Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Interview

Hayden Blackman, the man leading the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed project by LucasArts, talks about the upcoming force-enabled game. Learn about the storyline, tone of the game, and how different choices you make can affect the fate of your character. Enjoy!

Folklore: Final DLC Coming Tomorrow

The final add-on packs for Game Republic's Folklore are arriving on the PLAYSTATION Store tomorrow (most likely). Without further adu, here they are.

Folklore Add-on #5 “Nightmares”

Add to the original storyline as you discover what is causing O’Connell’s nightmares. Wake Charlotte from a deep sleep, undertake the mysterious quest to find out why Livane attacked a tree and complete the Faery Photo mission started in The Origin of Belgae Pack.

This pack also includes a suave top hat and tux for Keats and provides the opportunity to encounter Automata, a Large, robotic Fire Folk that fires a beam of hot magma.

Folklore Add-on #6 “Visions of the Tower”

Continue the awe-inspiring adventures of Ellen and Keats with this Add-On. Learn the reason behind the puzzling sightings of the tower, find out why so many faeries are becoming lost, receive a surprise letter and begin to understand the motives of the Faery Lord.

Also included are an additional Folk, and a new outfit for Ellen, fashioned in the Hell Realm.

It is sad to see the Folklore downloadable content come to an end. Look on the bright side, it just makes room for all the great things to come.

[Final Folklore Add-On Packs Coming Soon]

Warhawk 1.3 Brings Custom Paintjobs, Xzibit Welcome

The upcoming 1.3 patch for Warhawk contains a bit of new look. If your a designer or photoshopper, read on.

Sony Computer Entertainment and Incognito Entertainment are holding a contest to see who can make the best paint job scheme. Seventy (70) of these entries will be included in the patch. Check out the contest below.

[Warhawk Paint & Insignia Contest!]

Faith And A .45: New Preview

Deadline Games' Faith and a .45, a Bonnie and Clyde type game, has some new information today.

You control a man named Luke, with Ruby who tags along as your AI partner. Cooperative play is available as well though, online or offline, meaning a player can take control of Ruby at any time. The players work by awarding eachother. If Luke does a good job, Ruby will offer him a kiss.

There is a sheriff named Duke who is constantly hunting down Luke and Ruby. There will be boss battles as well. Your weapons can be upgraded. The main story is based on your decisions, so you craft your gameplay. The title is set to release sometime in 2009 or possibly even 2010.

[Previews: Faith and a .45]

EA Announces Facebreaker: Cartoon Style Boxing Game

It seems Electronic Arts is taking the cartoon thing a little too far. First it was FIFA Street 3 and now a cartoony boxing game?

Today, EA Canada announced the development of Facebreaker for the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. Since EA Chicago, developers of Fight Night Round 3, is out of the picture, they felt a gap in the boxing series.

The fun thing that you can do in this game is straight off the title, literally break each other's faces. According to EA's Peter Moore in a press release, "Arcade boxing takes me back to my roots in this industry, and this game signals our shift to adding more approachable fun to our product lineup."

The March 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly will feature more information and screenshots on Facebreaker.

[EA Announced Facebreaker]

Grand Theft Auto IV: Niko Bellic Wanted In Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, NY, don't be surprised if you come across a couple of these wanted ads for Niko Bellic. It's just Rockstar starting their viral marketing for Grand Theft Auto IV.

he poster warns that Bellic is "wanted for questioning in connection with a shooting at a nightclub in the Hove Beach area of Broker" explaining that the perpetrator is of eastern European descent "which narrows it down to about 95% of the Hove Beach community." The poster adds some humor as well "Even we can't arrest that many foreigners" and suggests that Bellic be shot on sight.

The poster also features a website and e-mail address for the Liberty City Police Department (LCPD). The site isn't quite running yet, but the auto-email responder shows the picture on the right.

[Grand Theft Auto IV Wanted Posters Popping Up In Brooklyn]

Burnout Paradise Demo Going Offline February 1, 2008

No readers, they are not taking the demo off of the PLAYSTATION Store. The Burnout Paradise demo's multiplayer features are simply going offline tomorrow in order to give those who purchased Burnout Paradise the best online experience possible.

[Burnout Paradise - Multiplayer demo going offline this Friday]

Tekken 6: Nancy-MI847J Gameplay

Yesterday, a new challenger was revealed for Tekken 6 named Nancy-MI847J. Well, see how hard this Nancy robot really is as this Japanese gamer gets taken down easily. Enjoy!

Europe Bundle: 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 With Ratchet & Uncharted

A new PLAYSTATION 3 starter pack may be on it's way to Europe tomorrow.

The new pack comes with a 40GB PLAYSTATION 3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, two controllers, and all the other small things included in the basic PLAYSTATION 3 package. The new package will be selling for €499.99 (£371.40).

James Armstrong, Vice-president and Delegated Advisor of Sony Computer Entertainment for Spain and Portugal, stated"This Starter Pack arrives at the appropriate moment, just after a successful campaign of Christmas that has demonstrated to us that the Spanish public is receptive our proposals and the innovating technology that PS3 offers. This new supply will let grow the number of users of Playstation 3 who will enjoy their ample supply of entertainment".

[New Uncharted/Rachet PS3 Starter Pack Coming Tomorrow?]

The Bourne Conspiracy: Official Trailer

I wouldn't call myself a fan of the Bourne movies, but they were pretty enjoyable. Now, Jason Bourne is back at it again in his own cat and mouse style espionage action adventure video game, The Bourne Conspiracy. Enjoy the video!

SAW Coming to the PLAYSTATION 3

The recent Brash Entertainment press event brought word of a new video game based on the Saw movie franchise is in development.

The game is scheduled for release in October of 2009, meaning we have a long way to go before Jigsaw comes for you. The game will be running on the Unreal III engine and is coming to most likely the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. In the meantime, you can check out the game's official site.

[Saw Announced]

Final Fantasy XIII Information Coming to PSM3 February

The February issue of PSM3 magazine will feature some more information on Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. This information will probably remain the same as the new Famitsu and V-Jump information, but in more understandable terms.

We will update you next month when we find out what this information is.

[PSM3 to have Final Fantasy XIII info in Feb]

Street Fighter IV: Couple of New Screenshots

It seems that Capcom just won't stop throwing some of their Ryu and Ken fighting at us. This is what therapy is for guys. Introduce some new brawlers so we can see some more style of the game. All in all, Street Fighter IV is looking pretty good. I'd just like to see some more stages and fighters. Enjoy!

HAZE: Split-Screen Co-Op Gameplay

A lot of great next-generation shooters are all missing one thing (for some odd reason), and thats split-screen play. Luckily, HAZE still sports that wonderful feature. Enjoy this new video of some co-op split-screen gameplay.

Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy XIII Release Date, Nothing New

Recent news on the internet states that Square Enix is going to be throwing Final Fantasy XIII this year (2008).

Today, Square Enix made a statement about the release situation.

A statement issued by Square Enix read: "Although information regarding the release date of FINAL FANTASY XIII has been reported by certain videogame websites, Square Enix itself has yet to make an official statement on this topic. Any reports of a confirmed release date are erroneous and should be disregarded.

"Square Enix will make an official announcement in the future concerning the release date when it has been determined."

[Square Enix hit back at FINAL FANTASY XIII release date rumours]