Sunday, January 13, 2008

PLAYSTATION Network: Your Enhanced Classics?

Lately, the PLAYSTATION Store has been buzzing with new titles such as PAIN, Toy Home, and Mesmerize. Between the weeks, we may have seen some gaps in PLAYSTATION Store releases.

It would be a good idea for Sony to start getting deals with some developers to throw out some enhanced retro titles onto the store. Rumors have been surfacing about an Xbox Live Arcade version of the best first person shooter ever, GoldenEye 007.

Sony should be the first to take a crack at this opportunity. Releasing a title such as this would bring in huge sales for the store. What retro title do you think Sony should take a crack at enhancing?

In-Game XMB Arriving at January's End?

A tipster has sent word into PLAYSTATION 3 gamercard site, TripleTags, that in-game XMB is coming sooner than we think. Along with the attached image (to the left & right), he concluded that we will be seeing this on our TV screens by the end of January.

Things you may want to notice is the absence of the "PLAYSTATION Network" icon, and the "Turn Off the System" icon all the way at the bottom of the menu.

Although my ideal in-game XMB would show my currently paused game as a background, this would be an excellent start. Let's hope it's true.

[Via TripleTags]

Update 1/15/08: The images appear to be fake, see the article here.

Tekken 6: Hour & a Half of Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video of Namco Bandai's upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive fighter, Tekken 6, has surfaced. The duration of the video is around an hour and a half. Be warned though, the video contains many spoilers to the game story.

CES 2008: Soul Calibur IV: Katsutoshi Sasaki Interview

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2008, GameTrailers got a chance to sit down and talk with Soul Calibur IV director, Katsutoshi Sasaki, about what's new, the Star Wars addition, and is this the final Soul Calibur game?

Official Street Fighter IV Japanese Site Opens

The official Japanese website for Capcom's upcoming fighter, Street Fighter IV, has just opened today.

The new site features some new in-game screenshots with one showing Ryu and Ken's special moves. A new Street Fighter IV blog has opened along with the site as well. Visit the site at the link below.

[Visit: Official Site]

Highlander: The Game: Official Trailer

Eidos has released a new trailer for it's upcoming game based on the hit movie and television series, Highlander. Enjoy the watch, it looks very mystical and electrifying.

More Grand Theft Auto IV Teaser Sites Coming?

In one of the new Grand Theft Auto IV pictures released recently (show left), a sign in the back was shown to be a Starbucks parody named Bean Machine Coffee.

A member of the GTA4.TV staff decided to type the name of the shop in his address bar, and found out the site was recently registered along with by the same details from a WhoIs lookup.

Seems like Rockstar is prepping up to more sites to lure people into it's upcoming and highly anticipated title. Grand Theft Auto IV is said to be out by April 2008.

[Via Grand Theft Central]