Saturday, September 8, 2007

onAXIS: PlayStation Store Design

I thought I'd give it a shot at my own store design. But before I get critisized, it's based off of the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The highlighted Killzone 2 Demo is the selection thing, when you click down it will highlight Assassin's Creed Demo. This design is also a program built into the PlayStation 3, not a webpage. When it's launched it fades in the screen. No mouse is used on the page, and when loading it shows a PlayStation 3 bar filling up.

Here are some more images:

DiRT: OPM Reviews an 8 and PSM3 an 8.8

Two new reviews surfaced on Metacritic today for Collin McRae DiRT, and they are from the UK gaming magazines, Official PlayStation Magazine and PSM3. PSM3 gave it an 8.8 out of 10 stating:

Excellent graphics, sound and handling make this a great choice for newbies and purists alike.
And the Official PlayStation Magazine gave it an 8 out of 10 stating:
Easily one of the greatest racers on PS3 to date, both in terms of addictiveness and broad, crowd-pleasing appeal.
Two good reviews if you ask me.

[Via MetaCritic]

IGN Skate for PlayStation 3 Review Biased?

Yesterday, we posted the Skate review from IGN, who gave the Xbox 360 version a 9.0/10 and the PlayStation 3 version an 8.8/10 the only difference being the Xbox 360's graphics got an 8.0 while the PlayStation 3's got a 7.0. St0 over at the PS3Forums brought up a point I brought up while posting the article, the graphics on the PlayStation 3 are better. Lets take a look at a a comparison.

As you can see, the Xbox 360 version is more pixelated in the area circle. We have many more comparison screenshots that are pretty self-explanatory. Take a look.

[Via PS3Forums]

Confirmed: Killzone 2 Supporting SIXAXIS, 720p 30FPS

In an interview that Kiziko had with Guerrilla Games dev, some new details were uncovered. They confirmed that the title will be supporting SIXAXIS (although they will go into the specifics at a later date), it will be running at 720p at thirty frames per second (they were seeking the correct balance) and that being part of Sony's family has been very helpful for development (although credit must be given to their own development team of course). Here it is:

Kikizo: And finally, will you be supporting Sixaxis?

Heide: We will be supporting Sixaxis, but we'll be saving the specifics for a later date.

Kikizo: ...but to achieve it, you must have had a lot of special help and kind of special favours from Sony's hardware people, could you describe what advantages you've been given in order to get to this position?

Heide: Well, I think first and foremost I have to compliment our own tech team, because this is our proprietary engine, something that we've built on our own from scratch. And of course we're working with Sony's tech guys as well. We've got their Advanced Technology Group in London, and they're developing something called the Edge Toolset, which is providing some base level techniques that we need. So we're using Edge animation and Edge geometry for instance, those are two particular suites that we're using, to help accomplish some of these things; our animation system is driven by Edge and our geometry processing is partly handled by Edge as well. So those are the two big things that as part of the Sony family is very helpful.

Kikizo: I have to say that for thirty frames per second this somehow moves more smoothly than expected. But would you like to have reached 1080p or sixty frames per second?

Heide: It's always a balancing act. We're running at 720p, thirty frames per second, and of course one of the issues with the original Killzone was framerate. We wanted to make sure that we always maintain our framerate this time and that is a balancing act, how much can you throw on screen. We've got a very, very powerful machine, with its SPUs it's taking care of physics, some of the AI processing, a lot of the rendering, so basically we can do a lot more than we could originally.
Read the full interview at the link.

[Read Kiziko Interview]

Time Crisis 4: Pre-Order at FRY's for $74.99

The retail price for Bandai Namco's upcoming game, Time Crisis 4 is $89.99. Pre-Order it at FRY's and you can save $15.00 and go buy yourself and friends some ice cream. The game features:

  • New Guncon - The new Guncon is compatible with all TVs and has been enhanced with 2 analog sticks that will allow you to move freely in FPS mode.
  • Free Roaming FPS Exclusive to the console, you are able to roam freely in FPS style through various stages. Change your camera angle, move while crouching, standing and more!
  • Multiple modes Along with Story and Arcade mode, destroy biological weapons in Crisis Mission mode, test your sharp shooting skills or go head to head with your friend in various mini games.
  • Downloadable content! Extend your gameplay by downloading additional Crisis Missions.
If your liking these features, you should head over to FRY's and pre-order this anticipated title.

