Friday, October 19, 2007

onAXIS: Anonymous Comments Enabled

I enabled anonymous comments. I did this too try and see how much more comments we will receive with anonymous on.

I provide news everyday for the fans, and all I ask back in return is some comments, not that hard really. So, lets see how this goes down, if all is good and no spam is received, we will keep it like this.

When we move to WordPress on a hosted site, you will all be able to register on your own, so there won't be a problem with commenting.

Rock Band: Solo Instruments Available ASAP

For those looking forward to Harmonix's upcoming rock n' roll Guitar Hero-like title, Rock Band, but don't want to buy the $169.99 bundle, we have some good news.

The game itself, Rock Band, will be available for purchase alone, along with the instruments as well.

This news comes directly from an interview with Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos. He assures that even though the complete bundle is the first Rock Band package available for purchase upon launch, gamers won't have to wait long for the individual instrument bundles to be churned out. His statement:
"We are working diligently to get individual instruments into the channel as soon as humanly possible and we have a huge effort in place to make this happen.

Harmonix supports open platform standards in our game design, so people will most likely be able to use their existing peripherals with Rock Band. Furthermore, we know that many, many friends are planning to purchase a Rock Band bundle together, along with extra copies of the software, and then share the individual instruments among them."
Good to see that Harmonix is working on an affordable method of getting the good game experience for everyone. And if you already own Guitar Hero, you may not even need to buy a new one, unless you want it.

[Via QJ.NET]

Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe Might Come to the PLAYSTATION Network

Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe is one of the most anticipated European Xbox Live Arcade titles, soon coming the the US Live Arcade. Hints, however, suggest that a Sony PlayStation 3 version via the PlayStation Network could be in the works.

"That could be on the cards," answers John Phillips of Bitmap Brothers as gaming site CVG when inquired about a PLAYSTATION Network version for Speedball II. "I think [services like XBLA and PSN are] great."

Phillips adds that these services show that great games can be developed and published without having a full team. "As the cost of development is lower we will over the next few years see a great many fantastic games on these formats," he concludes.

[Via CVG]

Ratchet & Clank: Exclusive Arena Challenge & Imperial Fight Festival

Will you accept the challenge of this intergalactic contest?

Ratchet has to do his best to fight his way out of this explosive challenge!

[Via GameTrailers]

Civilization Revolution: E for All 07 Land Conquering Cam Gameplay HD

Build up an army and conquer the surrounding lands in Civilization Revolution. Enjoy.

[Via GameTrailers]

Unreal Tournament 3 '1UP PS3 Exclusive'

1UP gets their hands on the highly anticipated PLAYSTATION 3 & PC shooter, Unreal Tournament III, and they have some good things to say about this upcoming game.

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MX vs. ATV: Untamed: E for All 07 Motocross Cam Gameplay HD

Pull off some tricks as you head through this extreme course filled with bumps, jumps and chumps!

[Via GameTrailers]

Frontlines: Fuel of War: E for All 07 Explosive Cam Gameplay HD

All the explosive action a futuristic soldier can handle.

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Need For Speed ProStreet: Speed Challenge Featurette

Push your car to the limit to win this exciting new game mode.

[Via GameTrailers]

Conan: E for All 07 Composer Interview HD

The Music Composer for God of War talks about his latest work on the next-gen action game, Conan.

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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom: $20 at GameStop

I just received this week's GameStop newsletter to see that Sony's Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is now only $19.99, a $30 price drop.

Also in this advertisement was the $100 price drop on the 80GB PLAYSTATION 3.

So if your trying to get into the action that is the Dark Kingdom, visit the link below or stop by your local store.

[Buy: Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom]

Rumor: Sony Asking for PLAYSTATION 3 Exclusives

GamePro Online reports.

A new report published Friday by the Mercury News suggests that Sony may already be scrambling to keep third-party developers aboard the PlayStation 3, which has struggled to keep pace with the Wii and Xbox 360.

"One piece of news that came out this week was that Sony pleaded with third-party developers not to abandon its struggling [PS3] platform," wrote Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News.

"That change in attitude is a marked difference compared to the arrogance of past years," the game journalist added. "The argument is that the PS3 will show its strength as developers learn how to make games for it."

Takahashi cited "insider information" when contacted by GamePro for source clarification.

In August, Sony admitted in a report by GamePro that the PS3 can be more difficult to develop for given its propriety and complex Cell processor. Subsequently, several PS3 ports get released several weeks, if not months after an Xbox 360 counterpart. Often times the PS3 version receives significantly lower review scores than Xbox 360 versions.

