Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sony Aibos PS Compatible with the PLAYSTATION 3?

Stiff Magazine has a rumor running that the upcoming Sony Aibos PS, a robotic dog, is compatible with the PLAYSTATION 3 and PLAYSTATION Portable. The rumor says the dog is being resuscitated by Sony's PLAYSTATION division in attempt to "bolster the PS3's aresnal."

The Aibos PS is going to have it's own appearence in Home as well and react in the real world as he does in the Home enviorment, according to the magazine's article.

The rumor also states you will be able to download new personalities for your dog via the PLAYSTATION Network, and you can contrl the dog via the PSP's Wi-Fi. The D-Pad will control walking and the main four shape buttons for head movement.

It seems likea cool idea, but who would want a remote control dog?

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God of War III Release Date Confirmed

The guys over at TheGameReviews were able to attend the Video Game Awards (lucky bastards). While there, they spoke with some of the developers of the upcoming God of War III.

They were able to confirm with them that the game will have a release date of 2009, hopefully early. The title will support 1080p and have SIXAXIS & rumble effects.

They had some more information, but unfortunately, they couldn't share it till a later date.

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Amazon: 10 Day of Deals: PLAYSTATION 3 40GB with Stranglehold, Blu-Ray Remote $399

Our site feels like one big advertisement today, but we're here for you. Amazon's 10 Day of Deals is having an amazing PLAYSTATION 3 console deal today if you still don't have the system.

Right now, you can get a PLAYSTATION 3 40GB (w/ Spider-Man 3 on Blu-Ray Disc), a PLAYSTATION 3 Blu-Ray Disc Remote, and Stranglehold Collector's Edition (w/ Hardboiled) for only $399. Head over to Amazon now!

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Lost Planet PLAYSTATION 3 Launching at $40

When the PLAYSTATION 3 port of the former Xbox 360 exclusive, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, was announced, many fans were happy, while many others were disappointed. I guess they wanted to see Dead Rising on the PLAYSTATION 3 as well.

Well, at least Capcom is making the right move of the launch price of the game. According to their online store, the game is going to be only $39.99, considering you can buy it new on the Xbox 360 for $29.99 and the PLAYSTATION 3 version contains all the game's expansions.

And thanks to Capcom's booth at the New York Anime Fest, we have a coupon code to get your 15% off any purchase on the store, including Lost Planet: Extreme Condition pre-orders, meaning you only pay $34.00. So, now it's even cheaper. Use code NYANIMEFEST to get 15% off your purchase.

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Amazon: LAIR for a Cheap $35.00

Some people liked LAIR, some people didn't. The game received a mix wave of reviews. But if your one who has possibly played it and think you like it, or want to give it a chance, we got the deal for you.

Amazon is selling LAIR for only $35.00, meaning your saving $25.00. Head over to the link below for your purchase.

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Evan Wells Talks Uncharted DLC, Home Trophies, & More

Naughty Dog's Evan Wells has been answering some questions for Three Speech lately. These questions shed some light on some of their current standings with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Three Speech asks about multiplayer and downloadable content for Uncharted. He immediately says "no" due to all the medals and unlockables the game already has. So no downloadable content is planned at the moment.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune may seem like an power burner, but it's actually only using 33% of the available power. Hopefully in the future he will move up the ranks to at least 60%. If a game looks that good on 33%, I can't picture how good it would look higher.

He speaks on Home and it's trophies. He says the medals you earned in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will eventually turn into Home trophies upon it's release.

Read the full Q&A at the Three Speech link below.

[Read: Evan Wells Interview]

Transformers On Blu-Ray In the UK?

User MattYandell of the GameTrailers forums stumbled upon something interesting while browsing through Woolworths in the United Kingdom the other day.

Then he saw it, Transformers on Blu-Ray DVD. Since we know at the moment, it's an HD-DVD exclusive, he asked the lady at the counter what was going on. She told him they have it on Blu-Ray but it's not in stock at the moment.

Could this be the real deal or error in display casing combined with a dumb clerk? One thing to note is the "2-Disc Special Edition" and the fact that the box next to it is a bit different. I wouldn't think a Blu-Ray would need two discs.

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Silent Hill V: New GamePro Germany Scans

The latest issue of GamePro in Germany has a five page feature on Konami's upcoming Silent Hill 5.

Since the magazine is in German, we don't really know what they are saying. But it seems to be something about the game releasing in 2009.

View the scans at the link below.

[View: Silent Hill 5 Scans]

Devil May Cry Animated Series Coming February 2008

Capcom has announced through their blog that the anime series for their hit Devil May Cry series is coming to us soon.

Just in time for the launch of Devil May Cry 4, the Devil May Cry animated series will be released in the US on February 5, 2008 by ADV films.

The DVD will be $26.96, or you can purchase the special edition of Devil May Cry 4 if you want to save some cash and are getting both.

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