[Pre-Order: Time Crisis 4]

Heavenly Sword: Kai Gameplay

Here is some gameplay of Heavenly Sword with that crazy girl who moves her hands around and looks psycho, Kai (Nariko's sister). Her attacks are mainly arrows, and it's pretty cool, you can steer them and get any headshot you want.

[Via GameTrailers]

Game Head: New Weapon Premiere for Ratchet and Clank

In the latest episode of Game Head, after the Guitar Hero III preview, they reveal a new weapon for Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Watch and enjoy!

[Via GameTrailers]

GamePro: New GTA IV Information

In the latest issue of GamePro Magazine, they reveal some new details about Grand Theft Auto IV. Here are some of the details from their "Grand Theft Auto IV Does Not Pass Go" section:

  • There is a billboard for such things as "Shark Credit Cards," "Pirate Music," and for "The Whiz," which is the type of phone Niko uses.
  • In a caption the HUD is described as "minimalist to its core" they say there is a mini-map, a "low-key" cash counter, and that it is more clean making GTA IV more immersive.
  • It says that Ammu-Nation does not exist.
  • It is confirmed that the rocket launcher will return
  • On his way to meet Lil' Jacob it says that Niko "passes by shivering bums, and chain-smoking punks who group in nearby doorways."
  • A random woman yells "This shit is bananas" from her car.
  • A real-time fare meter pops up when Niko enters the cab.
  • As the cab drives the camera pans around it.
  • Booming radio music (courtesy of a well-known classic act we cant yet name) pumps from the taxi.
  • The little green guy on crosswalks is crisp and clear
  • GTA has received a "massive combat overhaul."
  • Every location in GTA has an address.
  • Pedestrians are described as "A woman holding a grocery bag, street urchins smoking cigarettes, and a power-exec barking impatiently into a cell phone."
  • GamePro confirms that the Sanchez, and the PCJ are returning.
  • In the new wanted mode, the dots with swirls around them are cops in cars.
  • Clothing in GTAIV is described as "customizable, and also realistic."
  • Shooting: The cover system borrows elements of Gears of War, and Rainbow Six: Las Vegas. It also says that the aiming is a Resident Evil 4, over the shoulder style.
Also with this article a few speculations are made about the delay of GTA IV. Here they are:
  • PS3 Problems: Developing for the PS3 was harder then they thought.
  • Online Tuning: Rockstar wants to get this just right. It is their first time.
  • The Halo 3 effect: It could be more effective to launch a game early next year.
  • ESRB Crackdown: Rockstar needs time to make sure that the content is not too much.
  • It Simply Wasn't Ready: They just weren't ready to release the game.
That seems to be all, more info to come when it reaches.

[Via GTAForums]

Iron Man: Sega Releases New Concept Art

Sega and Activision have finally got to work on their upcoming game, Iron Man. This will be his second appearance on a next-gen console following his appearance in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

The only new concept art is the picture above. And looking at it tells me that there will be no doubt that Iron Man will definitely catch the eyes when it hits the shelves.

[Via Sega]

Lair: Developers Explain the Plot

If you've read reviews, you've probably seen all of the mixed reviews Lair received. Well, nows your chance to listen to the story and see if its the right game for you.

This video talks about the story and character dynamics involved in the storytelling. Introduced are the two races and the nature in which they cope with the fierce environmental conditions. Let's listen.

[Via GameTrailers]

LittleBigPlanet: Preview from GameHead

Here is a new LittleBigPlanet preview. SpikeTV's Game Head featuring video preview of LittleBigPlanet, Projekt Revolution interviews and more. Enjoy.

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Folklore: Ellen's Exploration Gameplay

A new gameplay video of Folklore. Join the games main character, Ellen as she explores a mysterious new world full of dangerous beasts. From the beginning to the fighting, it all looks good, especially in HD.

[Via GameTrailers]