Assuming Takahashi is right, it's easy to see how developers could be frustrated with the PS3 thus far. It hasn't sold well, which makes it difficult to sell games on. And development requires more money (for now at least) given the console's finicky technology.

In related news, Video Business reported earlier this month that the newly announced 40GB PS3s will be in short supply as Sony purportedly makes more money when selling higher-end models.

[Via GamePro]

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: Enviorment Tech Feature

Here is a new video of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune showing the Enviormental Tech features. Enjoy the watch.

[Via IGN]

Ryan Payton: Why No Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo?

Matt Bruchovich of GameAlmighty caught up with Ryan Payton of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the E For All 2007 game conference.

Matt did a quick little Q&A with Ryan, and the first thing they shot at him was why there will be no PLAYSTATION Network demo.

Matt Butrovich: You recently said there would be no Playstation Network demo before the launch of the game, and that E For All would be the only opportunity for US gamers to try it out. Why is that?

Ryan Payton: Oh, that’s an easy question. The reason is because we’re showing the game off at E For All. We’re giving people basically a fifteen minute test of the game. You can get to the end of the demo in this version, but it’s not perfect. The game we’re working on right now in the studio, the retail version of the game is actually quite different. We’ve been tweeking the threat ring - when you go into alert mode, then caution mode, and then normal mode, that’s changed as well. The control scheme has changed a little bit. The menus have changed. There’s so many different things that if we put this game on the Playstation Store it would feel like a beta test. And we know that people would be breaking the game playing it over and over and over again and looking at how the AI’s not complete yet.

With that said, we want to bring the game out and let people play it in their own homes and play this demo, but we feel that it’s not a 100% representation of the retail version of the game. So as of right now there’s no plans. Could that change in the future? It could, and I know people are disappointed. But we feel it’s best for the game and for the gamer not to get an unfinished demo."
Read the rest of the interview at the link below.

[Read: Ryan Payton Interview]

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008: E For All 2007 Videos

Can Ray Mysterio's high-flying moves take down the powerful Sandman?

Two of wrestling's most popular superstars go toe-to-toe in this match.

[Via GameTrailers]

GameTrailers: TimeShift Preview

The long-awaited TimeShift is almost here, see how the time-bending gameplay is about to change the way you play first-person shooters.

[Via GameTrailers]

All-Pro Footbal 2K8: $20 at Best Buy

There was a time where we had the best NFL game franchise out, and that was the NFL 2K franchise. Sadly, it's gone, and now we have the All-Pro Football 2K franchise.

When NFL 2K5 went for only $19.99, the football community was stunned. Now, All-Pro Football 2K8 is now only $19.99 at Best Buy.

We are not sure if this is a price-cut or if it is in effect any place else.

I just think I might pick this up since it is at such a low price. If you're not sure about buying it, read it's reviews.

[Buy: All-Pro FooAll-Pro Footbal 2K8tbal 2K8]

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground: Overview

An in-depth look at Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.

[Via GameTrailers]

Dark Sector: Plot Revealed

Digital Extremes has been developing Dark Sector for over three years, and is only now starting to hint at details regarding the plot.

You play Hayden Tenno, a covert agent who - in the midst of a dangerous mission - gets attacked and infected with a bio-weapon. The weapon in question gives Hayden powerful, inhuman abilities which he must learn to control.

This is all well and good. But the latest trailer hints at another darker story. It seems agent Tenno must die in order to fully realise his potential, and he may also have a few skeletons in the closet, as the person who can “fix” him believes that he deserves to perish.

Could this trailer have just given away the ending to the game? Could Hayden really die abandoning all hope for a sequel? We think not. But until the next slice of story pie is handed to us, we’re going to keep speculating as to what’s really going on in this twisted, disturbing world.

[Via GamesRadar]

Warhawk v1.1 Patch and Arbiters

Dylan Jobe: "Hey everyone, its been awhile since I last made a post here. The team and I have been cranking away on support and updates for Warhawk and I thought it’d be a good idea to give you all an update as to what the hell we’ve been up to.

So … since my last post, we’ve launched Warhawk in South-East Asia, Korea and Japan — which now means our community spans 15 different languages! "

[Warhawk v1.1 Patch and Arbiters]

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Demo on Japanese PLAYSTATION Store

If you have a Japanese PLAYSTATION Network account, you better log-in and check if you see anything new on the PLAYSTATION Store.

Whats that? You see something?

Yes, the demo for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is now out on the Japanese PLAYSTATION Store. So get downloading and start your engines.

Need For Speed ProStreet: Exclusive Trailer

The racers are ready, the fans are ready, the question is: are YOU ready?

