Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NBA Live 08 PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 Crowd Comparison

Looks like EA is continuing to treat the PlayStation 3 like crap, and quite frankly, I'm tired of it. On the left, we have a crowd from the PlayStation 3 version of NBA Live 08, on the right, the Xbox 360 version. Notice a difference? We all do.

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Yakuza 3, Eternal Sonata Details & More from Famitsu

Thanks to JohnnyRam over at NeoGAF, we have some details about Yakuza 3 from the latest Famitsu. Although it's short, it's better than nothing:

- Set in Edo period in 1605.
- Fighting styles are fists, one blade, two blade and big blade.
- Heat action has turned into special moves.
At least it's something, right? The game seems to be confirmed now. Also, according to Famitsu, Eternal Sonata is coming to the PlayStation 3. They even have two details on it:
- Crescendo and Serenade will be playable.
- Can change clothes.

They set the release as a Spring 2008 release, a good release for a port compared to the Xbox 360's September 17, 2007 release.

A new game was revealed too, named Rainy Woods. Here are the little details on that game:
- Player is a young recruit in FBI, investigating a murder in a quiet rural town.
- Game has a morning-day-night cycle and the people of the town change with this cycle.
This is a multi-platform game, scheduled for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There was also a new PSP game announced titled Bumpy Trot Beagle Battle Tournament, here are the details:
- Multiplayer VS possible.
- Bumpy Trot 2 in development for PS3 also mentioned.
Guess that is another PlayStation 3 game we have to look forward too.And finally, here are some PSP & PS2 reviews:
PSP | R-Type Tactics 8, 9, 7, 7
PSP | Burnout Dominator 8, 8, 8, 9
PSP | MGS Portable Ops+ 8, 9, 9, 9

PS2 | Burnout Dominator 9, 8, 8, 8
PS2 | Princess Concerto 6, 6, 5, 5
PS2 | Madden NFL08 7, 7, 6, 5
Pretty nice reviews, seems that Burnout and Portable Ops+ are two great games. If scans are uploaded, they will be posted on the site.

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Pixels Everywhere!: Pixel Junk Racers Gets Release Date

Sony has sent notice to IGN, that the upcoming PlayStation Network title, PixelJunk Racers, the slot car racing simulator by Q Games, will be available for download from the PlayStation Store this Thursday, September 13.

Now there are going to be two downloadable games come this next update. Here is a quick insight on Pixel Junk Racers if you don't know about it:

PixelJunk Racers features visuals in full 1080p, and offers ten different courses to race on with up to seven players simultaneously offline. Sixteen core modes of racing are available, including Speed Monkey and Fireball Frenzy, and there's a single-player tournament mode as well to diversify the experience. Also included in the game is a Global Online Ranking system that keeps track of your accomplishments, along with the stats of other players around the world.
Keep your eyes peeled, because Pixel Junk Racers is coming Thursday.

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Call of Duty 4 Brings No Collector's Edition to PlayStation 3

According to IGN, a Call of Duty 4 Collector's Edition is coming... only for the Xbox 360 and the PC though. Here are the features that we don't get:

The 360 version will be boasting a behind-the-scenes DVD with over four hours of interviews with the creators of CoD4, features, a documentary following the British S.A.S from World War II to modern day, and an array of "making of" episodes showcasing the research and technology developer Infinity Ward put into the game.
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Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Priced for Europe

The Netherlands based site PS3Only received pricing information from Sony in regards to the Blu-ray version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. According to the site, Sony has stated that the retail version of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue will run an expensive 45 Euros (about $60 American).

Sony emphasized that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is actually a full game, like Warhawk. With 40 cars, 5 tracks, 1080p graphics, 60 frames per second and a whole new online world for up to 16 people. Sony will also introduce a new feature, called GT TV. Here, you can download TV-Shows about cars.

I think that is kind of a rip for a game with many limits, even though the game looks great.

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IGN: Atlus' Exclusive PlayStation 3 Game

On IGN's Podcast Beyond ep. 12 , they have said that Atlus is working on a new exclusive game for PS3 which might be the next Persona. Apparently, Atlus is trying to figure out when to bring out information about the game. IGN said that they're thinking about getting us the info after TGS.

If you've never heard of Persona, it's a hidden RPG gem, even amongst the hardcore gamers. Because of the nature of that, it's not some huge system seller so for the people that only care about sales, this isn't what it's going to be. However, if all you care about is great games, here's another one.

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Japan PlayStation Network Update for September 11, 2007

Japan received an update for their PlayStation Store today. Lets take a look at the contents.

  • Heavenly Sword demo
  • Heavenly Sword 'promotion' video Gran T
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 'concept' video
The Japanese PSN site lists the demo's name as "Heavenly Sword" Nariko Personal Experience version. Assuming it's the same demo that the US had, maybe "Nariko Personal Experience" is Japanese for "you only get 5 minutes to play".

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High Stakes on the Vegas Strip Coming This Thursday

SOE's multiplayer poker game, High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition will be released this Thursday through the network's PlayStation store. The title will go for $9.99 and supports a variety of features, now fairly standard for Sony PSN releases. High Stakes will support 1080p resolution, online play with up to six people, audio chat and online leaderboards.

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Sony Chiefs on Web 2.0 and Gaming

The semi-offical Sony company over at ThreeSpeech has managed to get an interview with Sony. Here is the opening of the interview:

Q: The whole Web 2.0 influence: was it initiated by the massive success of things like My Space and YouTube? What was the thinking behind it?

Paulina Bozek: For SingStar, it was a combination of two things. Our two main features in SingStar for PS3 are downloading the tunes you want – obviously, it’s always on – and the community uploading of content to share with your friends at My SingStar Online.

Q: Which is classic user-generated content?

PB: Yeah. Yes, it was emerging as a big cultural trend, but we started working on it quite early, and now we’ve finished the title. It has been in production for two years so, two years ago, it was early days. We were already looking towards that. With SingStar, in particular, it wasn’t just about the big online names like My Space and YouTube: people were spontaneously sharing and forming communities. We were constantly getting videos on a Monday morning, saying: “This is my SingStar party,” so it was natural for SingStar to go that way.

Read the full interview at the link.

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Ratchet & Clank PSN Demo on October 4, 2007

Sony's told IGN that a demo of upcoming Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction will hit PSN on October 4, 2007. Thats great news as we've all been wondering where it is.

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Uncharted Gets Firm Release Date

According to game director Amy Henni, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will be released on November 20th, 2007 in the US and is still down for release this Christmas in Europe. Thats good news.

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Beautiful Katamari & Eternal Sonata Coming to PlayStation 3?

According to Namco Bandai's official game sites, Beautiful Katamari is listed as a PlayStation 3 title. Hopefully, that means it will also be coming out for the PlayStation 3.

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And on this side, the official site for Eternal Sonata lists the game as a PlayStation 3 title. Could that mean this wonderful RPG will soon be playable on our consoles? We will keep you informed with an update.

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[Update: PLAYSTATION 3 has been removed from both the games official pages.]