Thursday, February 14, 2008

PLAYSTATION 3 Outsells Xbox 360, Almost Ties Wii In January 2008

Well, the first month of 2008 is already proving to be "Sony's 2008" as the PLAYSTATION 3 beat the Xbox 360 in sales, and almost matched the Nintendo Wii. The sales list below.

- NintendoWii: 274K
- PS2: 264K
- Nintendo DS Lite: 251K
- Xbox 360: 230K
- PSP: 230K
Jack Tretton had a little something to say about the great sales the PLAYSTATION 3 is experiencing.

"Coming off a great holiday sales season we see strong momentum behind PS3 in 2008, and feel confident about the year ahead. We have an exceptionally diverse lineup of exclusive games, from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Resistance 2 to more mainstream games such as LittleBigPlanet and SingStar. Beyond that, we have Blu-ray emerging as the de facto high def standard, the developer community is hitting their stride, consumers are recognizing the tremendous value and innovative services such as PlayStation Home are all in the works, so this is definitely shaping up to be a breakthrough year for us." - Jack Tretton, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America

[NPD: PS3 nearly matches Wii, outsells 360 in January]

Sony's GDC 2008 Needs to Be Huge

The Game Developer's Conference 2008 is coming at us on February 18 and exiting us on February 22. We all know Sony Computer Entertainment will be attending. Now, last year, Sony revealed LittleBigPlanet & PlayStation Home, which was a big presentation for them. Both title's previews were received great by the general public.

Now, 2008 is here, and this is a crucial year, as it is tag-lined "Sony's Year". If Sony wants to make an impression this year at GDC 2008, they need to keep two things in mind: PlayStation Network & Games. They need to know if their going to increase the crap out of sales this year, they need to introduce in-game XMB, along with features such as game-inviting, and to pick up the pace on the PlayStation Store by remaking it, or bringing more updates. They also need to start showing us games like inFAMOUS, Eight Days, Motorstorm 2, and even some unannounced titles if they would like. Getting more titles out to the public's eyes is a great way to anticipate the console this year.

It's almost here, and you'll know whether they do this by sticking yourself to onAXIS. We will keep you updated as the time comes.

Race Driver: GRID: World Trailer

Codemasters has released a new trailer today for Race Driver: GRID showing the world locations in the game, and that the game of life is a race. The trailer is all a pre-rendered CG trailer, but do expect this game to be great. Enjoy!

LittleBigPlanet Already In Closed Beta? [Again]

An EU PLAYSTATION Community member has spotted that a forum moderator, Lestrade, has been playing LittleBigPlanet. Most of them sit and do nothing, so its odd they get the privilege to play these games, and us dedicated fans do not.

Could the game be in Closed Beta? Perhaps so.

[LittleBigPlanet Playable]

World in Conflict Announced for PLAYSTATION 3

One of the best RTS titles on the PC, World in Conflict, has been announced for the PLAYSTATION 3 today. Previously, it was just an Xbox 360 console exclusive, but now owners of both consoles can enjoy this title.

"World in Conflict was one of the best games on any platform in 2007 and its innovative action-focused gameplay makes it a perfect fit for the transition to consoles," said Martin Tremblay, president of worldwide studios, Sierra Entertainment. "World in Conflict is being reinvented for Xbox 360 and the PS3, with innovative features and new single player and multiplayer content created for the console audience. World in Conflict on consoles will be an amazing extension of an already great gaming franchise."

Look out for this game as it comes to consoles this Fall. I highly recommend it.

[World in Conflict announced for PS3]

US PLAYSTATION Store Update: February 14, 2008

Well, it's Thursday, so here is the US PLAYSTATION Store update for today. Not much in the demo area, but here we go.
  • MLB 08: The Show demo (free)
PSP Demos
  • Patapon demo (free)
  • MLB 08: The Show demo (free)
  • Rock Band Add-Ons
    • “Truth Hits Everybody” - The Police ($1.99)
    • “Teenage Lobotomy” - The Ramones ($1.99)
    • “Complete Control” – The Clash ($1.99)
    • (Arguably) Punk Pack 2 ($5.49)
Game Videos
  • MLB 08 Road To The Show Tutorial (free)
  • LittleBigPlanet Create-A-Level (free)
  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground - Launch Trailer (free)
  • Conflict: Denied Ops Diary 2 (free)
  • Conflict: Denied Ops Diary 3 (free)
  • Burnout Accolades Trailer (free)
  • Turok “Weapons” Trailer (free)
  • Turok “Creatures” Trailer (free)
Theatrical Trailers
  • The Ruins Trailer (free)
  • Super Stardust HD Theme (free)
Not much of an update if you ask me, but we go with what we receive. Not much love shown today, but enjoy either way!

PLAYSTATION Store Worldwide

Street Fighter IV: Abel Revealed

Capcom revealed a new character for Street Fighter IV today. He is a world warrior named Abel, described as "a man without a past". He searches for the remaining members of the Shadoloo. He also has a terrible case of amnesia.

We should get him some therapy.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Coming to PLAYSTATION 3

Electronic Arts announced today that Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 will be coming out on the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The title is in development at EA LA, Red Alert 3 is promising to break new ground in the RTS genre, featuring a fully cooperative campaign while maintaining the series' action-orientated gameplay.

[C&C Red Alert 3 coming to PC, X360 and PS3]

EU PLAYSTATION Store Update: February 14, 2008

Well, Thursday means PLAYSTATION Store update. Here is the update for the Europeans.

- Riff Everyday Shooter (£4.99)
- Feel Ski (updated game file)

- Everybody’s Golf World Tour demo (free)

- Guitar Hero 3: Classic Rock Track Pack (£3.99)

Game Videos
- Conflict: Denied Ops Teaser Trailer (free)
- Conflict: Denied Ops Dev Diary#1: Destructibility (free)
- Conflict: Denied Ops Dev Diary#2: Environmental Breadth (free)

Theatrical Trailers
- Spiderwick Chronicles trailer (free)
- The Waterhouse trailer (free)
- Vantage Point trailer (free)

- Resident Evil 5 Wallpaper (free)

- Super Stardust HD Theme (free)
Enjoy the update! Make sure you pick up Everyday Shooter!

Next Month's GameInformer: Aliens, Red Faction III

Next month's issude of GameInformer features two big upcoming first person shooters (what else). They got the scoop on Gearbox Software's upcoming Aliens title and Volition's Red Faction III.

So, you got a bit to wait, but you know we will have you covered when information starts coming out.

[Game Informer March Cover Revealed]

Wardevil: Digi-Guys Releases 3 New Screenshots

Digi-Guys threw out more today on their upcoming Wardevil, which also has a blu-ray film in the works that coincides with Wardevil's story. Here is the latest update on the game.
- They are not finished with the game yet, still adding improvements both gameplay wise and graphically.

- They are making good use of the SPU's and streaming off of the Blu-ray disc.

- Their goal is to get the Blu-ray film & game to look as identical as possible... so there is no transition between game/cinematic.

- They will not be at GDC this year, however expect to see new updates to their website around the same time.
The pictures just make me want to see some gameplay videos. Enjoy!

[PSU: New Wardevil Screenshots and details]

BBC Shows off Sony's PlayTV for PLAYSTATION 3

If your in Europe and your looking to get more insight to PlayTV and see what it's all about, we got the perfect video above for you to watch. BBC was lucky enough to get it's own preview. They show us the program guide, menu, and even the PSP remote play for PlayTV. Enjoy!