the Burnout Paradise you only ever dreamed of!" Thats a lot of months, a year. Can they pull it off?

Lets take a look at the new gameplay modes below.

Online Road Rage
  • This is an 8-player online team event.
  • At the start, everyone chooses their team (red or blue).
  • One team of "runners" has to drive to a checkpoint then the finish – they can only see one checkpoint ahead.
  • The other team has to take them down. These guys can see the checkpoint and finish and choose whether to wait and ambush in key locations, shortcut to the action if they get left behind or just follow the pack and cause chaos.
Online Marked Man
  • We randomly choose a "Marked Man".
  • There's an intense few moments, while all players wait for the selection to be made – you want to stay close to other players, so you can hit the Marked Man, as soon as he's selected but far enough away that that you can run like hell if it's you that's the Marked Man.
  • The target is selected and a 90 second timer starts – you get 1 point if you survive and 1 point if you take down the Marked Man. After 90 seconds a new Marked Man is selected at random.
  • If you're the Marked Man, you can't see the attacking players on the map, your car is a little slower and you don't get boost.
  • The session usually consists of around 10-12 minutes of intense gameplay depending on the number of players involved.
Online Stunt Run
  • This is 8-player simultaneous online Stunt Run – everyone competes for the highest score within the 2 minute time limit and you can play anywhere in Paradise City.
  • An on-screen display shows all player scores, so you can easily see how you're doing.
  • Earn multipliers for taking each other out but you lose your combo score, if you're taken down.
  • Eliminated players are greyed out of the scoring area but can exact brutal revenge by chasing after players that have managed to keep their combos alive beyond the time-out.
  • For the first time, you can drive alongside someone as they complete a billion score in Stunt Run - you can absolutely use this mode to try and show off to your friends.
They really seem to be bringing on the content, and for that we thank them. Now we just need to snag ourselves a copy. Hey Criterion, do you hear us?

[Burnout Paradise to expand 'over the next 12 months,' three new game modes detailed]

PlayStation Store Slow Image Loading Being Fixed

A new post on the European PlayStation Forums tells us that Sony is currently working on fixing the slow thumbnail loading. They say it is a temporary consequence of a new system implementation and high global traffic levels, and will be resolved within the next few days.

Good to hear. (Yes, we spiced it up with a Japanese Store image)

[PS Store re-launch & slow loading of icons]

Oh Yay: PlayStation Cards Shipping Soon, In-Game XMB Soon

In a new post on the PlayStation.Blog by Peter Dille, Senior Vice President, Marketing & PLAYSTATION Network, he reveals that the much awaited PLAYSTATION Store cards are rolling out to retailers nationwide as we write this. The cards will roll out this Spring at $20 and $50 prices.

Dille also says that the PLAYSTATION 3 will be receiving a video service "in a way that separates the service from others you’ve seen or used." He doesn't have any announcements, however.

He also mentions In-Game XMB and Accomplishments: "We know you want in-game access to XMB features and we’re committed to bringing that, among other community-related services this year. They will be designed to allow more community development and collaborative gameplay, as well as recognize and reward you for your gameplay accomplishments across a broad portfolio of PS3 games."

He says the revamped PLAYSTATION Store was just the first step in providing the best network. Looks like more is to come.

[Inside PLAYSTATION Network]

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm: Action Trailer

Do not let the beginning of this fool you, this is much different than the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm trailer we saw at VJump 2007. This one features much more action, and loads of gameplay. I think it is safe to say the graphics do not disappoint at all. The trailer ends with these words:
"For the first time. The line between the Naruto TV animation and gaming will truly disappear! Be ready to play the world of Naruto only on the PLAYSTATION 3 System."
Seems like a pretty promising... well promise. The official site is set to launch in just about 18 hours. You can view the timer at the site below.


Guitar Hero: Aerosmith: Boxart, Bundle, and Guitar Revealed

Activision and RedOctane has revealed today the boxart and bundle art for the upcoming Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. The bundle will cost $99.99 and come with an Aerosmith titled guitar. The game will feature mainly songs by Aerosmith along with some of his favorite bands such as The Clash, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts and more. You can view the game boxart and guitar below. [PS3Fanboy]

Mysterious Countdown on Official JP PlayStation Site (Siren 3?)

A mysterious countdown has appeared on a web page on the Official Japanese PlayStation Site. The countdown seems to show a puddle of blood, with drippings constantly. There are voices in the audio, we just cannot understand what they are saying.

