Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beats Coming to PSP PLAYSTATION Store Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the PLAYSTATION Store for PC will receive a new update, containing a new original game for the PSP as well. The game, Beats, will be released on the store for $4.99.

Beats is a music title where you tap your buttons to sync with the icons on the screen along with the playing music. The game was developed by SCEE's London Studio.

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Square Enix Thinks Sony Needs to Define It's Console

Yoichi Wada, the CEO of Square Enix, the big cheese, spoke with CNET Japan about this generation of consoles. He expresses his feelings on the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

He states that the PLAYSTATION 3 is a media hub and gaming console but hasn't defined itself yet. He stated that only the Xbox 360 has appropriately touted itself as a gaming machine. About Nintendo's Wii, he says "people aren't buying the Wii as a game machine, but as a toy."

He also goes on to say that Square Enix isn't just a Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest company. They keep making new installments of the series because "... people keep asking for new installments." They have many new IPs coming next year. Hopefully, though he has a bit of harsh feelings for the PLAYSTATION 3, they will arrive on the console as well.

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Time Crisis 4: No Extra Guncon 3s

The thing is, for games that come with peripherals, people always want more. For reasons of there own, which mostly include playing with friends, family, etcetera.

The situation occurs in Time Crisis 4. So far, Namco Bandai hasn't announced any sort of extra Guncon 3's for the title, so multiplayer is going to be you and your friend on the SIXAXIS.

An online store would be a good idea, not even having to package it, just throw it in with some bubble wrap and ship. This was a good idea proposed by Opposable Thumbs, but will it happen?

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PLAYSTATION 3 Update for Blu-Ray Profile 1.1 Later This Month

Thanks to a forum member at High Def Digest, today we learned that the Blu-Ray Profile 1.1 update will be coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 this month. The poster, who obtained his information from Digital Bits, quoted.

"It was also revealed that the Blu-ray profile 1.1 firmware update for the PS3 is expected to be made available for download later this month."
This update is in preparation for the first Blu-Ray Profile 1.1 disc, Resident Evil: Extinction, which is to hit Blu-Ray this January.

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Tekken 6 Arcade Running on PLAYSTATION 3 Hardware?

A new video appeared on YouTube today. It seems the arcade versions of Tekken 6 run on the PLAYSTATION 3 hardware. According to the video description, the clerk of the store was resetting the game, and pop, the XMB comes up, and the system resets. Pretty cool to see it running on the hardware, but if so, whats the long wait for the PLAYSTATION 3 version then?

Xbox 360 Gets Sony BMG Videos. Wait, What?

In a world where corruption occurs, one console seems to be the source. But seriously now. It seems that the latest Xbox 360 console update brought some new music videos to it's video store.

What kind of music videos are in the store? Sony BMG Music Entertainment music videos, as in Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Foo Fighters, Incubus, and R. Kelly.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but isn't it odd that Sony BMG allows Microsoft to sell downloads (160 points a video) for them but doesn't even allow the PLAYSTATION 3 to?

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Grand Theft Auto IV: Five New Screens

Rockstar it preparing for it's December 6 Grand Theft Auto IV trailer by releasing new screenshots. These screenshots are taken directly from the new trailer, with the last one thanks to IGN. Enjoy!

Soul Calibur IV Playable At CES08, Character Unveiling

It seems that Namco Bandai will be attending this year's Consumer Electronic Show down in Las Vegas, Nevada to show off the upcoming Soul Calibur IV.

The Soul Calibur event is going to be invitation only, and promises hands-on gameplay, and a special unveiling.

If you look at the flier, they make it pretty obvious. The special unveiling will be a character unveiling.

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot: Five New Screens

SEGA has released five new screenshots for it's upcoming horror title, Condemned 2: Bloodshot. The action horror title is set to be release this upcoming February of 2008. Enjoy the screens.

Rumor Mill: Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Exclusive, Far Cry 2 Next-Gen

The latest Rumor Mill from Video Gamer reports some interesting rumors today good for the PLAYSTATION 3.

The first rumor is about Grand Theft Auto V, though probably years away, it is said that Sony has signed a cheque to ensure that the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series will be PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive. This could just be a misunderstanding for the exclusive series that Sony signed with Rockstar.

The next rumor is about Far Cry 2. It seems Ubisoft wants to bring the game to consoles so they're developing it for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

[Via Video Gamer]

New Folklore Tales On Their Way

Eric Fong, producer of the PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive title, Folklore, made a post today on the official PLAYSTATION blog.

He knows the Folklore community wants more, so he tells us that downloadable add-on packs are coming for the game on the PLAYSTATION Network starting this month.

The add-ons will include a new costume for either Ellen or Keats, a completely new Folk, and 4 additional quests that extend the Folklore story.

Stay tuned and hopefully it will start arriving this week.

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Rock Band PLAYSTATION 3 Controller Patch Confirmed

A Harmonix associate has confirmed today that a patch for Rock Band regarding the PLAYSTATION 3 controller is on it's way. He wrote.

"PS3 Controller Compatibility Routine Patch


Good news, see below (this patch should be available quite soon, maybe even up now as of this posting)-

Available today is a routine update for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Rock Band that addresses a number of items related to guitar controller compatibility. Should Rock Band owners choose to obtain the update, they will need broadband internet access connected to their PLAYSTATION 3. The update will be downloaded once the game is started.


The patch will be available today but is not yet up for download. Keep watchuing your Rock Band.

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FIFA Street 3: Six New Screenshots

EA has released some brand new images of the upcoming cartoon styled soccer game, FIFA Street 3. Take a look at how the cartoon game will look. Enjoy.

Burnout Paradise Demo Coming December 13

According to Criterion's website, a demo for EA's upcoming crasher, Burnout Paradise, should be arriving on the PLAYSTATION Store next Thursday December 13, 2007.

There is a countdown timer on the site that says countdown to demo day with 8 days remaining, which falls on next Thursday. Whether the demo will be available on Live is something I'm not too sure of.

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Japan Receiving New PLAYSTATION Network Cards December 13

Sony has announced they are releasing two new PLAYSTATION Network Cards in Japan. These are completely new cards and not the onces that are already released in Japan.

The two cards will come in red and green (Christmasy) for ¥3000 and ¥5000. These cards will be arriving in Japan December 13, 2007.

Good to see Japan's getting more cards, but sadly, we still haven't received any.

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