Saturday, January 12, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets the English Language

Sony Computer Entertainment showcased Konami's upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008.

In the new video, Otacon introduces Old Snake to the new Solid Eye hardware. He later briefs Old Snake on the current mission and provides him with a weapon. Enjoy!

CES 2008: Blu-Ray Movie to PSP Transfer: In Pictures

Back at CES 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment demonstrated a feature which is due this year which will allow users to copy movies onto the PSP from Blu-ray discs in their PLAYSTATION 3 systems.

They of course will be copy-protected and be 'PSP optimized'. It's said to take 3-5 minutes to complete the operation. The files will be around 1GB in size so you may want to buy a bigger memory stick if you have the 1GB sticks. New memory sticks coming out in March by Sony are now as big as 16GB with 32GB due next year. Enjoy the pictures of this Blu-Ray Movie to PSP transfer. [Credits to Watch & N4G!]

Unreal Tournament III: Importing Mods, Keyboard & Mouse Support In Video

The guys over at Epileptic Gaming have made two videos showing how easy it is to import modifications for Unreal Tournament III from your computer to your PLAYSTATION 3. They also tell you how to enable keyboard and mouse support in the second video. Enjoy!

Disgaea 3: Opening Video

Thanks to Ruliweb, we've got a video for the upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 tactical RPG exclusive, Disgaea 3. Currently, the release date for the US is not known, but it should be out in Japan soon.

Free Radical Speaks on HAZE Delay

If you've still been hearing the news about more HAZE delays, then you'll want to read this. A Free Radical writer posted this on the official blog.

"Soooo, HAZE is delayed. But you already know that, don't you. Well, the simple fact of the matter is, any delay on a game is a good thing - it's more time to optimize and polish and tweak and generally improve the whole damn thing to the Nth degree. Now, I know that some of you patient folks out there will be bitterly disappointed. Some of you may even want to come to my house and smash a colostomy bag over my head, and I think most people would understand that sentiment, but believe when I say that the delay is the best possible thing for the game. Hell, the reason why you guys are so pumped about it is because you have high expectations, and we need just a little more time to make sure that we meet them. So in conclusion, rest easy - we're still slugging away on this badboy."
I guess in all the badness surrounded by the delay, it really is a good thing. We wouldn't want them to release a crappy game, would we?

[Via Free Radical]

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Trailer 2

SEGA has released a trailer 2 for their upcoming sequel, Condemned 2: Bloodshot. This horror title should be arriving on our store shelves in March. Enjoy!

The Eye of Judgment & Camera Going for $45 at Amazon

If you've been looking to pick up a copy of Sony Computer Entertainment's The Eye of Judgment but didn't want to spend on it's hefty $70 price tag, your in luck.

A new deal over at Amazon will have you jumping. You can get the game, which comes with the camera and cards for the low price of only $45. Act now, who knows when this deal will end.

[Buy: The Eye of Judgment]

Guitar Hero III: Jordan by Buckethead Completed With 100%

What we can only refer to as the best Guitar Hero player in the world has mastered the song Jordan by Buckethead on Guitar Hero II. Watch and be amazed. Wow, toughest song I can do is The Metal on the third game by Tenacious D on Hard Mode.

Rumor: DivX Soon Coming to the PSP

A new rumor has surfaced from another "industry insider" who seems to be at CES 2008.

This insider found out that the PSP will receiving DivX Certification as it's PLAYSTATION 3 friend did to allow us to play DivX files through our PSP.

She claims DivX for PSP will be released within two months and should be included in the PSP 4.0 Firmware Update.

[Via GGI]

onAXIS: A Simple Request

A friend of mine is trying to be a part in an upcoming movie title The Gauntlet. Many members visit this site a day, so visit the link we are providing below, if you think the audition is good, sign up quickly give my friend a vote, and if not, ignore it.

At onAXIS, we provide you with PLAYSTATION news daily and never ask for anything back in return. Help our friends out in this event. Thank You.

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