What could this mystery be?

[Mysterious Countdown] [UltimatePS3]

Update 4/15/08 6:15PM: onAXIS Reader BigJImBO has sent in a video from YouTube from Forbidden Siren (just Siren in the US) for the PS2. The video shows in the very beginning a countdown very similar to that on the site. Could this be that Project Siren rumored a bit back?

HAZE Four-Player Co-Op Demo Coming Early May

Ubisoft today announced that a four-player cooperative demo for HAZE is going to hit the PlayStation 3 in May 2008. The demo should be hitting in "early May" and will let gamers test the single-player campaign and the cooperative play as well. Way to throw together a demo Free Radical. See a new screenshot of the game at the link.

[HAZE Four-Player Co-Op Demo Coming to PS3: First Screenshot]

Grand Theft Auto IV: First Digital In-Game HUD Screenshot

GTAGaming was able to snag the first digital screenshot for Grand Theft Auto IV featuring the in-game HUD. What is that you ask? Well, in this shot, it's basically just that little map down there to the left. Enjoy!


LittleBigPlanet: Play, Create, Share Trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment and Media Molecule have released a new video of LittleBigPlanet showing the "play, create, and share" behind the game. You can watch it above, or you can download it at the link below.

[Download LBP Video]

Alone in the Dark for PlayStation 3 May Have Additional Content

Unlike it's PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii cousins, the PlayStation 3 version of Alone in the Dark will be coming out in Fall 2008. Eden Studios wanted to adapt it instead of just porting it. They say that additional content may come to the PlayStation 3 version (due to it's later release). A demo will come close to the game's release. Good to see they are not just throwing together a crappy port. Go Eden!

[Alone in the Dark PS3: additional content possible]

LittleBigPlanet will be “the most important game ever”

According to an SCEE press tour this week, LittleBigPlanet has something very special inside it.

“It’s going to be the most important game ever,” said an attendee. “It’s just astonishing. “

The code in the game, as of now, is still fairly flaky, and crashed a bit during the press two-hours hands-on at the event. The game is only in it's alpha stage, yet it looks fantastic.

“I think it’s literally bug-stomping now,” said the source. “The game is astoundingly smooth.”

Could it be the "most important game ever"?

[LittleBigPlanet will be “the most important game ever”, says source]

US & EU Mini-PlayStation Store Update: April 15, 2008

Well, since the new PlayStation Store was released today, Sony Computer Entertainment threw out a bit of small content today. Stay tuned as more is to come Thursday. First we will start with the US Update.

- Super Stardust HD Solo Add-on Pack ($4.99)
- LAIR Dragons and Control Pack (free)

Game Videos
- Gran Turismo 5 Prologue “Beyond the Apex” trailer (free)
- Gran Turismo 5 Prologue “Friendly Fires” video (free)
And below, we have the EU Update.
- SEGA Superstars Tennis demo (free)

- Super Stardust HD Solo Add-on Pack (£2.99)
- Guitar Hero III Dropkick Murphys pack (free)

Game Videos
- Bionic Commando: Rearmed trailer (free)
- Lost Planet: Extreme Condition trailer 2 (free)
- SEGA Superstars Tennis trailer (free)
Stay tuned for Thursday, as the weekly update rolls through.

PlayStation Store Images Broken, Loading Slowly

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku seems to have a broken PlayStation Store running on his new firmware 2.30. The Store is fine, but the images do not load. Over on my side, it takes a couple of minutes for all the images to appear on the page. Any reason why this is happening Sony?

[PSN Store Makeover Is Live, Broken]

Valkyria Chronicles to Have Optional Install

Looks like SEGA knows what they are doing with Valkyria Chronicles on the PlayStation 3. The game is going to feature an optional install, unlike Capcom did with their two PlayStation 3 games. THe optional install will take up 3.3GB of space and reduce load times significantly. Either that or you just need to wait 15 seconds for load times. I'll go with the 15 seconds.

[Optional Hard Disk Install For Valkyria Chronicles]

PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.30 Now Available

Yes, it is true. If you turn on your PlayStation 3 right now, you'll see an update notification for Firmware 2.30. This new firmware includes the revamped PlayStation Store along with DTS-HD Master Audio for Blu-Ray discs. The online version of the PlayStation Store also got an overhaul. [Thanks Langston!]