Friday, February 29, 2008

God of War III Ad in Chains of Olympus Retail Copies

IGN was lucky enough to receive some retail copies of God of War: Chains of Olymus on the PSP. It came with an ad that promises there is more to come on the PlayStation 3.

The ad basically states God of War III is coming to the PlayStation 3 soon. Soon means short, so can we expect this by the summer? Lets hope so.

[God of War III Ad]

Mirror's Edge: Eight New Screenshots

Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions CE released more screenshots & artwork of their upcoming free-running first person title, Mirror's Edge. The game's graphics look amazing, and we can only wait to see gameplay. Enjoy!

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Coming Next Thursday

Capcom has announced today that their upcoming fast paced arcade action title, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil, will finally be arriving to the PLAYSTATION Network on Thursday March 6, 2008. A demo will also be available on the Store as well.

In this arcade shooter, players will join the heroes of the Alliance of Free Planets in their white-knuckled, frenzied struggle to free the Solar System from the tyrannical grip of the Legion of Terra. Up to four players will be able to cooperatively shoot their way through multiple levels, powering up their weapons, picking up bonuses and laying waste to anything that moves.

Look forward to it next Thursday!

Rumor: Street Fighter IV a PlayStation 3 Exclusive?

The latest rumor in gaming might get a lot of PlayStation 3 owners excited. The rumor is that Street Fighter IV will be coming on June 12, 2008 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

It's being said it will be released on that day only for the PlayStation 3. The rumor has been through dozens of French Sites. Jeux Video: "We have just noticed that the editor just listed Street Fighter IV on the platform dedicated to the European press. One of the details is that the title is only announced on PS3, for the 12 June 2008."

For the sake of fighting on your PlayStation 3, lets hope this is true.

[Rumour Bust: Street Fighter IV Will Clash With MGS4]

Update: Capcom: "The only platform announced for SFIV has been the Japanese arcade release coming this summer"

[Rumorsmash: Street Fighter IV PS3 Only]

PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.15 Debug Leaked

It seems Firmware 2.15 for the PlayStation 3 was leaked today. In the unpacked file list, it adds a new "vm" folder to the PlayStation 3 Hard Drive. You can view the unpacked list below, see if you can figure something out.

PS3 Debug Firmware v2.15 File List

Directory of ..2.15_DEBUG

02/28/2008 05:38 PM .
02/28/2008 05:38 PM ..
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 3 dots.txt
02/28/2008 05:38 PM 0 firmware.txt
02/28/2008 03:47 PM update
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 103,260,160 update.tar
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 5,581,512 updater.sce
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 5 version.txt
02/28/2008 03:47 PM vsh
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 10,240 vsh.tar
6 File(s) 108,851,920 bytes

Directory of ..2.15_DEBUGupdate

02/28/2008 03:47 PM .
02/28/2008 03:47 PM ..
01/19/2008 03:41 AM 1,966,992 BDIT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE.pkg
01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_301R.pkg
01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_302R.pkg
01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_303R.pkg
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 243,559 BLUETOOTH_FIRMWARE.pkg
01/19/2008 03:43 AM 4,976,256 CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg
01/20/2008 01:51 PM 1,671 dev_flash_000.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:51 PM 5,616,394 dev_flash_001.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 3,357,807 dev_flash_002.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 5,055,467 dev_flash_003.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 19,451 dev_flash_004.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 10,304,923 dev_flash_005.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 9,569,246 dev_flash_006.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 7,557,602 dev_flash_007.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 9,790,673 dev_flash_008.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 10,329,525 dev_flash_009.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 7,453,935 dev_flash_010.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 9,740,817 dev_flash_011.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 9,137,037 dev_flash_012.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 5,223,205 dev_flash_013.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 28,636 MULTI_CARD_FIRMWARE.pkg
01/19/2008 03:40 AM 576 RL_FOR_PACKAGE.img
01/19/2008 03:40 AM 704 RL_FOR_PROGRAM.img
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 4,864 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000005.pkg
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 4,864 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010302.pkg
01/20/2008 01:55 PM 1,209 UPL.xml.pkg
26 File(s) 103,238,533 bytes

Directory of ..2.15_DEBUGvsh

02/28/2008 03:47 PM .
02/28/2008 03:47 PM ..
12/17/2006 07:09 PM 0 a
1 File(s) 0 bytes

Total Files Listed:
33 File(s) 212,090,453 bytes
8 Dir(s) 158,846,169,088 bytes free
[BREAKiNG NEWS: PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 leaked!] [Warning: Massive Ads]

Warhawk: Leaked APC Footage from GDC 2008

Some footage from the Game Developers Conference 2008 of Warhawk seems to accidently feature the rumored Armored Personal Carrier. The carrier can be seen at around 1:11. Enjoy!

White PlayStation 3 Coming in March?

Over the last week, retailers across the US have been reporting that they've stopped receiving 40GB PlayStation 3 Spider-Man 3 bundles. Instead, they've been told to expect 40GBs without a movie. Weird. It's being said that Circuit City employees are receiving PlayStation 3's with a model number of CECHH01. That is the same model number for the White PlayStation 3's in Japan. Could a White PlayStation 3 soon be emerging for the US?

[White PS3 Due In March?]