[Via GameTrailers]

Lost Planet: PLAYSTATION 3 vs. Xbox 360

Capcom released some screenshots for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Lost Planet today at their Gamers' Day.

The game will feature all the extra content released on the Xbox 360 version and PC version making it a complete package, and is set to release in early 2008. So PSU did a little graphics comparison test too see which version is better.

Look for yourself at the link below.

[View: LP PS3 vs. 360]

Famitsu: Six White Knight Story Scans

The latest issue of Famitsu features six pages of Level 5's upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 RPG title, White Knight Story. It seems to get better and better everytime we get to get a glimpse of it.

[Via GamerSyde]

Devil May Cry 4: Release Date Announced

Capcom has announced at their Gamers' Day that Devil May Cry 4 will be released for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 in February 2008.

"The highly anticipated Devil May Cry 4 immerses gamers in a gothic supernatural world, where a new protagonist clashes with series mainstay Dante. As new leading man Nero players will be able to unleash incredibly powerful and stylish attacks and non-stop combos using a combination of the Devil Bringer arm and the Exceed system, both of which are new gameplay mechanics for the series. Fans of Dante won’t be disappointed as he too will be playable during the course of the game.

Set in the costal city of Fortuna, the game’s action begins when Dante bursts in on a ceremony being conducted by the Order of the Sword, an ancient sect based in the coastal city of Fortuna, which worships Sparda the devil warrior who saved mankind. As Dante begins indiscriminately slaughtering sect members Nero fears for the safety of his childhood friend Kyrie and confronts Dante in order to protect her.

With players taking control of Nero, the immense power of the Devil Bringer begins to be revealed as a fierce confrontation against Dante ensues. After an intense struggle Dante decides to leave this particular fight for another day and makes good his escape. Chasing after him Nero is suddenly stopped in his tracks as mysterious portals begin appearing throughout Fortuna spewing forth ghastly demons. What is the reason for this demonic invasion, is Dante responsible?"

[Via Totally360]

Sega Confirms Golden Axe Still on Track for PLAYSTATION 3

Recent reports from and, have led people to believe that Golden Axe: Beast Rider had become an Xbox 360 exclusive. However this is not the case. has contacted Sega directly and received word that Secret Level is working on both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 version.

When asked if Secret Level had dropped the PS3 version of Golden Axe, Sega's Danny Chiu responded stating, "Not true, it's coming to PS3 as well."

Now thats settled, expect the game to hit shelves sometime in 2008.

[Via PSU]

Capcom Gamers' Day 07: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil: Screenshots

IGN has a new set of eight images for Capcom's upcoming downloadable title for the PLAYSTATION Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil.

In this arcade shooter, players will join the heroes of the Alliance of Free Planets in their white-knuckled, frenzied struggle to free the Solar System. Up to four players will be able to cooperatively shoot their way through multiple levels, powering up their weapons, picking up bonuses and laying waste to anything that moves.

View the images at the link below.

[View: Screenshots]

Capcom Gamers' Day 07: Devil May Cry 4 Trailer

Join Nero in this new Devil May Cry 4 trailer as he comes to terms with his newfound powers and sets out on the hunt for the murderer of the Holy Knights.

[Via GameTrailers]

Capcom Gamers' Day 07: Lost Planet Debut Trailer

Lost Planet is headed to the PLAYSTATION 3 and looking better than ever! This is the first media released of it at the Capcom Gamers' Day 07.

[Via GameTrailers]

Capcom Gamers' Day 07: Dark Void Debut Trailer

The exciting first look at Dark Void, Capcom's upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game from their Gamers Day of 2007!

[Via GameTrailers]

Capcom Gamers' Day 07: Commando 3 Debut Gameplay

Go online with a friend and get ready for some insane co-op shooting action in Capcom's upcoming Commando 3 for the PLAYSTATION Network and the Xbox Live Arcade.

[Via GameTrailers]

Mysterious Logo: PLAYSTATION Network Logo

Around the beginning of October, Sony registered a new logo. Around that time, we did not know what the logo was for, but most suspected it was for the Japanese line.

But now, we know what it is. A new advertisment in a magazine tells us that it is the official logo for the PLAYSTATION Network. They need to mess with it a bit.

[Via PS3Only]

Lavalamp PLAYSTATION 3 Controller Is Psychedelic

The Lava Glow PLAYSTATION 3 Wireless controller is filled with glowing liquid, but maintains all functionality of a regular PS3 controller, sporting the latest 2.4 GHz technology. They come in blue and red.

Pretty funky if you ask me, don't worry, it won't burn up in your hand while your playing, only if your on fire.

[View: Lava Glow PS3 Controller]